The Durbin/DeLauro Food Safety Nightmare Returns: Now They come for your Supplements and Vitamins!

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DeLauro and Durbin are selling their new efforts to redefine supplements and vitamins so that only big pharma can manufacture and sell them.  They are calling it the Food Safety Act 2015.  Excuse me!  Didn’t we just do this fake food safety thing about five years ago?  The cost of this horrendously disastrous bill was billions.  Now Obama is asking for another 1.6 billion to further exacerbate the issue with a new round of fake food safety?

No, no, NOThese bills will do two things:  1) Create another monolithic, uncontrollable secretive agency that will work in favor of globalism and against American food producers, and 2) it will be used to redefine vitamins and supplements as a medicine so that this market sector can be monopolized by big pharma.

Depending on where you get your information, the supplement industry generates 28-30 billion a year in sales. BINGO! Now you know the real reason Durbin is so hell-bent on creating a new bureaucracy to facilitate the over-taking of the vitamin/supplement industry. This would make a wonderful gift to his pharmaceutical donors.

Its unfortunate that Dick Durbin and Rosa DeLauro express no concern over the injuries and deaths caused by pharmaceuticals and vaccines. These two items represent tens of thousands of deaths and permanent injuries each and every year. Instead, these two political sell-outs are working at a feverish pace to sequester the supplement industry and put it not only under control of some huge new bureaucracy, but squarely in the hands of big pharmaceutical companies.

Just imagine for a moment, if a supplement was advertised on your TV and the manufacturer said the supplement could cause homicidal, suicidal ideation. What if they went on to say the supplement could cause an increase in the likelihood of heart attack or stroke? Brain bleeds? Paralysis? Tremors? What if they admitted that the medication would cause damage to the brain? To internal organs? What if they said it could cause high blood pressure and diabetes? What if they said it could also cause death?

How long do you think that supplement would be on the market? Yet medications and vaccines are advertised hundreds of times a day; advertisements that admit the products are dangerous to take, if not outright deadly.


Government to government plan to seize control of all foods


Marti Oakley  © 2011 All Rights Reserved


Shortly after “Dirty Harry” Reid passed the fake food safety bill in here in the US, with his one unanimous vote, C-36 passed two weeks later in Canada.  Both bills were an outright attack on individual rights and property rights as both governments claim they now have the authority to unilaterally decide who can grow, process and sell foods and under what conditions.  And, just as here in the US, those lawmakers responsible for this attack on liberty claimed they did so because that was what the public demanded and was begging for.  

Actually, in both countries just the opposite was true; the public was demanding that these bills not be passed. Dirty Harry claimed that more than 10,000 people had begged him to pass the bill while never mentioning that more than a million had objected. But in neither case was food safety and security the real intent of the legislation.  Both the US and Canada were handing agricultural production in all its forms, over to international organizations and multi-national corporations.

A sample of the unconstitutional restrictions included in bill C-36 include:

– abolishing protection from trespass, a court-ordered warrant, and the need for court-supervised search and seizure;

– on ONLY suspicion, health inspectors with the aid of police can invade any location in the country, seize and confiscate goods deemed unsafe (i.e. health supplements) and violate all constitutional rights of all parties involved

– it bypasses existing laws on privacy and confidentiality and explicitly exempts the Minister of  Health and government inspectors from any kind of third-party oversight and accountability;

**Note: In the US the Secretary of Health & Human Services and any of her delegates were given the same immunity, and US citizens were denied their right to access the courts for redress.

– the need to publish regulations governing the activities of the inspectors is abolished, too; More

s.510….The Testor Amendment added to the Managers Amendment

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NOTE: Infected eggs are in the news as we send this message. This once again demonstrates our contention that industrial farms are riskier than small farms. That’s one reason we work so hard to protect small farms from federal regulations that industrial farms can afford, but small farms cannot. Speaking of which . . .

The routine is getting familiar . . .

1. We tell you that Senate bill S.510, the so-called Food Safety bill, could be coming up for a vote.

2. You ask your Senators to oppose the bill, or to offer amendments to protect small businesses and farms.

3. Panicked by the public opposition, the Senate postpones the vote.

4. Several weeks later we all repeat steps 1 through 3.

Well, it’s happening again. We understand that S.510 will likely be put to a vote in September.

But this time, the bill will have many of the changes we demanded!

Although S.510 should still be opposed, we should also encourage Congress to retain the good changes that have been made to the bill, just in case it passes. Please send Congress a letter about this using our Preserve the Freedom to Farm campaign.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . .

I oppose S.510 because we need FEWER regulations. A free market backed by criminal and civil penalties for fraud and negligence will hold food producers to the highest standards. That’s because in a free market, consumers will avoid producers with bad reputations.

