Live Link:  Straight from the Horses Heart

HOUSTON – (SFTHH)  The BLM’s much contested Twin Peaks stampede began amidst a cloud of controversy on August 11th in Northeastern California.  The aerial assault is scheduled to last 6 weeks with a total of 2,000 wild horses and burros set to be placed behind bars to endure a lifetime of imprisonment and potential sterility.  Setting the stage paranoid BLM officials over reacted by calling in county Sheriff Deputies and Federal Rangers in the advent that a passive equine welfare advocate might “do something” to disrupt the roar of helicopter blades and stampeding horses.  Much to their chagrin, nothing happened.

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BLM Helicopter stampede contractor David Cattoor, (“The United States of America vs David Cattoor” where Cattoor plead guilty to the count of “Conspiracy” and also a second count of “Using Aircraft to Capture Wild Horses, Aiding and Abetting”), had his pilot fire up the company helicopter at 0730 hrs and commence with the destruction of our native wild horse herds. More