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33005_1thmWhen it comes to women and their Second Amendment Rights, I believe that the Democrat-Socialist Gun Control advocates on the Left really believe in the theory that a young woman found raped and murdered in an alley or in the parking lot of some college campus that is a ‘Gun Free Zone’ is somehow morally superior to a self-sufficient, Independent American Woman who tells the police how and why she fatally shot her attacker with her licensed handgun.

The photo included in this article is of some of the 500 to 600 women who showed up on February 28, 2013 at the Pro-Second Amendment Rally in Albany, New York where 12,000 patriots attended. The photo is courtesy of JoAnn Schneider and the photo op was arranged by Sheryl Thomas, founder of “Women for the Second Amendment” (W2A).

American Women are the fastest-growing demographic among gun owners in the United States. Between 2005 and 2013, the percentage of women in America owning a firearm jumped from 13% to 23%, and more and more women are undergoing training in their use and demanding their Second Amendment rights for personal protection. You would think that the Democrat-Socialist politicians, who always talk about their party being the party for woman’s rights, would be concerned about the effect many of these new Gun Control laws will have on the safety of women throughout the country. More