The collapse of the US dollar: Controlled demolition?

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Commentary before the bailouts

Jim Rogers has made hundreds of millions of dollars from his investments over the years.

Last year, he made the decision to leave the US and take his money out of the US dollar.

At the time, it seemed like an extreme position to take.

Now, months later, it’s starting to make sense.

Max Keiser holds an even more extreme position, that what’s taking place is a controlled demolition of the US dollar. It’s hard to argue with his logic.

After all, these are the same people who brought us 9/11 and the Iraq War. What’s a multi-trillion dollar scam compared to those twin disasters?


If you watch the financial news, occasionally you’ll hear Jim Rogers explain why Fed bailouts of investment banks and others is a terrible idea for the country.


It’s amazing to hear his comments from March and July of this year.


He really nailed it.


Is anyone listening?


Maybe Bush & Co. actually want to destroy the US dollar and tank the world economy.


If so, they’re doing a great job.




– Brasscheck


The Financial World’s Clueless “Experts”

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I just finished laughing out loud over the Money & Markets email newsletter I received today from Money & Markets.com, a publication of Weiss Research.

Apparently, these “financial gurus” haven’t yet learned what I knew in my early twenties: that the overprinting of fiat paper currency destroys the value of that currency. This is elementary economics.

Yet, here is a direct quote from today’s (April 6, 2008) Money & Markets:

Washington will have to print billions more paper dollars to fight this slowing economy…”

That is the collective “wisdom” of the financial “experts” at Weiss Research. Never mind that it is unrestrained printing of “billions more paper dollars” that has devalued the dollar to nothing! It is only “worth” it’s face value because enough ignorant people still think it’s worth something. Apparently, some of those ignorant people are working for Weiss Research.

Suffice to say, I have canceled my subscription to Money & Markets.


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