Proposed Collection of Information on Wild Horses & Burros; BLM Requests Comments


The BLM is now planning to do a “knowledge and values study” on wild horses & burros using focus groups.  The focus groups are to include the usual special interest groups (the same ones that are so vocal against wild horses & burros on the BLM Resource Advisory Councils/RACs).

Most of us aren’t perusing the Federal Register on a daily basis, but an advocate alerted us to the notice below.  We should all ask WHO will APPOINT/SELECT the people who will take part in these focus groups.  The BLM proposes to have “guides” (a prepared agenda) for the groups, presumably to limit the topics you can talk about.  The questions/discussions will then likely be designed to lead you to whatever predetermined outcome the BLM wants.  Read HERE about the BLM and use of the Delphi Technique.

This is not free speech.  Will the topics include the delay of the issuance of the investigation report of the 1,700 wild horses Tom Davis bought?  Will the focus groups be updated on the current number of deaths of wild horses at the BLM’s Scott City, Kansas feedlot?  Will the participants be able to review any vet reports or necropsy reports from the Scott City feedlot?

This undemocratic process seems to be a way for the BLM to feign interest in listening to the public,  while in reality, it continues its efforts to contrive what could seem to the public to be some sort of a consensus.

I wonder if the BLM will ever have focus groups or advisory councils on wild horse & burro issues that are composed ONLY of real wild horse & burro advocates, who all care about the welfare of the wild horses and burros (instead of special interest “stakeholders” who focus on how to get rid of them).  The comment period for this proposed focus group farce ends May 11, 2015.  This is destined to be another unscientific “study” as the BLM continues to operate like a dog chasing its tail.  –  Debbie Coffey

This document has a comment period that ends in 58 days (05/11/2015) How To Comment


California manipulates State Wildlife Action Plan Scoping Meetings

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new-logo25 Heather Gass


Attention!!! Mark your calendars to attend these rigged meetings. We need to show up at these meetings to oppose their plans to control all the land in California!!! This is part of the California Wildlands project and Bay Area Priority Conservation Areas. We need to shut these people down!!!  YOUR private property rights are at stake!!! I will be going to the Oakland/SF meeting in San Leandro, but we need people all over the state to attend!!! They are in the infant stages of planning us out of our private property rights. Now is the time to engage and expose this fraud.  If you are going to attend the San Leandro meeting with me let me know. More

Fredinburg Interviews Heather Gass – Defeating the Delphi Technique


Have you been a victim of the Delphi Technique?  Controlled public meetings where the public is prohibited from speaking?  How about being divided up into groups and directed to [stations] where trained facilitators control the dialogue?  Have you been called names?  Screamed at by shills planted in the audience?  Do you know what an ADD meeting is?  Its an “already done deal”.  They made their decisions before you got there.

These and many other techniques are used to prevent the public from expressing its true opinion.   Listen to Heather Gass explain what the Delphi Technique is, and how it is used to control YOU.

Roger Fredinburg’s 3-14-2012 interview with Heather Gass of the East Bay Tea Party about how to disrupt the psychology of the Delphi Technique used by the facilitator to control public input at meetings promoting the sustainable development goals of the UN Agenda 21 agreement signed by George H.W. Bush at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.
Heather’s website is:   http://www.theeastbayteaparty.com/greentyranny/greentyranny.html

Roger’s websites are:  http://www.regularguy.com/   http://www.hohumproductions.com/     and the Holocaust Series website  http://www.wemustremember.weebly.com/

Washington State complied with the Earth Summit / UN Agenda 21 goals by passing  the “Growth Management Act” land use legislation in the early 1990s.  In alliance with the Washington Planning Association, the State Dept of Commerce provides an online course for professional and aspiring facilitator’s:  “Citizen Participation and the Public Process” http://www.commerce.wa.gov/DesktopModules/CTEDPublications/CTEDPublicationsVi…

Agenda 21 attack on property rights: California ONE BAY AREA


Marti Oakley

Did you know that if you oppose Agenda 21 stack & pack housing, the loss of private property rights, and if you think that forcing the population into sequestered high density population centers and limiting your right to travel freely….you must be Tea Party’er. Apparently, this is a bad, bad thing according to some.

Even if you attend and oppose this UN agenda implementation, and are not affiliated with the Tea Party, you must be a rabble rouser of some kind.  It couldn’t possibly be that you understand what is actually happening and object.

The biggest problem the public faces in these rigged meetings, is that the meetings are ADD meetings.  Already Done Deals.

Each of these meetings is filled with Agenda 21 supporters who shill for the meeting leaders.  You aren’t supposed to know that the “public” sector of these meetings is chock full of these shills in an effort to try and make it appear that the public overwhelmingly supports the efforts to establish ONE BAY AREA…a new United Nations region.

In what has to be the largest series of public meetings in various towns and counties in California, residents are again Delphi’d as they are divided into groups headed by facilitators of Delphi control techniques and herded into “stations”. “Stations” is the new buzzword for breaking the public group into smaller more manageable groups sequestered in individual rooms.  This makes the job of the facilitator in steering the group towards predetermined “solutions” while at the same time convincing the group that it was their idea, far easier.