I am, however, pleased with the changes made in the Manager’s Amendment to S.510. With these changes . . . http://help.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/WHI10337.pdf

* Only foods already regulated by the FDA will be subject to S.510 — the firewall between the FDA and USDA-regulated foods will be maintained
* Farms, restaurants, and other businesses that were not already designated food “facilities,” as defined by the Bio-terrorism Act of 2002, will not need to register with the FDA. http://thehill.com/images/stories/blogs/smallfarms.pdf
* Farms engaged in low or no risk activities will be exempted from new regulatory requirements
* The compliance burden for small producers has been minimized
* The FDA is prohibited from requiring farms and other food facilities to hire consultants to write food safety plans
* Food that is direct marketed from farmers to consumers and stores will be exempt from the tracking and record keeping requirements, as will food that has labeling that preserves the identity of the farm that produced the food
* The FDA cannot require farms to keep records beyond the point where the product leaves the farm More

S.510 Fake Food Safety: Forcing the collapse of domestic agriculture


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Instead, FDA, just as the USDA, is pulling out all the stops in its efforts to terrorize and harass domestic producers and suppliers, and to end anything but industrialized corporate agriculture.  After all, these corporations keep the FDA and USDA awash in funds.”


If food safety were the real issue…we would close down the USDA and FDA corporations immediately.  S.510 is not intended to, and will not do anything other than stifle economic growth, kill off the domestic agricultural sector and hand that sector over to corporate predators.   

S.510,  just as the CLEAR Act, Cap & Trade, and a host of other offensive pieces of legislation is nothing more than a system of fees, fines and royalties meant to generate revenue while at the same time forcing individuals to keep records intended to be used for no other purpose than compiling a criminal case against themselves.  These records can be seized on the whim of the “secretary” who can at his/her leisure, decide that they “believe” you represent a risk: no evidence needed.

Just as the appointment of Michael Taylor, the Monsanto hired gun, to the post of “food czar” in the White House was no coincidence, neither is the pandering to Monsanto and other multi-national corporations intent upon owning and controlling food prodution and supply in the US in the text of S. 510. 

Both the USDA and FDA were created using the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) of 1946.  Even if this act were constitutional, the federal government is precluded from entering into agriculture as it is not in the enumerated powers of the federal government.  Agriculture is non-positive Code & Tile (7) and cannot be codified into law as it is a right reserved to the states.  Creating fictional public service agencies, which are in reality privately chartered corporations, held by the federal government to by-pass Constitutional restraints, on the federal government makes them no less unlawful.

Contrary to comments from various national organizations and groups, the last thing we need to see happen is the expansion of power and reach of either the USDA or, the FDA.

Both of these corporate federal agencies have a long history of harming the public while deferring to corporate contracted partners who make sure both agencies are profitable even if the public is harmed.  

On the other hand, it is no surprise to see national food organizations of all kinds jumping on the bandwagon to support this coup, hoping, I guess, that if they throw the rest of us under the bus they might be able to secure special treatment for themselves.  The organics producers did. More

I am not afraid….to eat

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Note:  Remember to compose your own letter!  Petitions and repititious letters opposing an action contemplated by those royal jackass’s in our government, are counted as only “one”.. This is one of several methods the District of Criminals uses to reduce opposition numbers. Of course, the standard is to just ignore them altogether.  *************** Marti 

Last year, the House passed a fraudulent “food safety” bill. The Senate has dragged its feet on its version of the bill for over a year.
We’re thankful for that, because as the data in the following letter shows, the bill will hurt more people than it helps. But, the Senate is under mounting pressure to pass it. We must apply even greater pressure to defeat it! 

And so we’re asking you to please send a letter telling your Senators to oppose the food safety bill through our Preserve the Freedom to Farm campaign. More

Financial reform includes another attack on your right to vitamins….no joke!

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First, John McCain introduced a bill that would severely damage the vitamin industry.

Thanks to you, the bill was killed!

Then, its key provisions were inserted into the Food Safety bill.

But then, again thanks to you, these provisions were pulled.

Now, the Alliance for Natural Health tells us these provisions might become law in the worst possible way. Unless you act, the financial “reform” bill could give new powers to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), including the power to regulate food supplements — perhaps regulate supplements right out of existence.

DownsizeDC.org proposes the Write the Laws Act (WTLA) to prevent outrages like this. Congress must NOT delegate their legislative power to unelected bureaucrats.

These agencies must not be allowed to thwart the will of the people!

Please tell Congress to oppose any amendment to Chris Dodd’s financial “regulation” bill that will empower the FTC. Tell them to introduce the Write the Laws Act instead.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . . More

S.510 Fake food safety bill: Feeding America poison one law at a time

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by: Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Our food system is not broken as some claim.  It is not dangerous, it is not rife with disease, it is not a threat to anyone and there is no terrorist in a cave somewhere “over there” plotting and planning on how to defecate in a field of spinach just to make a few American’s sick.  If bio-terrorism were an actual threat from foreign agents, they must all be employed by the US government which is currently operating or overseeing more than 600 bio-weapons labs across the US including on every university campus. “


S.510, “FDA Food safety Modernization Act” is a misnomer.  This bill should be more aptly titled “Making America Sick Through Adulteration of Food” act.  Calendar No. 247, S.510 came out of committee and into the Senate on March 3, 2010.  While I am tempted to go through this latest attack on the public, line by line, suffice it to say that it is nothing more than another hyped up reaction to a created crisis that could have been easily taken care of had anyone actually been doing the jobs they are paid to do.

