“In Zanesville, Ohio, Sec. Vilsack held a political meeting and allowed questions. He was asked, “With over 90% of livestock producers opposed to NAIS in the listening sessions, how large would the percentage have to be to abandon the whole thing?” Answer political mumble, mumble……… Could it be 95% for ADT? Send in your opposition today and encourage others to quickly comment. Thanks for helping protect the US cattle producer from useless enforcements.”


On February 5, 2010, USDA Sec. of Agriculture Tom Vilsack announced that the opposition was so great, the ill-fated NAIS brain child of the US government was now ended. The cost, complications, record keeping time, and potential enforcement fines made the whole thing stink to ranchers of the USA. In listening sessions held to “hear the voice of the people” it had unearthed over 90% opposition to NAIS from cattle people.
For a period of time February, ranchers relaxed. Many were still skeptical, and rightfully so.
The battle was extremely lopsided. USDA had millions of dollars of taxpayer money — over $140 million to be precise — to develop and promote NAIS and to persuade state departments of agriculture and cattle industry trade associations to recruit as many independent cattle producers as possible into the unwanted NAIS program.
To not labor-on with this continuing burden of government versus people, NAIS is back, now called Animal Disease Traceability (ADT) and with the same diminutive text – government gobbledygook. With more federal and state veterinarians than any time in history and less livestock disease — those hired to terminate disease, have minimal disease to terminate. Cattle numbers are reducing and government employees are increasing.
The other talking point for ADT is US exports. Well, go jump in the lake! The USA hasn’t produced enough beef to feed the nation in 40 years and the amount being produced is declining. Yet, as the USA imported 16% of their beef last year, ADT, somehow needs to become mandatory to increase exports. It doesn’t take a Bernie Madoff to find a chuckle in that concept. More

NAIS~~~ Mother Of All Ag Bribes

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National Assn. of Farm Animal Welfare~~

by Darol Dickinson, www.naisSTINKS.com   3/21/09

Attached is the USDA spread sheet for NAIS bribes—- sanitized as [cooperative agreements].

These are the funds received by tribes, states, government employees and companies who promise to enroll properties for USDA. Listed is only a scintilla of the cost. Every veterinarian, county extension agent, and ASCS office employee has been coerced to distribute NAIS literature and “speak kindly” about enrolling. The real cost is well above published data required by law. There are millions being spent monthly. Check it out at:



The National Pork Board got their trough filled with $800,000. That is why USDA tapped them for the emphatic NAIS report to the Subcommittee hearing March 11. The hogs are bought. In the funeral business these are called “rental pallbearers.” (Not about friendships, just money for the moment.)

FFA got $359,995 to sign up their kids before they could show at fairs. The hesitant children who refuse are considered rebels and malcontents.

American Angus Assn got $594,585 to hammer the horns off their members.

They also used the $$ to hammer enrollments from non AAA member Angus clients of AAA members who did not surrender to NAIS.

The Holstein Assn made a bold strong testimony at the hearing. They stuck $1,754,428 in the milk bucket so they were glad to brag about NAIS before Congress. Their milk drinking political wing National Milk Producers Assn stuck $1,027,000 in the milk tank from USDA. That is why dairies were forced to enroll property or they could not sell their milk. They closed down numerous Amish dairies with this dirty heartless trick.

Notice the Indian tribes are the most numerous to have coins placed in their teepees? The tribal leaders cut the deals with USDA and automatically listed tribe members who had livestock. The numbers are jumbled together so you can’t locate the total Indian enrollments. (Some Indian tribes have tribal managed herds so every tribe member receives a percentage of the income. This would let every tribe member unknowingly enroll in NAIS.)

USDA gets to collect and govern the Beef Checkoff millions. The state groups and numerous hands that get these $$$ all promote NAIS. They all love NAIS?

The Beef Checkoff should not be collected and managed by USDA? USDA has habitual holes in their bucket.

Massachusetts has a 227% property sign up. The Ag Census reports that the US has over 3,910,022 farms that qualify to enroll in mandatory NAIS. USDA says there are 1.4 million. Therefore, when they get 100% sign-up there will be another 200% left freely roaming the barn yard.

By real numbers they have 9.7% signed up now, not 35% as USDA falsely, under oath, told Congress. If you removed the Indian “bribe” enrollments the USDA has about 4% of the US properties “volunteered.” How sad the USDA has become? Every one should be so ashamed of this expensive dismal branch of the government.

