Elder abuse: Monterey County Public Guardian denies right to attend hearings


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Linda Kincaid   Senior Issues Examiner
January 27, 2014

The Monterey County Public Guardian seized control of San Francisco resident Margarita Zelada and her estate.  Since March 3013, Margarita has been unlawfully confined in Monterey County, forcibly isolated, and denied nearly all contact with loved ones and advocates.

The Public Guardian allows Margarita no contact with her daughter, occasional brief contact with her niece in Texas, no contact with elder rights advocates, and no contact with legal counsel of her choice.  The Public Guardian denies Margarita her right to attend court hearings on her case and denies her right to oppose the abuse she has suffered.

On January 29, 2014, the Monterey County Probate Court will review Margarita’s case and hear the Public Guardian’s petition for authority to forcibly administer chemical restraint. Niece Bonnie Lind repeatedly asked that Margarita be allowed to attend the hearing on her case and be allowed her right to oppose forced chemical restraint.

December 10, 2013

Jennifer Empasis and Chris Campbell,

I would like to request my aunt, Margarita Zelada be allowed to attend her conservatorship hearing scheduled for December 18, 2013.  According to the Notice of Conservatee’s Rights, Margarita has a right to take part in important decisions affecting her life, property and way of life.  Please do not deny her this basic right. More

Elder abuse by Monterey County Public Guardian: Home vacant, daughter homeless

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November 11, 2013

An abusive conservatorship devastated the life of San Francisco resident Margarita Zelada.  The Monterey County Public Guardian keeps Margarita unlawfully isolated and confined in a long-term care facility.

Margarita said, “I am in prison.”  Every night, she cries alone in her room and prays for freedom.

Margarita languishes at Senior Paradise in Del Rey Oaks, her estate charged $7,000/month for “care.”  Margarita’s three bedroom home in San Francisco’s desirable Outer Sunset neighborhood  sits vacant.

Deputy Public Guardian Jennifer Empasis changed the locks on Margarita’s home to prevent entry by family.  The home is unattended, and landscaping deteriorates.  Family said Empasis planned to sell the home for a fraction of market value.

The abusive conservatorship also devastated the life of Margarita’s daughter, Patricia Conklin.  In her bid to control Margarita’s $1.5M estate, Empasis made many false allegations that Patricia abused her mother.

Empasis seized control of Patricia’s assets and the house she leased in Pacific Grove.  Empasis unlawfully forced Patricia’s renter from the house and terminated the lease.

Margarita’s testimony was suppressed at Patricia’s trial.  Material documents and videos were suppressed.  Empasis threatened witnesses with criminal prosecution if they testified in Patricia’s favor. More

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