Here’s the problem with our food system in the US: the government refuses to keep its damn nose out of it.  For years we have had to endure the USDA and FDA regulations, codes, rules and other obstacles erected as barriers to commerce and to the agricultural production that has been the back bone of our economy.  A nation is only as successful as its farmers and ranchers; the ability of a nation to feed itself is the greatest deterrent to recessions and depressions.  And by farmers and ranchers I don’t mean industrialized corporate farming for massive profits while we defile everything in sight. 

For every one dollar spent in agriculture, an estimated seven dollars is generated in the over all economy.  We need our farmers and ranchers; we don’t need bloated bureaucracies laden with desk jockeys who have nothing better to do than to create ever increasing and burdensome rules, regulations, statutes and codes that even they themselves cannot decipher and most times can’t even remember.  USDA currently has more than 16,000 rules, regulations and other nonsense on the books.  More

Fake “food Safety” bill……and we still let these people call themselves senators and representatives?

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Will the dangerous “food safety” bill pass?

Probably. There’s too much bi-partisan support in Congress.

But thanks to the Downsize DC Army, and many others, Congress is feeling the heat. Senators are considering amendments to improve their version of the bill. These changes could help to protect  . . .

* Small farms
* Your access to locally grown food

Let’s encourage these changes! Please send a letter telling Congress to protect small farms and your access to locally grown food. 

You may borrow, modify, or copy this letter . . . More

The Food Safety bill was already bad, but it may now get worse. Your vitamins are still in danger

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Downsizer Dispatch  downsizer-dispatch@downsizedc.org

Do you remember John McCain’s bill that would have controlled your use of vitamins?

That bill appears to be dead, but it’s provisions may rise from the grave.

It seems that McCain only agreed to abandon his legislation if key provisions were included in the so-called Food Safety bill.

The Food Safety bill was already bad, but it may now get worse.

Please send Congress a letter opposing both the so-called Food Safety bill, and John McCain’s provisions to control your use of vitamins.

You may borrow from or copy this letter . . . More

Congress’s next attack in the war on the US will be its food supply: Again we get the official congressional finger

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by: Marti Oakley (c) Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


Several bills are being readied for votes and not one is good news for middle- America.  A systematic takeover of everything from healthcare to food, to pharmaceuticals and on to dietary supplements is underway and if you think for one moment this is all coming from the left, you are delusional. Each and every one of these bills is sponsored and co-sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans. If you think any one of these bills is intended to benefit the public I don’t believe you should be allowed to roam the streets.

Front and center and scheduled for a vote this week is the odious S. 510.  Now titled “FDA Food Safety Modernization Act”  (the sudden appearance of FDA in the title should scare the hell out of you), this Act is promoted as securing and making safe the food production and supply here in the US.  The reality is that it is the codification of Codex Alimentarius into US law.  S. 510 will incorporate not only specific Codex mandates which lower corporate operating standards to increase profits domestically and internationally, it also makes a huge gift of American family farming and ranching to those same corporations that will benefit from this abomination by making it financially impossible for family’s and independents to compete or survive if they don’t succumb first to an avalanche of contrived paperwork and record-keeping.  More

Smuggler’s Blues: S510…I always wanted to be a pirate!


From:  Slicker & Bibs

Gotta love these smucks who write this stuff, they are getting smoother.  Bottom line is that once passed the bill sets into motion an unknown quagmire of consensus building with respect to small direct market operations, places the university extension services as a educational venue. The same bunch that has misdirected farmers for generations and has led to the ultimate demise of this country’s ability to be self sustaining in food production. The selection of these group members will certainly be based on arse kissing individuals who would willingly sell their souls to the devil for a place at the stakeholder’s table.  More

Welcome to the “Guilty Before Innocent Age” of Raw Milk in Washington

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by Lynn Swearingen  Copyright (C) 2009 All rights reserved

Actually – the Nation                      Tell a Friend 

One cannot see it, smell it or feel it. In fact E. Coli wasn’t even found on the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim, Washington, but that didn’t stop the Washington State Department of Health from issuing this misleading statement  :

“Three recent E. coli infections in Washington have been linked to drinking raw, unpasteurized milk. As a result, the Washington state departments of Health and Agriculture are reminding consumers of the potential health hazards of these products.

The patients all report drinking raw milk produced by the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim. No E. coli has been found in samples from the dairy’s current batch of milk, but during an investigation at the dairy, WSDA found the same bacteria that caused one of the illnesses.” More

What you need to know about food safety in America, and specifically about the fake food safety bills

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                                                                Tell a Friend 

H.R. 2749 – The Food Safety Enhancement Act. S. 510 – The Food Safety Modernization Act, are nothing more and nothing less than the codification of Codex Alimentarius into US Code & Statute.  These bills are meant to do nothing other than centralize food production and supply in the hands of corporations, (the same industrialized corporate farming operations which cause 95% of all food borne illnesses) while at the same time driving independent farmers and herders off their land and out of business.

If you think either of these two assaults on freedom have anything to do with food safety or protecting the sovereign states from food borne illnesses, you are not only mistaken, but also extraordinarily dense. 

The federal government has no real interest in food safety other than using it as an excuse for facilitating centralization and seizing food production and sales for corporate stakeholders.  Its also going to be a fabulously effective tool for relieving property owners….of their property. 

