Unholy Alliance: The Federal Reserve and the Treasury

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new-logo25By Cassandra Anderson
June 14, 2012


The Federal Reserve and the Treasury are running a scam that funnels freshly-printed money from the FedUnholyAlliance into the Treasury, using Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae as the pipeline.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were taken over by the government and put into conservatorship in the 2008 bailout.  Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are companies that bundle mortgages and then sell them to investors.  At the end of 2012, the Federal Reserve committed to spending $40 billion per month on Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae mortgage backed securities, creating an artificial market.

This system is troubling for the following reasons:

  • Unchecked money-printing (quantitative easing) causes massive inflation
  • As the Federal Reserve buys more mortgages on people’s homes, it could eventually own the majority of the real estate market through mortgage purchases, and become America’s landlord
  • Real wealth (land ownership/mortgages) is being transferred into bankers’ hands in exchange for paper fiat money created from nothing
  • A new housing boom has been created that will end in a bust

The Treasury is using the $40 billion/month paychecks to bridge the federal debt and make Obama look good.

Shareholders in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are suing the US government for bailing out and taking possession of the companies in 2008.  The shareholders are angry that the Treasury is pocketing all  of the “profits” that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are generating.  But the profits are an illusion as the Federal Reserve is propping up the companies. More

The Coming Eminent Domain “Heist”


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The Coming Eminent Domain “Heist”

The Constitution of the United States gives government the “Power” to take private property “for public use” provided there is “due process of law” and “just compensation.” The most notorious misuse of this power to date is the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Kelo v. City of New London.  But now, certain US cities are promoting a new use of eminent domain that will spell disaster for the housing and financial industries. San Bernardino County and the City of Stockton, California have already crossed over the line of bankruptcy and are in desperate need of revenue. Here’s their plan:

Use eminent-domain powers to buy mortgages where homes are underwater.

Impose losses on lenders.

Write down the principal amounts owed by the borrower.

The results are great for the borrower who gets his loan modified.

The results are great for the financial/investment management company to be selected to operate this scheme because of the fees to be received for each loan modified and their share of the profits realized on behalf of their investors.

The results are great for the municipalities which get a financial piece of the deal.

But, what about the lender of the original loan?

Consider the following scenario as laid out by Jann Swanson in an article entitled, “SIFMA Slams Eminent Domain “Scheme” in Letter to FHFA”: More

Delisting of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Largely Ignored

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Fannie and Freddie hold about $6 Trillion in mortgages and have been in conservatorship to the Federal Government for over 18 months. Of the pair  [Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie) and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie)], the “Big Sister” was doing a pretty good job until 1968 when the National Debt was rocketing out of control. More

Congress Must Demand Bush and Cheney Resign

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Congress Must Demand Bush and Cheney Resign


George Bush wants taxpayers to pay $700 billion to bail out Wall Street for its reckless investments in mortgage-backed securities. That’s on top of $800 billion for other recent bailouts, including A.I.G., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Bear Stearns. 

The current financial disaster is the direct result of the Bush-Cheney Administration’s 8-year policy of deregulation, corruption, and greed. 

The Bush-Cheney Administration cannot be trusted to solve the massive problems they created. Before Congress gives the Bush Administration one dime of taxpayer money for financial bailouts, Congress must demand the immediate resignation of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Henry Paulson and the appointment of Speaker Nancy Pelosi as President until our next President is sworn in on January 20, 2009.  

Email your Senators and Representative and spread the word:

The Law of Contracts: Government Agencies Existing as Corporations


The Law of Contracts: Government Agencies Existing as Corporations


While researching the incorporation of the federal government in 1871 I discovered that not only had the government been made over into a ruling corporation, but through extension so had multiple government agencies.  This came about over the years since the original coup of 1871 and has been incrementally extended to almost all government agencies and departments.


What does this mean to you?


It means that agencies such as, the Department of Agriculture for example, is a fully accredited corporation operating independent of the federal government with few exceptions.  Although the creation of this corporation came with certain caveats that allowed the fed to minimally instruct or legislate its activity, the DoA is no different than any other privately held corporation and subject to nothing except the law of contracts, administered by administrative “judges” who pin their decisions not on the common law of the United States, but rather, on the system of codes and statutes known as the Uniform Commercial Code.  The UCC is simply the US version of British Maritime Law.


