Why They Push to “Privatize” Everything…Especially on the Federal Level


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Ever wonder why the government, that spends billions if not trillions each year on wasteful agencies and programs, then allows those agencies to become so dysfunctional, so costly they become a detriment to the public? This is an intentional plan in action with a very much desired end result. Privatization. This means, that some special, well connected “stakeholder” who will make massive amounts of money bilking the public is ready and set to go. The word stakeholder is a word used to describe those who have a vested monetary interest in profiting by any means necessary and they have bribed, bought, groomed, and pampered any elected official willing to sell you out. And bear in mind that no private interest would be remotely interested in taking over any of these services or agencies if the potential for unlimited and unregulated profits was not part of the deal.

The reason that the federal government and its agencies contract out work to private corporations; work they should be quite able to perform in and of themselves (considering this is the reason they were put in office in the first place) and the vast amount of money squandered each year, is to limit the information the public can gain access to under FOIA or other inquiries. What that private corporation will hide behind is “proprietary rights” and “trade secrets”. Unconstitutionally ceding their business, power and authority to a private corporation provides protection from prying eyes and mountains of unconstitutional and unlawful activity can be safely kept out of the public eye through privatization.

So called “deregulation” , sold to the public as necessary if the economy is to survive, is simply a means by which corporations are allowed to operate without those precious regulations, codes, laws, or other bothersome rules the rest of us are bound by. Supposedly, regulations make business too difficult for them to operate. And you saw the benefits of deregulation in 2008 when Wall Street oversaw the disappearance of millions and billions of dollars of other people’s money…money which was never recovered. The corporate world claimed that those regulations were an interference with “free trade”, and “capitalism”.

60% of all corporations PAY NO TAXES. But somehow they do receive multi-million dollar tax refunds each and every year. How does “free trade and capitalism” sound to you now? Free breaks for them and the capital flows into their accounts. All the while you, the over regulated and taxed individual fights to keep enough of your income to survive on. [2]


The morning after election: Is there a pill for this?


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Mid-term elections: America loses again

We just swapped one bunch of crooks, liars and thieves for the other bunch of crooks, liars and thieves. The country just went “red” more from embarrassment than anything else. You should be embarrassed and turning beet red from being duped yet again. 2/3 of us didn’t even bother to show up to vote. What’s the point?

fascismamerica01About last night…..

I scoured the usual lineup of cable news shows to see what the response was there to the mid-terms. At one point on MSNBC where Rachael Maddow was predictably finding humor in the elections, I wondered out loud what was wrong with this woman? According to Maddow, the elections weren’t really as bad as they seemed on the surface and we should just laugh them off. They really didn’t mean anything or at least not what we thought they did. This wasn’t really a political shellacking, it was just a rub & buff…nothing more. HaHaHa….Isn’t this funny? No, it isn’t.

The remainder of the scripted reality shows we call news on MSNBC also pandered to the “its not what you think” line. Yes it was what we think. More than that, its what we know. We just traded one old man for another old man; both of them nested up for years inside the beltway and so detached from the public that neither of them try to hide their disgust for “We the People”. We just opened the door to another neo-con assault on the nation. Pardon me for not laughing.

Faux news was ready to implode as one hack after another jubilantly reported the shellacking of America via the elections and what is nothing less than the return of the neo-cons. Already they are talking about “deregulation”.

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Truth Squad Radio: GMO Deregulation and Agenda 21


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Global economy is a global disaster

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Global economy is a global disaster


As the information rolls in regarding the actual contents and costs of the bailout of Wall Street it becomes apparent that a global economy and deregulation, lack of oversight and greed just do not make for sound economic policy.  At some point, those claiming expertise in this area will be forced to admit, globalization is a recipe for global economic disaster.  Globalization of the economies of the world is nothing less than a global disaster.  It doesn’t work, it can’t work and the only people adversely affected are the middle class and the poor.  For those at the top its been a gold mine.


While many of us jumped on the neo-con bandwagon and threw our lot in with liars and thieves, others were not so impressed.  It would seem those who bought into this “get rich quick” scheme, were those who somehow thought a momentary spike in income and/or assets were an indication of greater riches to come.  These were the people who appeared at every opportunity, in any venue possible, proclaiming that free markets were going to be the end all, be all, of the economic world.  They were many times also the same people who exhibited an hysterical form of viciousness, an outright contempt and hatred of anyone who disagreed and who spent much of their time attacking and berating their perceived foes.  Their foes would be those people who dared to challenge their claims of globalization being the way to prosperity for all.


Those I knew personally who subscribed to this pseudo financial philosophy challenged me regularly with arguments that were so worn out from overuse I could barely stand it.  Always operating from the argument that if I didn’t support globalization and free markets I must be wanting the government to give everyone a handout.  I must be a commie, a socialist, a Democrat!!!  (I’m an Independent)


I was (and am) one of those people who thought the rich should pay a regressive tax, just like the rest of us do, and not be allowed loopholes, write-offs, hedges, deferments and other carefully crafted tax tools that exempted them from paying any taxes at all.  I also believe, if we have to see our Social Security investments raided to pay the costs of operating the federal government on a day to day basis just so the massive loss of revenues from the tax cuts to upper 3% aren’t realized, something is terribly wrong.


But this is where we are:


  • The rich are in line to get the greatest government handout in history.

You are going to finance this handout.


  • Wall Street fat cats will be dining on your money.

You will see your taxes go up regardless of who becomes president to make sure these same people can dine at the best restaurants via the handout.


  • No one involved in this crime of the century will be prosecuted and many will walk away with millions of investors and our tax money. This is fascism.