America’s Food Safety System More

Happy Thanksgiving: The farce in the food safety bills.


  by:  Paul Griepentrog  All rights reserved  Tell a Friend 

While we head into this Thanksgiving holiday we can all rest assured that the FDA and USDA have done their best to insure no one will get sick from the feast.  Of course we can be even more thankful that the US Senate is going to further the powers of these agencies to make our meal times even more secured.   These agencies are paid to insure our safety across a wide range of products.  They have done a fine job of that, with recalls going back several years and across a number of products.  Can we not, from the use of  failed self determining HACCP plans written by the companies themselves, along with the lack of authority of inspectors to close plants conclude that these agencies are then a failure in and of themselves and at the very root of the problem.

  Is it not possible that the situation now is worse than it was at the inception of these organizations?  In the writing of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” we are shown a world run for the benefit of large companies, by exploiting labor, bribing officials, and more.  Today we are not appreciably different, only now multinational corporations buy their way through government with lobbyists, international trade agreements and the government agencies which utilize the scare tactics of contaminated food to further their empire building. More

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s Unpleasant Hand in Health and Food Bills


by Patrick Henning                                                 Tell a Friend 

Robert Pear wrote an astounding article in the NY Times on Genetech’s influence on the healthcare bill, writing talking points for both sides of the aisle.  He proved Anthony Sutton’s proposition – that those with power simply use the left and right divide to get what they want, even setting it up.

And that global elite seems to working now through the pharmaceutical industry and bankers to gain power.  Interestingly, it was the pharmaceutical and chemical giant, IG Farben, which destabilized Germany, put Hitler in, and was the primary support for the 3rd Reich.  And the Rockefellers, oilmen and bankers with a focus on eugenics (genetic engineering), had a half interest in IG Farben and IG Farben a half interest in Standard Oil. More

The Jackasses did it……HR 2749 the Seizure of the US food supply and production passed the House

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hungryman_deesThis is an original article: posted July 31, 2009

By Marti Oakley  https://ppjg.wordpress.com

Despite some really eloquent speeches to the contrary, our “for sale” House of Representatives passed the Food Fascism Act….euphemistically called a food safety act, by a margin of about 140 over the naysayer’s. 

True to form, Rosa DeLauro spoke about things she knows nothing about and couldn’t care less;  Rosa just loves her some Monsanto! 

And that exclusion for farms???  Gone!  And that includes you organic idiots who thought you had kissed enough behinds to have your industry excluded.

The newly revised bill that appeared overnight after the original was defeated 29th of July, now includes all those farms we were told would not be affected by this legislation.  Of course those big agri-corporations made out like bandits.  Biopiracy is going to have a profitable future thanks to the political whore’s in congress we call our representatives.  More

HR 2749: Our food supply seized by the Merchants of greed

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greedHR 2749, the “Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009” is the latest in a series of misguided “food safety” legislation that utilizes a failed “one-size-fits-all regulatory scheme”. The legislation is completely absent effective regulation for US food imports and corporate agribusiness behemoths such as Monsanto, ADM, Con Agra and Cargill (primary causes of food safety failures). HR 2749 clearly favors the increased greed of the corporate industrial food complex while shifting the cost to small, local farmers, local food producers. It must be stopped at once.
There’s more.
According to Farm to Consumer.org, a non-profit organization protecting the constitutional rights of small family farms and consumers, “this bill would be an “absolute disaster for small farms and artisan food production”.
Here is the skinny on the HR 2749:
HR 2749 gives FDA tremendous power while significantly diminishing existing judicial restraints on actions taken by the agency. Power to Quarantine a Geographic Area; the FDA can also Halt All Movement of All Food in a geographic area.
  • Random Warrantless Searches of Business Records
  • Establishing a Tracing System for Food
  • Severe Criminal and Civil Penalties.
  • Annual Registration Fee of $500
  • Regulation of How Crops Are Raised and Harvested More

Rep. DeLauro…..please go away

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hr_dees  Holy vultures!  I just listened in to this interview by DeLauro on this Agri-pulse site.  It occurs to me the people running that outfit believe the same things DeLauro and a bunch of these other fascists believe…..they think we are all too stupid to figure out what they are up to.

Don’t we have some kind of laws to protect us from these people?  Who the heck is in charge here?  Us? Them?  Seems only the Dark Shadow knows for sure!

Gave myself nightmares last night by reading through HR 875……DeLauro’s pet project.  Whose side is that woman on?  Then, in what had to be some subconscious act of masochism…..I read the new Dingel/Waxman bill HR 2749.  The only question that came to mind was, “Why do these people hate us and our country so much???”

As someone far more knowledgeable than me said once upon a time…………”I have seen sh** loaded on wagons, spread on fields and shoveled out of barns and I always knew I was looking at sh**.”  

I feel the same way……I knew reading through those bills I was looking at huge mountainous, steaming, reeking piles of sh**. 

I can only wonder now……do we actually pay these people to do this stuff to us? 

Glenda O

Rosa DeLauro……A staged interview on Agri-pulse



Scroll to the bottom of the page to hear DeLauro in her canned interview at the above listed link.

