new-logo25Opinion by Doug Kinan – October 2, 2016


“In one of the most sensational decisions in Massachusetts court history these three judges have declared that it is perfectly okay for a person to file a motion in court as a litigant’s lawyer when she was not the litigant’s lawyer at all.”


In my five decades of advocating, developing and implementing equal opportunity employment programs, one in which I fought at the risk of losing my own job, for the right of black employees to be gainfully employed in non-traditional positions other than sky caps, cleaners and polishers, I never imagined that some blacks would so totally turn their backs on the very same laws that helped them advance.

lionIn fact, I did lose my job at the DOD, Defense Contract Management Agency – East, (DCMAE) because I was required to engage in frame-ups, promotion fixing, signing fraudulent promotional certifications and discriminate and retaliate against black employees to cheat many of them out of merit-based promotions.

Time marches on. According to public pleadings, a Judge in Massachusetts Superior Court by the name of Angel Kelley Brown, a Judge in Massachusetts Superior Court by the name of Garry Inge and a Justice on the Supreme Judicial by the name of Geraldine Hines all have consciously defied the same United States Constitution they took an oath to uphold. And all three judges have knowingly and officially defied the rulings of the United States Supreme Court as well. And all three judges are African-American. More