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What Governments Learned From Hitler and Other Murderous Eugenicists


By Marti Oakley PPJ Gazette copyright © 2019


“Today’s eugenicists are just a little more selective. Zeroing in on the most vulnerable, the elderly and disabled and those with mental illness, a perceived waste population is being systematically obliterated.

Just because they don’t put a bullet in their heads doesn’t mean this isn’t murder.”


If there was one mistake that Hitler made while conducting the holocaust of WW2, it was that if you are going to murder untold millions of people, you shouldn’t do it all at once in full view of the world. In the 70 years or so since the end of WW2, governments around the world took heed and learned that if you are going to commit genocide, you should do it by stealth. That way, there won’t be too many people sounding the alarm, willing to fight to stop you and possibly causing your own demise. This is especially effective if you control the media and what and how they report world events. Now, with the internet, governments around the world plant fabricated stories to cover up their misdeeds, and actually pay people to man computer banks for the purpose of attacking anyone who might question official stories that just don’t add up.

The American Eugenics Society

The blueprint for the Nazi genocide of Europe was provided to them by The American Eugenics Society. Established in 1926 and supposedly closed down in 1972 or thereabouts, the Society had entire lists of people they felt should be either murdered outright, or sterilized. The Society provided the plans for mass exterminations and other methods of ridding a country of those deemed a waste population, to the Nazi’s.

But the genocide and eugenics ideology has never disappeared. Today, here in the US as well as in Australia, England and other supposedly civilized countries, a concerted effort is in progress to purge the elderly, the disabled and the mentally ill. Bills are being passed one at a time in various states so as not to alarm the public too much about the murderous intent of government and those in society who have decided that your life isn’t near as valuable as theirs.

One of the first public efforts to legalize euthanasia was in 1991.

“The right to choose death was called the Patient Self-Determination Act, passed in 1991. This law gave American citizens the right to develop legally binding advance directives that outline whether and which life-sustaining treatments they will accept in dire and difficult circumstances. This can be achieved through documents like livings wills, do not resuscitate orders (DNR), physician or medical orders to end life-sustaining treatment (POLST, MOLST), and others.” This of course has evolved into the Hospice hastening of death of those deemed not worthy of continued care. And the abuse of living wills and DNR orders is now standard practice especially where profits can be affected by allowing the targeted victim to continue to live.”


Did I Hear That Right? Killing Minnesota deer not diseased

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Dan Martin


Please, please, someone tell me how this makes sense.

ONE deer has tested positive for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  Seventeen have been ‘harvested’, so far.  Sharpshooters are baiting and shining, both illegal here the last I heard.

After about the sixth time this story was reported on the news, I just felt the need to ask for some clarification.

By Katie Lange
Sharpshooters bait and kill deer, to stop CWD
Updated: Mar 04, 2011 1:17 PM CST
NEAR BRYON, Minn. (FOX 47) — There are renewed efforts to end Chronic Wasting Disease in our area. That’s after a deer in the Pine Island area tested positive for the disease in January.

The DNR’s Big Game Coordinator, said as of Thursday, 352 deer have been tested, all with negative results. In the span of two nights nine sharpshooters killed 17 deer. They’re baiting the deer with piles of corn at 25 different locations in the sample zone. An old hospice house near Oxbow Park, just north of Byron, is one of the baiting grounds. After the park closes, sharpshooters venture out with thermal imaging technology and high powered rifles with scopes.

While some people appreciate what the DNR is doing, not all hunters feel it’s right.
“They came with a new rule that it has got to be four-points on each side to shoot, or at least for a buck. That was supposed to make the deer hunting better here for bigger trophy deer, and now they’re going down not even in the season shooting them, “said Donny Ehlenfeldt, a hunter near Byron.
We’re told sharpshooters will be killing deer for the next 3 to 5 weeks. As for the 300-plus land owners with permits to shoot deer on their property, those permits expire at the end of this month.



Governor Cuomo: Will you help Sara Harvey?


