Marti Oakley on Derry Brownfield/GCNlive

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Marti Oakley on Derry Brownfield/GCNlive

December 21, 2009 by Dan Martin | Edit

 Derry Brownfield


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Marti Oakley on:                                      

December 21, 2009            

November 30, 2009.

November 11, 2009

                                         September 2nd & 16th 2009

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Marti Oakley on Derry Brownfield/GCNlive


Derry Brownfield

Marti Oakley on November 30, 2009.




Marti is on September 2 & 16, 2009 and;  November 11, 2009.



All podcasts of Derry’s shows can be located here:

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Derry’s homepage

Monday-Friday 10:00am-11:00am Central Time Call In Number: 1-800-973-3779 This will be an open conversation covering a number of topics related to farming and ranching.


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By Derry Brownfield         
November 15, 2009

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For the past several years I have been referred to as a pessimist, a doom-and-gloomer, even unkind and trying to scare people. There are a few individuals in this nation who have read the warning signs and are better informed spokespersons than the general public, but many citizens are beginning to take notice and listening to what these realistic thinkers are saying. I certainly don’t claim to be a prophet or have any insight into the future. All I can do is study the facts, recall the past and try to determine what to expect in the future. For the past 30 years I have been studying economic history and what I have learned is totally different from what I was taught in the economics courses I took in 1949 and 1950 at the University of Missouri.

During 1982-83 I wrote an article each month for a rural electric publication. The following are the titles of a few of my manuscripts: THE QUESTION OF THE MONEY SUPPLY – WE NEED FAIR TRADE NOT FREE TRADE – WE CAN’T BUY FRIENDS – IT TAKES WORK TO CURE A RECESSION – A WORLD WITHOUT BUREAUCRATS – APATHY WEAKENS A NATION – FOREIGN LOANS PINCH BIG BANKS – DON’T TAKE FREEDOM FOR GRANTED. Nearly everything I wrote in 1982-83 came to pass, yet I was told by the editorial staff in 1983 that my articles were too controversial and my services were no longer needed. They thought I was pessimistic when I was trying to be realistic. More

Derry Brownfield: The voice in the heartland

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We send our thanks and gratitude to national radio host Derry Brownfield who pre-empted his daily show to allow us to help get the word out that Wisconsin dairy farmers needed support at the November 11, 2009, Madison Wisconsin meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee for DATCP.  

The idea that Derry was willing at a moments notice to lend his airtime and his support to Wisconsin’s battle is commendable to say the least.   

Thank you also, to all of Derry’s listeners who headed for Wisconsin to stand with the Wisconsin dairymen in this battle to preserve their rights and their property.   

hostDerry Brownfield Live


Monday thru Fridays at 10 AM CST

Go here to access:  Derry’s Homepage   

Contact: derry@derrybrownfield.com

To listen in Wisconsin:

Ladysmith   WLDY-AM 10:06 AM 1340  cst

SHORTWAVE      7.490 10.06 AM cst

Marti Oakley on Derry Brownfield radio show

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 host                          The Derry Brownfield Show


             10 a.m. CST

              Wednesday, September 16, 2009






Copy (3) of Me & Milo 013_editedMarti Oakley will be discussing a number of issues.

Marti Oakley a guest on The Derry Brownfield Show

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September 2, 2009  

The Derry Brownfield Show

Host: Derry Brownfield

Monday-Friday 10:00am-11:00am Central Time
Call In Number: 1-800-973-3779
This will be an open conversation covering a number of topics related to farming and ranching. 

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