“We have an opportunity with this bill…….”  says Rosa DeLauro More

Another fake food safety bill…….HR 2749 The latest assault from the District of Criminals


monsan_deesAt every turn, from every angle and at every opportunity our own government, the same people we voted into office to protect and defend us, to honor the Constitution, prove they are not only unworthy but also dead set against us.


The pressure in the District of Criminals must be great.  The deadline looms for compliance with Codex Alimentarius and the World Trade Organization’s demands.  No doubt “cooperative agreements” of all sizes and kinds from many different sources have been made with congressional members who obviously have assured the behind the scenes power brokers that they can in fact, deliver the US to international control and codify Codex into US Law. More

Marti Oakley discusses the fake food safety bills and NAIS with John Wallace on Blogtalk radio

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Marti Oakley

American Politics with John Wallace – Family Farms Under Attack

My guest this week is Ms. Marti Oakley, a Family Farm activist who will be talking about the federal government’s attack on the American small farmer and rancher under the guise of food safety. She will also be discussing the status of the National Animal Identification System. You are encouraged to call in to speak to Marti Oakley during the show. If you have specific questions, on this or any other subject, please call the show whilce it is on the air (646-200-0326).

Click here to listen to the archive:

Chandler Goule……Collin Peterson’s right hand man on NAIS


This is a response from Sue Diederich to Chandler Goule’s demand to be removed from receiving any further information which does not support the intent to force NAIS/Premises ID on family farmers and ranchers by Rep. Collin Peterson (D) MN, head of the House Agricultural Committe.  Chandler Goule is Peterson’s head of staff and handles the propaganda promotion of these programs. 


From: Sue Diederich [mailto:suediederich@comcast.net]
Sent: Thursday, June 04, 2009 5:57 AM
To: Goule, Chandler
Subject: Re: Please Take Me Off

Sue Diederich  –  IICFA  –  Northern IL



(847) 873 – 0251   or   suediederich@comcast.net
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Learn the truth about food, nutrition and what the government doesn’t tell you 