Bribery is not always frugal when spending other people’s money. In fact this project has wasted truck loads of tax money. The cost per person enrolled for NAIS property is a putrid fact.

The sickest is Rhode Island with an expenditure of $169,520 and only 15 people surrendered.

Alaskan farmers cost $3,083 each.

California $708.  

Connecticut $1,994.  

Hawaii $1,085.  

Montana $1,452.

New Mexico $695.  

Wyoming $1,119.  

Vermont $5,776.

Those who spend other’s money, in the case of NAIS, have had amateur supervision from USDA with the appearance of no remorse.

The Washington DC wealth distributors have given USDA a $138,000,000 property sign up budget and more is on the way. As the spread sheet shows, some $40 million is concealed. As a fungible issue this may involve homes in the islands, company planes or “ladies of the night.”

We live in a day that bribes, campaign donations, and cooperative agreements are highly respected in nearly every association, tribe and government office.

USDA uses subject’s tax money to bribe universities and USDA outlets to demand specific performances. Few government offices have the courage to refuse a nice sweet bribe regardless of the smell of Machiavellianizm.

NAIS is the farm issue of the hour. USDA has been to the vault to drink the Kool-Aid. You, the enforced ones, call your enforcers and remind them —- an election is coming.

Don’t fund one penny to NAIS!! Stop this scam now!!

For more info






Sickened by the flawed information presented by the USDA

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March 16, 2009

To The Honorable David Scott

Chairman, House Committee on Agriculture

Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry

1301 Longworth House Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C. 20515-6001


Wednesday I listened with attentiveness to the “Public Hearing” on NAIS. I respectfully was sickened by the flawed information presented by the USDA to members of the committee. I was equally nauseated by the choice of “briefers” USDA had chosen to inform members of the Senate and Congress about NAIS prior to the hearing. Please share these points with your associates who are being coerced to make a decision on NAIS that will adversely affect livestock producers from the smallest up to the largest operations for the rest of our lives.


1) NAIS proposes 48 hour trace back; it would not change food safety. Every human sickness from meat products is caused by incorrect processing, which are stamped and approved by USDA inspectors. Nothing before slaughter is detrimental to human health. The proposed NAIS ends before slaughter.


2) USDA presented NAIS as an important issue that must be dealt with promptly. That is not true. There is no urgency, no need, no rush and no value.


3) At this time the USA has the most disease free livestock in the world and the safest food. The system used by the once dedicated USDA has and will safely serve the nation. It is not out dated as you were falsely told. US private enterprise herd health is the professional example to the world.


4) As per written testimony presented to you by Dr. Thornsberry, 47 states do not have a recorded case of any reportable livestock disease at this time. This is the lowest disease of record since Washington Prayed at Valley Forge. The current disease issue is minuscule. Future unknown disease will be even less, contrary to what you were told.


5) The only reportable disease is in Michigan, Minnesota and Yellow Stone. All are a result of government wildlife spreading disease to domestic livestock. Nothing in NAIS forces the government to comply with NAIS. Until the states and the federal government deal with their own disease it is a scam to force expensive unnecessary compliance on the private sector.


6) The USDA has briefed your elected leaders with “flawed data.” You were told that 35% of the livestock property owners have voluntarily enrolled in NAIS. The USDA was not correct. They have reduced their own 2007 census numbers of farms by 2,500,000 farms to impress you to believe they are succeeding in enrollments. Check it yourself, or I can tell you who to call at NASS to get honest data. The real NAIS number is less than 10% enrollment. It has been the most expensive enrollment of private property in world history.


7) The reason NAIS property enrollment is zip, livestock people don’t trust USDA or the

government. We are scared of you. You have us scared to death with talk of mandatory NAIS!!


8) Our elected officials are surrounded by people who don’t understand the livestock business. There are 3,000,000 livestock producers in the US who can tell you why they have not signed up for NAIS. Only 2 were allowed to testify last Wednesday.


9) You have been told the US must comply with World Trade Treaties to export livestock. You have been told exporting is imperative for good cattle prices in the US. You have not been told that beef, like oil, must be imported to feed the nation. The US is a net beef import nation and has not for dozens of years produced enough beef to feed the nation. USDA has not told you the truth! Call NASS and get the true data. USDA should use correct data!


