This Is America’s Fate If We Don’t Do SOMETHING!


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 “Did you ever think you’d see the day when being patriotic or protesting to keep the rights you once had, would brand you as a terrorist, a rebel, a dissident or an enemy combatant? Will you ever see the handwriting on the wall? Or will you have to be tasered, slammed face down on the cement sidewalk, or shot by your neighborhood cop on the beat to get the picture?”


1511290_687296774647706_491912095_nThe “Russian” Revolution which began in 1917 was actually the “Bolshevik Jewish takeover” of Russia. The Russians died by slaughter, torture, and starvation in the gulags over those years, until Joseph Stalin died in 1953. This holocaust is the biggest, most well kept secret in all of human history!

The Gulags are where fifty million white Christians were sent if they opposed the Bolshevik/Communist/Jewish swindle called Communism. In 1917 Lenin lead the revolution of the peasants against the Czar, and then they raped Russia till this day.

To establish their iron rule, communists thought they had to rid society of all thinking and honest people. Such types are always a threat to despotic regimes. They almost succeeded: in twenty years of repression they rooted out many values, beliefs, and traditions that had been cultivated for centuries.

In all the death camps of Germany only 373,804 died. Ten percent were executions, and the rests were typhus, old age, and natural causes. In Stalin’s gulags close to 50,000,000 died. That’s 50 MILLION!

“I did my plan and you?” asks the socialist “poster-boy.” Communists have always been compulsive planners, even planning exactly how many people were to be sent to those camps. Each region had to report the count of “enemies” detained, and if the regional leaders didn’t reach their quotas, then they became “enemies” themselves and joined those camps.

After they killed the brains of the nation, the Soviet Union became a kind of laughing-stock; a national bully that everyone feared because it was stupid and fat with nukes. Like a mindless giant, the Soviet Union was incapable of anything intelligent or creative. Having killed off all it’s wise and educated people, the Soviet Union was only capable of setting examples to the rest of the world of how things should not be done…..


Is anything here sounding vaguely familiar my friends? The invasion and genocide that took over Russia so long ago was financed by the same Jewish bankers who had already infiltrated and taken over the banking and monetary management of the United States, known as the Federal Reserve. Post Stalin in the 50’s and 60’s, the Jews left Russia and flooded into the newly formed Israel, while many of them immigrated to the United States, including a full complement of their most notorious, savage mafia criminals. Our newspapers called them the Russian Mafia, but they were not Russians.

When the Soviet Union fell in the 1970’s, another wave of less than desirables hit our shores again. With profits and gains they gleaned by exploiting every possible human vice and any dirty deal they could get their hands on, they have been very successful at owning mostly all of America’s politicians, all the way down to the local dog catcher. One of their three B’s always works: Buy them, Blackmail them, or Butcher them (JFK). It’s not hard when you can counterfeit paper currency to the extreme and use it for anything you want or need. They own or influence all of our critical businesses and occupy influential positions in every important social area of American life. Many top government officials are dual US and Israeli citizens. Who do you think they are loyal to? In case you never noticed, nearly every one of our top officials have at some time, put on a yamaka and pretended to wail at a wall in Israel. It’s disgusting!

Our own congress grew springs on their backsides when Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at the Capitol. They gave him 26 standing ovations! More than Obama got. Just what is going on here???? This ‘man’ has delivered barbarous death to defenseless civilians, women, and children by means of white phosphorus. Why? Because they lived on the land he wanted. More

Secession or Expatriation The Only Answers To Martial Law?

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LIVE LINK:  DumpDC.com

September 30, 2010 

The Feds are against “profiling” only when that is used to identify probable foreign terrorists and illegal aliens; it has no difficulty with stigmatizing me as a “domestic terrorist” because I have read the Bible, own guns, speak out against the government, and consort with former military personnel.

by Linda Brady Traynham

(Editor’s note: Linda submitted this fine analysis in response to yesterday’s article on Martial Law. After you read it, you will understand that secession is the ONLY possible way to thwart Martial Law. Or you can consider expatration, but you’d better do that before the meltdown. After the meltdown, DC will likely close borders for exit.)

