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Submitted by Dr Gary Kohls, MD

Written By: Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy


“Instead we will probably get Christian newspapers and magazines featuring such articles as, “Jesus’ Snipers,” “Sniping Jesus’ Way” or “When the Mission of Jesus Needs Snipers.””


“Lord, there are bad guys out there. Just help us kill them.” — Evangelical Christian Chaplain, Bravo Company (quoted in Newsweek, 11/10/03)

Todd Starnes, an Evangelical Christian and Fox TV News talking-head (who also has his own Fox radio show, reaching millions of vulnerable people with his presentation of “reality” and Gospel “truth”) said last week that “Jesus Christ would have been a fan of Clint Eastwood’s latest movie, American Sniper” (the mythologized story of America’s top Christian killer in Iraq, Christopher Kyle). More