10) The one time cost of NAIS compliance as proposed, will be over $30 per animal for a herd of 50 animals. USDA has given you false costs per animal using amortization rates for hundreds of units which represents only the nation’s few largest producers.


11) Due to the low profit margin, high cost of farm land, increasing competition with government for farm labor and vicious property taxes, nearly 2000 ranches are going out of business per month and have for dozens of years.


12) NAIS, as proposed will take the total income from the average farm for livestock

production—take it all. USDA has given you flawed information as to the positive things of NAIS and not told you the negatives. Either they don’t know or don’t care that NAIS will devastate the economics of agriculture in the US.


13) Disease has been vilified by USDA to scare elected officials. All livestock producers deal with disease in many forms and know how to handle it without government assistance. We already successfully do this.


14) You have been told that Hoof and Mouth disease would devastate the nation’s beef business. That is flawed data. Hoof and Mouth does not affect people and does not destroy cattle. It is a skin disease and the meat from H & M positive cattle is consumable and would pass USDA meat inspection.


15) If disease is as serious as USDA alleges, why don’t they invest in vaccines for prevention, instead of a costly 48 hour trace back? Answer, USDA leaders don’t understand the livestock business. Never has an ear tag stopped any infection.


16) USDA has underestimated the magnitude of NAIS clerical cost in relation to value received. The US census provides numbers to indicate over 2.3 billion critters in the US would require NAIS compliance.


17) Reliable data indicates the average bovine in the normal course of commerce has 8 owners during their earthly intact existence. NAIS would require a computer entry for each owner movement or transfer. Within 3 years the US NAIS numbers would more than equal the census of the earth’s human population. This breadth of costs does not justify the value.


18) USDA has failed to brief elected leaders that all states currently have animal transport laws in place with stringent penalties. No animal can cross any state line without a USDA certified veterinarian certificate and visual inspection paid for by the animal owner. All interstate transit is documented now. The owner, state of entry and state of departure are required by USDA to receive originals of this certificate. NAIS would be redundant and add to already existing enforcements.


19) USDA has briefed law makers of their fear of commingling as a disease transmittal explosion. From the earliest history of the nation livestock commingling events like rodeos, horse races and state fairs have not caused a problem due to health inspection rules by certified USDA veterinarians. These enforcements are now in place that have served the nation perfectly well.


20) USDA briefings have disregarded the great commitment private enterprise has contributed by scientifically providing vaccinations and health medications to deal with disease. These vaccines are more available in the US than any country in the world, therefore enabling livestock owners to maintain herds in excellent health without government assistance.


21) USDA has failed to brief law makers that the US is blessed with the most professional veterinarians of any country. All livestock disease is promptly identified on a local personal basis. USDA requires licensed veterinarians to report all diseases immediately to state USDA authorities. It is overkill to add to this current working system.


21) USDA will enforce NAIS with barbaric IES tactics. The recent combative raids on farms with fines proposed up to $500,000 have livestock producers trembling. The USDA’s IES has no valid oversight and no limit for their draconian enforcement. Gestapo tactics is a nice word for IES vicious conduct.


22) A June 2008 independent poll by Western Horseman magazine recorded thousands of online votes with 93.3% of livestock producers opposed to NAIS. This is why it has cost millions for USDA to get volunteer enrollment. Livestock producers don’t want anything to do with NAIS.


23) Testimony to your committee from a person outside the US indicated the burden on producers had not caused people to go broke. Michigan, a NAIS mandatory state fines people $5000 for not enrolling property. Farmers are liquidating Michigan land and moving to non mandatory NAIS states. One farm family moved to Belize to escape USDA assault. Thousands of Michigan farms are for sale this minute. People do not know where to escape to!


24) USDA has presented flawed testimony with quasi concern for animal health, safe food and export. USDA is concerned only with federal funding, USDA budget expansion, and USDA salary increases.


25) A prominent Ag Journalist wrote that if NAIS becomes mandatory the main USDA budget item will be incarceration and prison construction to contain all the farmers who refuse NAIS surrender.


Please share this information with your voting associates. I am available to substantiate all of the above information. Please do not destroy us with mandatory NAIS.