As powerful as this presentation is, it does not–for reasons of space, I am certain; Russell states that these are excerpts–begin to make clear how quickly martial law could be imposed or how few options would be left. Any sitting president who chooses to be the last one in America in order to become the first dictator/king/emperor/first consul can do so easily. I thought it quite possible that Dubya would make that decision. There was nothing to stop him. The process is very simple: More

Chinese Police Units Begin Entering US To Protect Assets

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October 4, 2008

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Excerpted from the article:

“To how utterly chilling this new US law for the American people, titled the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008”, Russian legal experts point out in these reports that:

Section 101 (a)(1) establishes what is termed the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to which substantial portions of what the American people currently owe to their banks and financial institutions is to be turned over the US Government for redistribution to foreign banks.

Section 101(c)(3) Designates for the first time in American history these foreign banks as financial agents of Federal Government with full law enforcement authority over the citizens in the US.

Section 3 (b) allows the US Secretary of the Treasury to put any kind of debt, including credit card, home loans, personal loans, automobile loans, etc., into the TARP programme.

Section 112 allows the US Secretary of the Treasury to astoundingly extend financing to foreign banks to purchase the debt of the American people.

Section 112 (1)(a) allows the US Government to hold stocks in companies for the first time in their history and which completely destroys the capitalist economy of their Nation.

Section 119 (2)(a) gives the US Secretary of the Treasury dictatorial powers not reviewable by courts making this position the most powerful one in America.

Section 122 increases the US public debt to the incredible amount of $11,315,000,000,000 (Trillion)

Section 204 puts the United States under emergency economic rule and states, “all provisions of this Act are designated as an emergency requirement and necessary to meet emergency needs”.

But, these reports warn, the two most chilling measures put into this new law are titled “Section 511 “Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008” and “TITLE II-SPECIAL PROJECTS ON FEDERAL LAND Section 201”.

The new mental health provisions contained in these new laws allows the United States to label dissident citizens as being ‘mentally ill’, and the ‘Special Projects’ section allows for the reimbursement to US cities and counties for the building of concentration camps for these mentally ill dissidents. (red print and emphasis, mine)

The fear of the United States Government against their dissidents is becoming more evident as many of them are beginning to sound the alarm of events to come, and as we can see evidenced by one such report from the SteveQuale.Com website:”

Read full article here:


Where Did Political Correctness Come From?


I recall the first time I heard the term “political correctness.” I was with my then (1990) girlfriend in a restaurant when she invited one of her friends to come over and sit with us.

As it turned out, the fellow was a gay neolib type, with, not one, but two wire hoop earrings. During our conversation, as I was in the middle of saying something (I don’t recall what), he blurted out, “Why, you’re politically incorrect!” I was a bit taken aback by this and said, “I’m what?” He repeated himself and it was then that I got an inkling of what he meant. I said, “You know, many years ago, we used to call it being a ‘non-conformist’.” Then I went on with what I had been saying before I was so rudely interrupted by this self-appointed speech Nazi.

Since then, our entire culture has become so saturated with this “P.C.” virus that few people question it anymore and almost no one has any idea what its origins are. Most assume it is a product of the sixties “counter-culture,” but that culture was, itself, a product of the CIA, the Establishment and cultural Marxism. The actual origins of the concept go back much earlier, though, to 1917 and the beginnings of the Soviet Union (which, by the way, was the creation of the same international bankers who gave us the Federal Reserve and the income tax three years earlier).

Basically, the concept of “political correctness” is part of the same Soviet dogma that gave us such terms as “defect,” used to mean dropping out of Soviet society or defying the rule of the state. The implication was that one must surely be insane or mentally defective to want to leave the Soviet Union or to rebel against the state’s authority. With this concept firmly established, the Soviet state found it quite easy to lock away dissidents in gulags – or to silence them permanently with a bullet through the head. What made this so easy was that the Soviet state had instilled in its enslaved people a self-policing mindset in which individuals were so brainwashed as to eventually accept that such anti-statist thinking must surely be a sign of mental illness. Indeed, Soviets who rebelled were sent to state-run “mental hospitals,” which were little more than prisons. It is from this self-imposed mental straight jacket that the concept of political correctness emerged.

Today, political correctness has become firmly established in our culture and the same self-policing mindset is at work among millions of people who have no conscious awareness that they are practicing it. An entire generation has now grown up with it and has unquestioningly accepted it as the norm. This makes those individuals who are susceptible to its influence much more vulnerable to manipulation than those of us grew up at a time when no such fetters were placed on our minds and our free expression.

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