Sir, I cannot believe you actually mean to tell any member of the American public that you no longer wish to be bothered with their concerns – especially with you being member of Congress (or staff of a member of Congress – works both ways!). I am sure you would rather we contact you directly than through the newspapers, radio and television…
I guess they might have to (don’t believe so, though) stop, but I really hope they don’t. Your email address is public information. Your position is federal public servant. Sorry, but that makes you fair game for these communications. Just chalk it up to job descriptions. You need to know – we are going to tell you – and keep telling you until we get honest and intelligent action. There are several tens of thousands if not millions of us who all see problems with NAIS and the travesty of the so-called “food safety” bills, and there are only 540 of you. A lot of you will be hearing a lot from us!
We look to our elected officials to be statesmen, complete with honor and interest in the welfare and well-being of American people. Are you a statesman, or are you only another politician? It only takes one… Just one.
We contact legislators with the assumption that they are in their positions to govern our country justly and feel compelled to help us out. I guess Congress-people have a different agenda from the one they constantly tell their voters about?
Will YOU be that one? Don’t just say it – mean it!
I do have to give you credit for answering yourself… Rather than through a form letter replying to something you’ve never even seen. You get points for that. Yet, I feel that we should all be flyng our flags upside down in the universal signal of distress… Is that what it will take to get legislators to listen and DO something? Does every American need to raise a distress flag to get your attention? I would be willing to start that campaign about now – after more than three years of attempts to get ANY member of Congress to listen and take any intelligent action whatsoever on just this single program!
There are FAR TOO MANY ISSUES with the NAIS program and the so-called “food safety” bills that need to be answered to ave any American’s communications about it brushed off with no good reason. You got your job because you promised to serve the public interest. This issue is all about the public interest in every way one could imagine.
Will you be the one to get the public those answers? Definitive answers? Honest answers? TRUE answers?
I am one of the people in this country that believe NAIS is extremely detrimental not only to consumers (that would be 100% of the US population, remember, including you, sir!), but also to the 80% of livestock owners in this nation that do not cause disease problems, contamination problems or any other problems – except to provide competition to the multi-national conglomerates. As punishment for this crime against humanity the USDA issues rules such as the one that states: a goat (which averages 3 – 4 feet long by a foot or more wide by 3 – 4 feet tall) should do just fine in 10 square feet of space throughout its life, and can still be called “pasture raised” because it is allowed to see the light of day. (No wonder the animal welfare and animal rights people give you guys such a hard time!!)
That works for those that see no problem keeping more than 1000 goats on roughly 5 acres of land and have the money to truck in all their feed – and – can still sleep at night selling them off to largely unsuspecting consumers as meat that was “pasture raised,” “grass fed,” “naturally raised,” or worse yet “organic.” It is also exceptionally beneficial to industrial agricultural concerns, mainly because that is status quo for them. Yet, the USDA allows for all of these FALSE AND MISLEADING terms to be used in marketing meat coming from just such situations – and the FDA has had no issue either.
I own no livestock. I would love to. NAIS will prevent that – permanently. It will also create an astronomical “barrier to entry” for many others. Another boon for Big Ag!! YIPPEE. 
NAIS will also have an incredibly adverse affect on state budgets – already strapped by the rape perpetrated by the banks and their bail-out enthusiasts. Creating monopolies is something I thought was illegal, but Congress seems hell-bent to allow the USDA, UN and WTO to do just that with American farming. Monopolies mean exponential increases in consumer prices. With more than 1500 commercial uses for only the casein in cow’s milk – not to mention porcine blood extracts in brake fluid for vehicles, as well as beef blood and albumen and/or chicken egg albumin used in every vaccine from measles to Avian flu – the REAL costs are astronomical. Even the chip makers and industry insiders are against this program!!
NAIS is a problem. Actually, NAIS is an American disaster. Why is it that Congress talks to those profiting from NLIS in Australia, and the Canadian profiteers, but not to the small farmers in those countries – and that when all of our politicians keep saying small farmers are the backbone of our country – it is virtually a second National Anthem – the very ones which will be driven to extinction by NAIS? Yet, many in Congress support the “food safety” bills (yes – in quotes because that is NOT what these bills are about!) and the NAIS program itself.
For at least the past 20 years Congress has been little better than a multiple-mouthed spokesperson for irresponsible corporations and foreign authorities that put money before truth, safety, health and even reality. People in this country are a bit tired of the abuses in Washington DC, and we are going to let you all know about it. Email is easiest, but there are phones and the post office if need be. Sir, you should have gotten a “white paper” from NICFA back in March before the hearing on NAIS… If you did not, I will be more than happy to send it to you – I aided in the research for the consumer portion of it.
With all due respect, if you are a member of Congress, be thankful if these are the ONLY alerts and opinions you have gotten until now on NAIS… You will eventually be called upon to vote on the NAIS issue, as well as the travesty of the so-called “food safety” bills. Your job, sir, is to listen to Americans and do as you were hired to do. It is NOT to legislate our “best interests” according to anything other than our opinions. Nor is it to brush off the concerns of American citizens because they go against your personal beliefs or preferences.
It is my responsibility as both a consumer and as a concerned citizen to ensure that members of Congress – ALL members of Congress – are aware of the facts of the issues on which they legislate. I understand that legislators do not have the time nor the desire to educate themselves on the details of every issue they legislate on, nor to read the bills (or even to write the bills) that they vote on. Its my job to make sure you are as knowledgeable as possible – BEFORE you vote.
Your ONLY responsibility, Mr. Goule, is to do right by the people you serve – which as a federal legislator is ALL Americans – not merely the ones that lined your campaign war chest to get promises from you. Which oath will you honor?
One does not need to be a resident of your district in order to contact you on any federal issue. This despite the attempts of many of your fellow legislators to limit contact to only “constituents.” To be fair, it isn’t all that hard, though… One only has to go to the web page of the legislator in question and use their home office address to get a message through – perhaps it was thought that many would be too lazy or too stupid to do so… Being in federal office makes ALL Americans your constituents. You might represent the people of your home state, but you legislate for all of us. Far too many of you seem to have forgotten that fact. Far too many citizens have as well. I have not.