Darol Dickinson, 35000 Muskrat, Barnesville, Ohio USA, 740 758 5050


House Committee on Agriculture~~Public Hearing…..minus the public of course!


 House Committee on Agriculture~~Public Hearing. 

Darol Dickinson~~reporting
Wednesday, March 11, 2009, Longworth House Office Bldg.
Re: To review animal identification systems

Washington DC—at 10:00 AM the first public hearing was held on USDA’s proposed NAIS animal numbering and enforcement plan. Numerous organizations were frustrated that no public forum was provided in the last six years to approach elected officials concerning this polarizing strategy. Livestock producers all over the US were excited about this opportunity to present opposition to NAIS.  Recent polls have revealed that over 90% of livestock owners, if given a choice, would not enroll property in NAIS. 
For starters, USDA organized the format with eight approved speakers who were required to submit a written text prior to their presentation. 


Dr. John Clifford, Deputy Administrator, APHIS was given the floor with unlimited dialog time to explain the imperative nature of NAIS.  Committee members not familiar with livestock were provided written questions to ask Clifford. He is an employee of USDA and his job approval has to do with selling NAIS. He alleged the cost of NAIS would be as little as a half cent per cow.  He also alleged volunteer NAIS property enrollment was 35% of the US livestock producers and later a different sworn testimony stated sign up was as small at 9% in some states. (Nationally NAIS enrollment is under 10% when accurate numbers are calculated.)


Bill Nutt, of Georgia Cattleman’s Assn testified that the current numbering systems used by livestock owners were totally adaquate for all animal ID.  NAIS enforements were not necessary. (5 minutes allowed)


Dr. R.M. (Max) Thornsberry DVM, President of R-Calf, written testamony attached. He stated NAIS was not necessary, not wanted by the majority of livestock producers and the proposed plan would not make meat food safer. (allowed 5 minutes)


Three other individuals testified for NAIS who were licensed by USDA, under the authority or had been given grant money by USDA.


Dr. Rob Williams of Australia testified how the Australian animal ID system worked well.  He did not state that in Australia livestock breeders dislike the cost of their NLIS system because they can not compete in the world market with countries who don’t force a numbering compliance.  NLIS is considered by producers in Australia to be detrimental to world competitive trade for Australia. Australia has a 100% numbering scheme and their beef is the second lowest priced on the world market.


Kerry St. Cyr of Canada Cattle Identification Agency is employed by the Canadian numbering scheme and his salary depends on it’s continuation.  Canada also can compete against US meat products better if US has the cost burden of NAIS.


To House Subcommittee on Livestock: from Darol Dickenson

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To House Subcommittee on Livestock:

At this time we are begging all elected leaders to help in the struggle of our life to keep federal government enforcements and regulations from destroying my grand children’s inheritance. The USDA’s panacea NAIS has grown from a bad idea to pandemic proportions, threatening the livelihood of every livestock producer in the USA. Here are some points for your consideration.

NAIS has been promoted by USDA employees as absolutely essential for US agriculture exports. Not true—the US has not produced enough beef to feed the nation in dozens of years. If not a pound of beef was exported, it would be fine to all livestock producers and no loss would be involved.

NAIS has been promoted for safe food. Not true—All the diseases USDA quotes as being horrible and dastardly is of no effect on healthy meat product. Cattle diseases of Scabies, Mad Cow, Hoof & Mouth, TB, Bangs, and Johne’s are safe for consumption. No USDA inspectors condemn meat with these diseases. These are mostly skin problems or do not effect meat for human food with proper processing.

NAIS is said to be free. Not true—Kansas State data proves that a herd of 50 cattle would cost $30 each for tags, computer equipment, readers, etc. The labor and cost per animal is more than the Cattle Fax data for the average profit for a market age steer calf. Financially it will take all the profit from the cow calf business for every commercial rancher. For smaller animals it will kill those people off even faster.

NAIS is said to be developed by veterinarians, educators and animal health people who know the needs of the nation. Not true—It was developed by European bureaucrats with intentions of destroying the livestock industry in the USA and the US negotiators are not experienced in agriculture well enough to know the difference. Not only that, USDA will not listen to farm and ranch do-it-in-the-dirt people who have valid experience.