This means that when dealing with this corporation (or any of the other hundreds of sub-corporations owned by THE UNITED STATES), especially in litigation, any correspondence from them will have your name fully capitalized as notice to you that you are a corporate trust with no human implication, and therefore not subject to common law.  Your interaction with this agency will be subject to the Uniform Commercial Code, and you have no right to use the constitution to defend yourself. 


So who owns the Department of Agriculture and other government agencies/corporations?


The DoA like many other corporately held agencies is owned by the parent corporation:

THE UNITED STATES (a corporation) a.k.a. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  Because it is incorporated, THE UNITED STATES is governed by the law of contracts and not the constitution of the United States (the common law applied to citizens of the collective and formerly sovereign states before 1871)


This simple piece of knowledge explains why “agreements” (not treaties) are entered into which put the rights of the corporation above those of human beings. CAFTA is an ideal example here.  CAFTA explicitly puts the rights of the corporate interests above those of humanity, and profits, above any human right.  Any law currently on the books or under consideration for passage can be struck down immediately using the “trade illegal” provisions of CAFTA.  Any law which in the eyes of the corporate interest precludes them from making all the profits they believe they are entitled to, is deemed “trade illegal” and can be legally challenged, again using the UCC.


As a corporation, THE UNITED STATES has no obligation to abide by the constitutional provisions and requirements necessary to pass a treaty under the constitution or subject to common laws provided in it.  These provisions, if adhered to, make treaties the supreme law of the land.  This means that each and every state, after having thoroughly vetted and voted on the passage of the treaty is required to abide by its requirements.  No exceptions.  A corporate agreement is not subject to any of these provisions as it is ruled by administrative code and statute and not by common law. 


Because the trade agreements are not legal treaties, compliance cannot be forced upon the states….but none of your representatives or senators will tell you that.


“Agreements” are simply corporate agreements between the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES, and other corporate entities from other nations, all of them operating as governmental authorities.  


In the last few years, court decisions rendered in courtrooms in which administrative law is being administered, (meaning statutes and codes, and not the common law) decisions such as the one by “Judge” Barbadoro in New Hampshire.  In April of 2007 he handed down a decision that said,  “corporations, as legal persons, have “free speech rights” that would be infringed”. 


From http://www.reclaimdemocracy.org   ……..


 “But corporate lawyers (acting as both attorneys and judges) subverted our Bill of Rights in the late 1800’s by establishing the doctrine of “corporate personhood” — the claim that corporations were intended to fully enjoy the legal status and protections created for human beings.” (1) (end excerpt)


In the case of Guantanamo detainees, one judge declared that while some corporations have human rights, some humans do not. 


It is important to understand the creation of corporate personhood in the context of our government and its corporate agencies.  The judge in the above case referring to detainee’s was obviously referring to the corporate personhood of THE UNITED STATES as superior to the human rights of the detainee.  This kind of judicial and preferential treatment with regards to the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES is helping to establish the precedence which will be used in subsequent legal battles where the rights of the individual are cast aside in favor of the corporation.


These are some of the government agencies which have been recreated as corporations:

·   Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation                     Reconstruction Finance Corp.     

Add to this list the FDA, USDA, HHS, HSD, DoA, DoD, and every other government agency. Each and every one of them including the corporate federal government (THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA) is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet and is issued a DUNS credit report.  Each and every one is a for-profit corporation.                     


Also included in the corporate recreation of our government is the takeover of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgage.(2)

Before we can ever hope to clean up the corruption of our government, we first have to eliminate the incorporation of the government that took place in 1871.  Everything that has transpired since that year is a direct result of the corporate coup that overthrew the legitimate legal government of the United States. 

Once you understand that what you are fighting is not the government, but rather a, corporation acting as government, things begin to fall into place.   Understanding  that what you are dealing with is a collection of governmental corporations, the aberrations in our legal system, the trashing of our constitution and the loss of our civil rights all begins to make sense. 

©2008 Marti Oakley




(2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Governmentowned_companies_in_the_United_States

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