Each – and every last one – of the 6 so-called “food safety” bills introduced and one “discussion draft” is unconstitutional. Not one does anything to promote health or food safety. NAIS is unconstitutional. NAIS does nothing for human nor animal health. Harmonizing United States laws to WTO rules despite harm and hardship to Americans is also unconstitutional as well. In fact, they have a special word for those actions. Further, some are just plain wrong… Take HR 875 for instance… It states (among other things) that NAIS is existing law. Unfortunately for Ms. DeLauro, NAIS is NOT law, it is not even out of draft stage. If it were, it would be fully implemented, in all three of its abysmal stages, and across the board in all states. It is not. I do believe people in DC are counting on the people outside of DC not to recognize the fact that to make that bill law, Congress and the President will also make NAIS law, by default. We do. And – we will not stand for it.
People are also being counted on to not know the difference between being “stakeholders” (legal definition: uninterested third party holding property for its rightful owner) and “landowners” or “livestock owners” or even “farmers.” Or, a better one is “premise” (part of and a conveyance on a deed) and private “property.” When the USDA contract with the State of Illinois states that the Illinois Department of Agriculture is to convince “farmers to register their farms as premises” – people did indeed start getting a clue. Why make that particular distinction if the terms were interchangeable?? Why hasn’t Congress asked about this?? Why is this information not important to the public servants elected to federal office? Why have you not questioned these items? Why has NO ONE in Congress questioned ANY of these things?
If NAIS is voluntary, why is it that not a single member of Congress has taken interest in the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s lawsuit against the USDA and the Michigan Department of Agriculture for making it mandatory through cooperative agreements and memoranda of understanding? Why no interest in the civil forfeiture lawsuits happening in Wisconsin? Why no question as to why Mary Zanoni’s FOIA lawsuit was dismissed only to find out that the FEDERAL NAIS database used by the State of Wisconsin was housed in Canada and therefore was not subject to United States laws? Why all of a sudden, after the dismissal of the suit, did Senator Fiengold send a note on his letterhead that the database was “being moved back to Madison?” These are all foreshadowings of what we can expect if Congress decides to mandate the NAIS program. Why was Max Thornsberry shut down by the very same representative that asked him for the data on daily importation of TB in Mexican cattle – even when Dr. Thornsberry had the documents containing the data he attempted to give at the March hearing of the subcommittee on livestock, poultry and dairy? Not only was that behavior rude, it was obvious.
I have to say – listening to the two Congressional hearings on NAIS that have been held thus far this year has been rather like watching episodes of the Twilight Zone on TV – until one realizes that these legislators are serious. Then it becomes more like watching Titanic.
Dr. Thornsberry and American livestock owners will go down with the ship, while the corporate bugaboos will get the lifeboats – and Congress gets to look like it was actually doing something. I guess they felt looking like it was better than actually having to do it. Not many listening to those two fiascos were fooled – its more like we were fueled.
NAIS does not prevent importation (legal or illegal) of any animal disease. NAIS does not protect the food supply in any way. Given recent USDA reports of soaring pork, poultry and beef exports, as well as new market openings, it will not even boost trade. (It hasn’t worked for the Aussies, either) NAIS stops at slaughter, so it cannot prevent human illness caused by contamination in meat or meat products. Further – I defy anyone on the planet, let alone on Capitol Hill to tell me just where more than 100 microchips will fit into a single pound of ground beef!! NAIS would not and could not prevent the Westland/Hallmark recall of more than 143 MILLION pounds of ground beef last year, nor the recent Idaho and Illinois recalls of more than 39,000 pounds each. Of course, being livestock based, it would do nothing to counter the problems that the FDA ADMITS IT ALLOWED to continue at the peanut and pistachio plants. (Neither will any of the “food safety” bills – and they wouldn’t have stopped the spinach, basil, or tomato salmonella problems, either.)
If NAIS is truly only for animal health reasons as the USDA has stated before, then why is it claimed to be used for marketing, for recovery of lost and stolen animals, etc. If it is for reasons of food safety then why does it stop at slaughter when the CDC and FDA admit more than 90% of food borne disease happens AFTER slaughter? If it is for the quick detection of disease, why has the USDA cut testing? If it is for the prevention of the spread of disease, why are diseases included that have no permanent affect on animals and pose no threat to human health? Just what IS the reason for NAIS?
What NAIS does is cost the smallest producers, many of whom never even sell into any market, the very most, while leaving the corporate and industrial farms virtually off the hook. Small producers must tag and track every animal. A CAFO would need one tracking number for an entire herd of animals. 80% of farms are considered “small farms” in this country – more than 80% of those will be run out of business. NAIS tracks disease AFTER it occurs, and provides for the wholesale slaughter of animals that could otherwise provide much needed food for humans. Many of the diseases reportable now, let alone under NAIS do not pose a human threat. FMD does not pose a human threat. Scrapie does not pose a human threat. Exotic Newcastles disease, and most forms of Avian flu might – if one is unhealthy to begin with – maybe cause pink eye. Maybe.
Further, there are no exemptions from NAIS. No religious exemptions, no size or scale exemptions, no organic exemptions – none whatsoever. There are not even any provisions for size or scale fairness! NAIS allows for on demand inspections as well as USDA entry onto what WAS private property without warrant. Both serious constitutional issues. What about privacy issues? What about private property issues? There is no consideration provided in the program documents for the clouding (or possible transfer) of title.
 It allows for a 6-mile-radius KILL zone (oops… .depopulation zone) around every positive test – without further testing. So, if they decide to kill off all but one cow in a six-mile radius, and then that one cow tests positive, you get yet another 6 mile radius kill zone going on. And this will save billions due to disease losses????? There are no provisions for reimbursement for any animal – not even for those tested after death and found to have been healthy. NAIS removes the liability of the government for damages caused without reason (and with reason in the case of diseases like TB, pseudo-rabies, etc).
Removing the liability while increasing the authority of the same government agency just ain’t gonna fly in this country. There have been far too many abuses already – even apathetic consumers are not going to put up with that.
FMD is listed as one of the diseases that will set this kill zone into effect. I am sure you remember what happened with the idiots in the UK. Well, what you might not realize is that farmers in the UK do NOT want their version of NAIS and have parliamentary backing for that position, FMD usually does NOT permanently damage the animals – its only real detriment is somebody decided it was a dollar figure problem (trade), AND, FMD covers more than one species – so we could knock out potentially all individual animals of more than three species over dozens to hundreds of miles for something that is merely someone’s idea of a dollar-killer.