NAIS is said to be a fast way for USDA to eliminate disease. Not true—the most expensive disease in the US is Johne’s disease that costs dairy people over $200 million annually. The USDA doesn’t want to eliminate disease or they would not have reduced research funding on Johne’s and would place a priority to develop a vaccine and one effective test to determine Johne’s disease. Horrible failure by USDA.

Please help US agriculture to survive bureaucratic flawed thought. It is life or death and we have some people in high paying jobs that are killing us and won’t even answer their phone when I call them. Any assistance you can provide is wonderful to end funding to NAIS–end all mandatory enforcements in all states and end all efforts to demand compliance in the USA.

Attached is an assorted group of articles with detailed info on opposing NAIS.

Thank you, Darol Dickinson, Barnesville, Ohio 43713, ph 740 758 5050.



NAIS Tool Kit Index from www.naisSTINKS.com

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Below is the index for the NAIS Toolkit……….Get this kit……get informed and make a difference.  Use the link provided to access the entire PDF document.  It can be downloaded and printed off. 


http://www.naisstinks.com/flyers/Tool_Kit.pdf  (page 1 is blank)


The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has deteriorated down to the most feared livestock enforcement tax program to ever be conceived in Washington. To assist livestock owners with information on self defense, the site www.naisSTINKS.comwas developed. Select articles from this site are correlated into an online printable form. These articles detail a few of the grossly negative, pernicious, profit destructive components, and deceptions of NAIS. It may be printed in file form for handouts. God’s speed as you join this most serous battle to accost our devious enemy, our very own government!


NAIS: The Basics Page 1 — The Basics of NAIS defined — by Judith McGeary – Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance


The Softening Page 2 — In preparation to peddle NAIS the nation must be scared with fear and trembling that there are diseases known and unknown that justify a multi billion dollar defensive. All livestock may die over night if USDA does not use NAIS as a tool. Wolf, Wolf, Wolf!


Western Horseman’s Poll on NAIS Page 3 — The only poll conducted to identify real opinions of livestock producers. Result 2.9% think NAIS is a great idea. Opposed was 93.3%. —A.J. Mangum


Dishonest Briefings Presented by USDA Page 4 — The US census data compares USDA Congressional briefings. False data by over 2,000,000.


NAIS: Not About Disease At All! Page 5 — USDA says NAIS is about disease trace back. False, it has nothing to do with serious diseases that face livestock.


NAIS: The Great Scam Page 7 — Details of what NAIS premises involves with land titles, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund —Derry Brownfield


NAIS: Cost of Compliance Page 10 — A 10 cow farm will cost $139 per animal for a first time entry cost. Each show, sale, pasture movement will cost additional. —Beef Stocker USA


Conversation with Darol Dickinson Page 11 — An interview published in Ohio’s Country Journal. A thumb nail Q & A on NAIS. Details of NAIS toxicity. —Ohio Country Journal


NAIS: Not About Safe Food Page 12 — The meat from nearly all diseased beef is safe to eat because these “feared” diseases are mostly skin related and not transferred to people. USDA inspection is the main problem with food safety. — Henry Lamb


NAIS: Not about Beef Export Page 13 — The US has imported an annual average of twice the amount of beef exported. For every million pounds of exported US beef, that same amount must be imported back to feed the nation. There is zero profit to the cattle producer to export a single pound of beef and no federal funds are needed to promote beef exports. It is all a wasted scam!!


NLIS: Disaster ID in Australia Page 15 — USDA would be wise to consider the flaws of the Australian ID system. It has failed completely with a running tab of $350 million, lost. Australian producers want to end the program which is a zero value fortheir beef export sales. —Australian Beef Association


NAIS: Farmers Treated Like Sex Offenders Page 16 — Should a child’s pony have the same federal surveillance as a convicted sex offender? —Henry Lamb


NAIS: Opting Out Page 17 — It may be easy to catch a bear, but near impossible to get loose from him—so is NAIS. Here is the escape form to help those who were deceived into surrendering and desperately want OUT! —Liberty Ark Coalition


NAIS: The Forth Component, Enforcement Page 19 — For every lowered speed limit on a down hill run, a radar trap is nearby. The terror of NAIS is fines, penalties, licenses fees, and prison time. Projected fines can cost the ranch.


NAIS: Why Become an Activist? Page 21 — Those who surrender lose all. To oppose NAIS is the farm, the estate, the plantation, the future of US food. Oppose NAIS with all your heart!!