Reported by Marti Oakley


When corruption of any kind reaches so high into our government and its corporate agencies who prey on the general public under the guise of “public service” or other misnomer, we must speak out.  We should all be speaking out in the case of Gary Harvey.  What has happened to Gary and his wife, Sara, could happen to any one of us at any time; Gary has been held as a virtual prisoner by Chemung County agencies in New York while a predatory guardian has burned through the couples assets. 

Once the predatory guardian, unknown to the Harvey’s prior to his accident, and who never even filed a petition, somehow was granted guardianship of Gary, he lost all of his rights of any kind…and all of his assets.  Now that the assets are depleted, the guardian has issued a “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) order.  Gary’s wife Sara has had to battle the attempt by hospital and doctors, at the request of the predatory guardian, to stop them from intentionally starving and dehydrating him to death. 

No one has been able to explain how the predatory guardian knew to be in court that day regarding a man the guardian did not know and had no previous contact with.

After repeated efforts to garner the help of state officials, agencies and various other legal agents and agencies, Sara wrote this letter to New York governor, Cuomo.  She awaits his repsonse.


  January 28, 2011 

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

RE: Gary E Harvey, help concerning guardianship

Dear Mr. Cuomo: 

Can you or someone on your staff give me some direction as to where I might turn for help in rescuing my husband, Gary E. Harvey, from an inappropriate and dangerous care setting, and from a guardianship which I believe to be contrary to his best interests, safety and survival? 

Gary is a Vietnam veteran.  He suffered a head injury in a fall, in January of 2006, and subsequently deteriorated to the point that he has been incapacitated for some time.  In a sequence of events all too common in cases where the state assumes control, I was denied guardianship over my beloved husband, and a professional guardian has been appointed (just showed up out of nowhere at my hearing and without a petition). Both Gary’s and my assets have been used up by this abusive guardianship.   Sometimes, I am denied the right even to visit him, on arbitrary grounds or without explanation.  More

Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Released on Sandhill Cranes


For Immediate Release 17 September 2010

Contact: Parker Lewis (925) 451-3866 (parker@friendsofanimals.org)

Outrageous: Minnesota Hunters Released on Sandhill Cranes

Minneapolis, MN – Who’d want to be an animal around us? Horses chased down with helicopters. Geese gassed in New York. And now it’s a sandhill crane hunting season in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is turning hunters loose on sandhill cranes for the first time in 94 years, due to the birds exceeding an arbitrary population “goal.” The hunting season, which began September 4th and is scheduled to end on October 10th takes aim at tall, graceful beings with sandy feathers and bright red heads. These birds are known to mate for life, and teach their young to dance to acquire the precision and agility required for their mid-continental flights. But that’s not how Bill Penning of the Department of Natural Resources describes them. Penning says, “I’ve never eaten them, but everyone says they’re delicious.”

Friends of Animals is strongly opposed to the sandhill crane hunting season. The Minnesota DNR bypassed the usual public comment period and released this announcement stealthily, only weeks before the hunting season is scheduled to begin. Hunters will pursue sandhill cranes as they do geese, deploying decoys. Nontoxic shot, we’re assured, will be required. Friends of Animals president Priscilla Feral said, “Minnesotans haven’t hunted sandhill cranes birds since 1916. Why now? Advocates, communicate your views now, before this latest display of human arrogance turns into the newest cycle of torment.”
Please get in touch with the pivotal contacts listed below and let them hear your voice. The sudden, unexpected decision to allow the hunting of sandhill cranes is not based in scientific fact, and as a public department charged with managing public resources, land, and animals, it is completely out of line to make such a momentous change without the public’s consent.
Mark Holsten, Commissioner
Phone: 651-259-5555
Email: mark.holsten@state.mn.us

Bill Penning, Farmland Wildlife Program Leader at Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Phone: 651-259-5230 / 651-296-0704
Email: bill.penning@dnr.state.mn.us

Office of the Governor – Ask that this hunt be stopped.
Phone: 651-296-3391
Email: tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us

Friends of Animals, founded in 1957 and headquartered in Darien, Connecticut, is a nonprofit
organization working to stop cruelty, abuse and institutionalized exploitation of
nonhuman animals anywhere in the world.

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