1.7 million homeowner’s go into foreclosure: they will be receiving no real help in the bailout.  That would be socialism.


  • Another 159,000 lose their jobs in September, 2008.

Virtually no CEO, or high level employee of these bankrupted financial institutions will, or have been, fired or otherwise penalized.


  • Investment retirement accounts were the first targets in the collapse.

Congress could have moved immediately to freeze those assets and make them temporarily secure from plunder.  They did nothing.


  • The same companies who now demand we finance them, forcibly, are many times the same who were involved in off shoring American jobs, closing American businesses and stashing their ill gotten gains in bogus off shore accounts to avoid any personal or business taxes.

The bailout bill includes increased IRS snooping on you and me to make sure WE aren’t hiding any income.


So….all you free market advocates who thought those of us who could see this storm coming were just trying to keep you from getting rich…..how do you feel today?


Your 401K is bust, your pension plan is broke, your house is worth only about 55% of your ARM, and its’ highly likely you could find yourself out of work, out of money and living in one of those tent cities cropping up all over the country. 


Remember the good ol’ days?  Remember when America was the worlds’ leader in manufacturing and everyone bought from us?  Less than 10% of manufacturing remains and millions are out of work.  The trade deficit with China alone is killing us a container at a time.


While the job market dries up, free market promoters are still advocating an increase in H1B visa’s, and the border is still wide open with a big welcome sign on it.  In fact, we put border patrol agents in prison for attempting to secure that border.


When we all come to understand that free trade in a regulated and efficient market is not the same as a free-for-all for those who have no allegiance or loyalty to our country, those who put their money ahead of anything and everyone else we will have made progress. 


As it is, our congress has officially declared a war against the people of the United States by virtue of voting in favor of financing the continuation of the same practices and people who are destroying us.  And to top it off……they’re going to make us pay for our own destruction.  Only in America!


© 2008 Marti Oakley


Nationalizing the losses…Privatizing the profits

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Here we sit like the proverbial ducks waiting to be picked off by a government so totally involved in the current fraud and financial meltdown that its first order of business is to try and figure out a way to shift the blame.  How is it that Bernanke didn’t know, Paulson didn’t know, the SEC didn’t know, the House and Senate finance committees didn’t know…in fact no one that should have known seemed to be sounding the alarm that things were going very wrong in this so-called free market?  How could none of these people have known this would happen?  Everyone out here in taxpayer land who was paying any attention at all knew that this day would come.


After more than twenty years of hearing how supply side economics, trickle down economics, free markets and unregulated free trade were going to produce a booming economy, we see that the only thing that exploded was the financial markets.  Wall Street, gigantic mortgage and insurance companies all imploding under the weight of corruption, executive abuse, and less than ethical business practices has finally succumbed to its own misbegotten theories on economics. 


While free trade and no oversight and even less regulation may have looked good on paper, not one of those economic theorists gave a moments thought to the greed, the elitism and the inevitable downward spiral brought on by individuals easily consumed by corruption which is exactly what no oversight and deregulation brings on.  The fact of the matter is, that without effective oversight and regulations these individuals who operated these companies did the inevitable.   In this case there will be no punishment of any consequence.


And here is how supply side, free market economics trickle down for us on the receiving end of these policies.


  • Not one CEO who cooked the books, or who failed to file necessary corporate statements in the last five years will be forced to forfeit the millions in unearned executive bonuses, perks and pay. (Some surpassing the 90million mark)


  • Not one company or corporation will be held liable or accountable for its corruption and mismanagement.


  • US taxpayers will be assuming the burden of bad debt…. NO ONE buys bad debt except a fool.


  • Our taxes will explode regardless of who takes the presidency as a result of what has happened in the last few weeks.


  • The wealthiest 3% will still enjoy their special no-tax to speak of plan, while the rest of us labor under a tax burden so huge we can never pay it off. 


I find it odd that the greatest promoters of this great American giveaway known as free market capitalism have been quite silent this last week.  Those champions of anything to make a buck no matter who gets hurt in the process seem to have gone mute.


I found myself wondering where were, they?  Why weren’t they out there shooting off their mouths about letting the market work? Why weren’t they advocating loud and clear these financial institutions should be allowed to fail?  Isn’t that what happens in free market capitalism without oversight and regulation?  Apparently not.  Obviously the only time these free market capitalists want no interference is when they are making a huge profit.  When they are losing their collective asses they run to their buddies in our government and shift their losses to us. 


Why are we being forced to nationalize the losses incurred by privately owned

corporations that privatized their created profits?


I don’t buy the argument that it would destabilize markets around the world.  All that means to me is that the selling off of America is far greater than we are lead to believe and our debt being carried by countries such as China is so huge that not bailing out these companies would expose the extent of that debt.


Its time for all those who still cling to this unregulated free market theory admit that it has done nothing but destroy our economy, devastated the middle class, and brought us to the brink of financial ruin. 


Personally, I believe the assets of all the party’s involved should be seized and the proceeds used to shore up these companies if that actually needs to be done.  Then all the house and senate members who are putting this bailout plan together should forfeit their salaries and any other assets of value for the same purpose.  I also believe that the massive fortunes of the Bush family, and the Cheney’s should be seized and used to offset this monstrous debt; after all they were two of the greatest promoters of free market capitalism and both profited immeasurably from it while American families lost their jobs and their homes.


There are lots of places these people could go to get the financing needed to bail out these companies.  The only reason we are being saddled with it, is because we are the easiest marks.


© 2008 Marti Oakley


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