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From: NAFAWNAIS Stinks Website
March 7, 2009
Contact: Darol Dickinson, 740 758 5050
Barnesville, Ohio USA



Email This Post Email This Post

The NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT is on line, and immediately printable in full color. This information is easy to forward, assisting livestock producers world wide to defend their assets and family farms from invasive government enforcements. Michelle Reid sums it up, “We’re out here branding cattle, worrying about our best horse going blind, when all of a sudden the USDA is working at mach speed filling our saddle bags with heavy NAIS rocks.”

The NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT contains quotes and information from trustworthy journalists, real cattle producers, reliable attorneys, and USDA employees. Research starts with the Basics by attorney Judith McGeary, then NAIS Western Horseman polling data, documentation of the USDA conspiracy to “sell” NAIS, and the deceptive international political entanglements. It documents cost analysis, flawed thought that was conceived either from a desire to destroy the livestock industry or just plain ignorance of food production, animal health and food safety. Producers are totally mystified why NAIS is promoted by USDA with proposed budgets up to $400,000,000 to “make every livestock producer comply.”

Print the KIT and be well informed. Inform everyone. Inform government employees who have never considered the pain and distress they will inflict on livestock owners if NAIS is fully enforced. Share the KIT with veterinarians and county extension agents. For printing go to www.naisSTINKS.com and touch NAIS TOOLKIT. Print PDF and select a 2-sided print text.

A valuable chapter is provided by the Australian Beef Association, chairman Brad Bellinger. It clearly documents the giant $350,000,000 cost of their ID system called NLIS. Five years ago producers were told NLIS would assist Australians in improved export sales, but now, fully operational, NLIS has ABA selling their beef for the second lowest prices of any major export beef country. All globally enforced ID schemes are proving to be profitable only to the governments, and ID equipment providers.

The 14 sheet (front and back) page KIT contains selected articles from http://www.naisSTINKS.com. Mark this site for 85 published articles equipping producers to protect themselves from a run-away government scheme. NAIS is not fully operational and can be truncated. Once a government enforcement program is fully active, the citizenry can never stop funding it. Use the KIT to protect yourself, your family and your grandchildren from NAIS enforcements, fines and Gestapo penalties. http://farmwars.info/

Dickinson Banquet Speaker on NAIS

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Event Information ~~March 14

~~for Immediate Release Please


From: Duane Plessinger, University of Dayton

Montgomery County Cattleman’s Association, President

email:   Duane.Plessinger@notes.udayton.edu


Dickinson Banquet Speaker on NAIS


The Montgomery County Cattleman’s Assn is having their annual banquet on Saturday, March 14, 2009 at K’s Restaurant in Brookville, Ohio.  This year’s featured speaker is Darol Dickinson, a prominent Texas Longhorn producer from Barnesville, Ohio. Darol and his family operate a registered cattle business in the foot hills of the Appalachians raising Texas Longhorns, Dutch BueLingo and African Watusi.  The Dickinson Cattle Co Inc is one of the 50 largest registered cattle operations in the US. 


Dickinson will be speaking on the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) and how to protect family farms from the devastating costs and clerical night mares involved, if it becomes mandatory.  Points will include how NAIS will escalate all food prices, increase imports of foreign food and create an insurmountable barrier for entry level farmers. Dickinson will introduce the new NAIS SURVIVAL TOOL KIT which is designed by desperate people wanting to protect family farms from federal enforcements and constant surveillance.


The public is invited to attend this special annual banquet. The delicious meal is $10 and reservations can be made by calling Darlynne Gassawy at 937 833 4862, or Jane Oman at 937 833 2255.  Reservations need to be received by 11:00 AM March 9. Plan to attend for all the right reasons—come anticipating.

NAIS Threatens Access to Organic, Local and Sustainable Food

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What is NAIS ~~How Do We Protect Ourselves?


Monday, February 09, 2009

 by: Barbara Minton, Natural Health Editor(NaturalNews)


At first glance, many readers of Natural News will think the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) is nothing that concerns them because they eat only plant based foods. However, NAIS is only one part of a much bigger issue. The implementation of NAIS directly threatens the ability of everyone to eat locally grown, organic, and sustainable foods, including fruits and vegetables. NAIS is the first step in the final round of the takeover and regulation of all agricultural products, including plant based foods and supplements. Once NAIS is implemented it will be easy for growers of all agricultural products to be pushed around, intimidated and finally taken over by big agribusiness and its best friend, the government. NAIS is the next step in the destruction of the freedom to eat as we choose and enhance our health with supplements.