Transportation is one of the pivotal points in establishing stack & pack housing under UN Agenda 21  and limiting freedom to travel is key.  About 51:51 minutes into this  fiasco, we are treated to the visual aids in the transportation station.  Please note in the first video the subliminal graphics at this juncture.  The graphic shows two hands: one holding a gas pump and the other a map of the world.  Did you get the message?

It gets even more nauseating as these rigged meetings progress.

Every effort is made to intimidate the public including having attendees stalked by police..  Time limits on speaking to make sure no one gets to say too much in opposition.  Forcing those who wish to speak to sign up…….they want these people identified.

The transportation commission has unilaterally made the decision to move ahead with ONE BAY AREA affecting 9 million people.




Rosa Koire/PPJ Contributor

Rosa Koire, ASA
 Executive Director
 Post Sustainability Institute

This is a follow-up to this article:



I thought you might like to see what we did here in Santa Rosa, CA, to block UN Agenda 21. ONE BAY AREA is a plan (they’re calling it YOUR Plan!) to regionalize the SF Bay Area and dissolve the city, county, and state boundaries. The consultant is holding Delphi meetings all
over the Bay Area to get buy-in for the plan. We were there with our partners in freedom: Heather Gass and the East Bay Tea Party, Orlean Koehle and her crew, the Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, property rights activists, and many others.

Here are our flyers:                                                    



This meeting is designed to manipulate and direct public opinion to approve the One Bay Area Plan. The Delphi Method is being used to create the illusion that this is your plan and that you have some part in crafting the outcome. This is a technique developed by the RAND Corporation in the 1960’s which is used by meeting facilitators to block opposition and discard opinions that do not support their plan. This propaganda method uses peer pressure to shame and silence you.

ONE BAY AREA is being used to regionalize the SF Bay Area and erase the city, county, and ultimately, State boundaries. Your transportation tax dollars will be used to build apartments and condos in designated areas of your city—and nowhere else. Your money will be directed to favored developers building stack and pack housing. 

You are losing the ability to direct your elected officials through this plan to destroy local representation.

This is happening across the US. There are now 11 Mega Regions designed to replace States.  Northern California is one of the Mega Regions (it includes part of Nevada), with over 48,000 square miles and 15 million residents.

 ONE BAY AREA is UN Agenda 21

 Reverse side of flyer:





 Meetings of public bodies must be ‘open and public,’ actions may not be secret, and action taken in violation of open meeting laws may be voided. (Section 54953(a), 54953(c), 54960.1(d)


USDA employing Delphi Technique: Prepare to be Delphi’d!


 I have concluded the USDA and its henchmen really do believe we are all stupid.  I have come to this conclusion after months of reading the misinformation, the disinformation and the outright lies the USDA has put forward in an attempt to force the implementation of the National Animal Identification system and the companion land grabbing piece, Premises ID. 

Maybe Tom Vilsack and those conducting these bogus listening sessions believed no one would take the time to actually read, research or comprehend the intent of these bills.  Its possible Vilsack & Team USDA figured if congress didn’t read the bills, we probably wouldn’t either.  Wrong!

As every state in the Union mounts a campaign to halt the implementation of any of these international agreements and Codex Alimentarius mandates, rules and regulations, USDA was forced to conduct a “listening” tour.  Of course…..there was never any real intent to listen to anything.  These are staged meetings where control of the crowd, content of the dialogue, is all determined before hand.  At least that’s what USDA team leaders thought would happen.


I believe it must come something of a surprise to find out not only did we read the bills, we printed them off…went over them line by line and realized NAIS, Premises ID and the fake food safety bills were nothing less than a coup meant to destroy and overtake the agricultural system in the US, replacing it with corporate industrialized farming and concentrated animal operations.  We aren’t about to let that happen.

As with any unelected bureaucracy, USDA decided all on its own that NAIS, Premises ID was a done deal.  Oh! The arrogance of these little agency dictators in waiting

To make sure (they thought) they could limit the commenting, limit the statements and prevent most of the audience from participating at all the USDA employs the Delphi Technique.  This is the technique of dividing and conquering.  Simply put, every one who attended the Harrisburg meeting was handed a folder with a colored dot on it.  When the break-out sessions started……anyone attending was more than likely separated from those they came with and sent to a room with a corresponding color coding. 

The break-out sessions are nothing more than the Delphi Technique revisited and a means to divide the attendees and diffuse the conversation.  Who ever might be in opposition to the conclusions, policies, or programs the facilitator is advancing is quickly singled out and actively shunned. 

The biggest goal of the facilitator is for him/her to be perceived as part of the group.  Once this is done, the facilitator asks for ideas and opinions, leading the group carefully to the pre-determined conclusions and leaving them believing it was all their idea.  Only it didn’t work this time.  The farmers and ranchers, the cattlemen and horse people stood their ground.  The only people shunned and shut out of the meetings were the facilitators. 

It would seem we are not all quite as stupid as the USDA wants to believe we are.  We don’t need or want NAIS or Premises ID.  And we will not stop until this horrible program is done away with altogether.  Then on to the fake food safety bills!

Grab your butt Mr. Vilsack…its on!

© 2009 Marti Oakley

Never anticipating the monumental backlash, Rep. Collin Peterson (D) from Minnesota declared after the March 11, 2009 Agriculture hearing that he intended to see that NAIS was fully implemented by the end of the year.  As I am from Peterson’s district in Minnesota I would like to declare that I intend to see him fully recalled from office at the same time, if it is passed.

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