If you aren’t aware of Chapter 11 rules in NAFTA:  This chapter allows private investors and corporations to sue any of the three governments if environmental or community protections prohibit them from making a profit they believe they are entitled too.  Should they win their suit, either the profit making venture goes forward, OR, the government has to pay them the profit they claim they are being cheated out of.  There is NO CAP on what they can claim.   These suits are not brought before a federal court, but rather, are handled secretly and are not made public. 


International Trade

Deputy Minister – Marie-Lucie Morin

Telephone: (613) 944-5000


Email sent Sat 25/10/2008 

c/o  anne.turcotte@international.gc.ca



Thanks Anne, for sending this on to the Deputy Minister, Marie-Lucie Morin.



Dear Deputy Minister Marie-Lucie Morin,



As per appended G&M report Oct 22, Dow has filed notice of intent to seek

compensation under NAFTA Chapter 11 for money lost because of pesticide

bylaws.  Chemtura, too.


Over my dead body.


As per appended G&M report (yesterday), there is a connection between brain

development and exposure to some chemicals.  In addition to what the

Europeans know (the G&M article), in North America the research of Drs.

Elizabeth Guillette (Florida State), Patricia Moulton (University of North

Dakota), a professor at the University of Oregon, etc. etc. etc. ALL show

the same thing.



You will know the MMT/NAFTA story.  Under a Chapter 11 challenge, the

Canadian Government bowed to Ethyl Corporation, paid them $20 million and

backed out of the ban on MMT (a neurotoxin), used to boost the octane rating

of unleaded gas. 


This, IN SPITE OF THE FACT that it has been banned in the U.S. since 1977

and in Europe.



I am fed up with being nice: there will be hell to pay if you give ONE INCH

to Dow Agro Sciences (Dow Chemical), or to Chemtura. 


I am so fed up that we have to continue fighting and fighting the Government

because of its failure to protect the public interest, and its subservience

to corporate interests. 



Yours sincerely,


Sandra Finley







Brought to you by the great work of Brent Patterson – Director of

Communications at the council of Canadians!


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