BSE is another disease that will set off kill zones. BSE is NOT transferable between animals other than cow to calf. It is not “catching” unless neural tissue is consumed. Therefore, unless the farm in question is in violation of existing FDA feed bans, thousands of animals will needlessly die. Further, it was our own USDA – developers of NAIS – that decided it was OK to continue importing beef cattle from Canada – even tough – 4 of our 5 ONLY cases of BSE arrived from there, and they continue to confirm more cases of BSE to this day.
Avian flu is another biggie. There are countries where no birds are EVER allowed to see the light of day throughout their entire lives. Most often, the poor, those raising their own food, and the small farms are the targets. CAFOs have nothing to worry about – that is standard operating procedure for them. So are health problems in their customers. NOTHING that lives is healthy without sunlight. Nothing. So what happens – antibiotics and birds stuffed into barns with little more than three square feet per bird. Do the math – then figure out the cost to human health of the ingestion of all the chemicals and synthetic vitamins required to keep the birds ALIVE let alone healthy.
A disease becomes a “‘pandemic” because people in more than one country get it and a few die from it. However, as will the flying pig flu (swine flu) – far less than .001 % of the world population died from it. For H5N1 Avian Flu, the ONLY human to human transmission was between mother and child (H5N3 as well as H5N1 – the very same strain in those Baxter vaccines… Hmmm…Convenient.). Several others in the same household never got so much as a runny nose. Yet, Avian Flu is one of the government’s biggest sellers in the fight for intrusive and abusive federal and state programs in the name of protecting the public. I would suggest that people (most especially those legislating these programs!) should read the research (doesn’t require a college degree, though most if not all in Congress have obtained one), and make more intelligent, reasonable, sound decisions. If there is no proof one way or the other, how do you tell if Baxter is right or if I am??
This is pure INSANITY, Mr. Goule – pure, unadulterated (and criminal) insanity.
One does not need to be a scientist to figure out that four separate and distinct strains of DNA do not occur in a single virus in nature. Especially when two of those strains are swine flu, one bird flu and one human strain – but not until three weeks after Mexico first reported human cases, was it EVER found in pigs, and then it was found in Canada – where it has stayed. Um?! No question there? No United States investigation into Baxter Labs’ release of live avian flu to 18 countries – it is a US corporation.. Again, hmmm… The FDA can threaten the makers of Cheerios over a health claim on the label (one they previously allowed!), but they can’t investigate a level 3 security lab loosing a deadly virus on 18 separate unsuspecting countries in a shipment of vaccines?!?!?! Pardon me for being just a little bit incredulous.
No connection made between the fact that all 18 countries have not yet been publicly divulged – but – Baxter not only provided the vaccines for the pigs at the Smithfield CAFO in LaGloria where the first human cases occurred (the first boy lived a mere 600 yards from the “farm” in question) but also was the company of choice to develop the vaccine against this same swine flu? The public is questioning, sir, why isn’t Congress? No investigation? Also no proof I am wrong.
Just where ARE our Congressmen and women? Are you all on vacation somewhere? How do we reach you if not by phone, email or letter? Some of us can visit, but what of the rest? There is something fundamentally wrong in Washington DC, Mr. Goule, and you can help us start to fix it if you choose.
Its time for Congress to stop pandering to “vertically integrated,” profit motivated corporations, the UN, WTO and the ridiculous “trade agreements”  – which were not handled through proper channels in the first place – and start doing your jobs. Just because Congress decided the public wouldn’t notice if they gave up on their responsibility to ensure the public safety and the sovereignty of this country by fast-tracking such crap through, does not mean that it was intelligent, legal or that it went unnoticed. It only proves that massive congressional recalls need to be implemented – and have been needed for a very long time.
Where are our statesmen??? All of you need to remember that “statesman” is a title that must be earned. It is not conveyed upon election. Politicians get elected. Statesmen have courage, integrity and a sincere desire to serve the public – and they exercise those qualities every day, convenient or not – apart from the lofty ideas delivered by hired speechwriters.
As a servant of the public, your job is to “do right by” American citizens, and to  “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” That means ALL enemies, Mr. Goule, in person and in policy. How can you do that if you refuse to learn the facts of those issues you must vote on? How can you do that if you cannot be bothered to read and understand the impact of the bills you support or oppose? How can you know if you do not ever check?
If only Congress would do its job as it was designed, nothing (in theory) should ever have to get to the Supreme Court…. Fortunately, our Founding Fathers knew better than to trust such power to one branch of government and created the court to do what Congress and the President would not. Unfortunately, they don’t seem much more interested than legislators or the President.
But that still does not excuse the fact that Congress hasn’t really done the job it was designed and contracted to do virtually since its inception. Then, since 1913 it has steadily lost interest in even trying, and since 1988 it has attempted to do anything but. All of you should simply just STOP cowering before central bankers, foreign organizations and major corporations, and start getting this country back to the way it should be.
I signed my oath as a public servant in the circuit court system. I had to request the paper, as the County official taking that oath told me I didn’t have to sign anything. Did you? Did ANY of you?
You need to know these things – like it or not. If it is documents you wish to see instead of opinions, please feel free to let me know. You can reply to this email, or my phone number is below. I have been collecting documents, as have several thousand others, for more than the last four years. We would be happy to send them along for you to educate yourself on the realities all of you seem so willing to dismiss.
There is an old saying about “50 million Chinamen can’t be wrong” – you have 97 to 98% of livestock owners in addition to untold numbers of consumers telling you there is a HUGE problem with this program and with those bills. When are legislators in Washington DC going to actually take an HONEST look?
We were once a great, powerful and wise country. We were respected everywhere on the planet. We had no need to go begging with our hand out to the likes of the WTO for permission to sell our goods. We had quality products made inexpensively right here at home. We had jobs. We EARNED our way. Now, we are a little better than a mere laughingstock. YOU – Mr. Goule – and men and women like you – can help return us to the glory this nation was founded to exemplify – but only when you act accordingly.
One final thought… The poor and the small farmers of the entire planet are looking to what happens here on this issue. Our country was built on the backs of the poor and the small farmers. We will not fail.
All it takes is one man of honor.
Let that man be you.
Sue Diederich
Palatine, IL


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