If you are opposed to the loss of liberty and the expansion of government tyranny that NAIS represents, your help is urgently needed to block the next step in its implementation. Comments must be received at the USDA by March 16, 2009. Specific information and a link to sample comments appear at the end of this article.

Article also incudes:

NAIS hands over production of food to factory farms

What is NAIS?

NAIS will result in a decrease in food safety

Costs are high and benefits are low with NAIS

It is critical that the USDA and Congress hear from the millions of people who will be adversely affected by the NAIS program. This includes animal owners, consumers who care about locally produced, organic, and sustainable foods, taxpayers who object to wasteful government programs and expanding government bureaucracy, advocates for a safe food system, and anyone who wishes to continue to have access to nourishing food and supplements.

Step 1: Submit comments to the USDA online or by mail. The comments must be received at the USDA by March 16, 2009.

Submit comments online at:
Click on the yellow balloon under “add comments”.

Or mail two copies of your comments to USDA:
Docket No. APHIS-2007-0096
Regulatory Analysis and Development, PPD, APHIS
Station 3A-03.8
4700 River Road Unit 118

Clearly state that your comments refer to Docket No. APHIS-2007-0096.

Here is a link to downloadable sample comments:
http://farmandranchfreedom.org/cont… Click on the sample comments link

STEP 2: Send a copy of your comments to your Congressman and Senators.

You can find who represents you, and their contact information, at www.congress.org

Sources: WWW.naisSTINKS.com research.

Farm and Ranch Freedom Allance http://farmandranchfreedom.org/content/


Stop the National Animal Identification System http://sovereignty.net/library/libr…



Help raise money to fight NAIS…….

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Longhorns Head To Tail Store
35500 Muskrat
Barnesville, Ohio 43713 USA
Feb. 2, 2009
Teu Hackney


Old Used Bones Available

Big SkullTexas Longhorn polished and bleached skulls are the “in” thing for western aficionados serious about decor authenticity. To supply the need, Longhorns Head to Tail Store (LHT) is providing Texas Longhorn skulls elegant enough for the most formal lair. Each skull is one of a kind, from a steer raised right up the hollow. When older Texas Longhorns become incapacitated they are immortalized as a beautiful permanent wall mount. Many are available with a registration certificate plus a color photo of the living critter.

Dickinson Cattle Company runs several hundred Texas Longhorn cattle in the Appalachians of Belmont county Ohio. The ranch grows these one-of-a-kind store products. About 50 skulls a year are available from the older twisty horned stock. The supply of really large spreads is limited because most of the young cattle are used for Certified Texas Longhorn Beef, sold at LHT Store.

The beginning of the business originated with a horrible stroke of disaster when the family ranch was located in the high elevations of Colorado. During a deadly blizzard, March 10, 1977, over 40% of the herd froze to death. The ranch was almost doomed to financial disaster. After the blizzard the cattle skulls were recovered and polished. There was so much demand for the polished skulls, a new business began. DCCI General Manager, Darol Dickinson, says, “We were excited to find the polished Longhorn skulls were worth nearly as much as the living cattle.” The sale of polished skulls was influential in rebuilding the Longhorn herd.

Today a 26 step process has been developed by LHT to preserve ivory white skulls. They are easy to ship by UPS. Numerous specimen skulls have been exported beyond the United States. LHT also produces full shoulder taxidermy steer mounts on a wait-your-turn basis. These are colorful faced steers with over six foot serpentine spreads.

The Head to Tail name represents the store cattle products never found at Wal-Mart. Inventory includes steer items of skulls, head mounts, horn mounts, tanned hair on hides, tail mounts, lean Certified Texas Longhorn Beef, chuck wagon style jerky, heat and serve grass fed roast beef, etc. For more information on LHT skulls and all cattle products check http://www.head2tail.com or call 740 758 5050

Big Skull
CAPTION: Texas Longhorn polished skulls are a timeless western symbol. Longhorns Head to Tail Store is the nation’s major provider of authentic collector quality Texas Longhorn skulls. These are real Texas Longhorn appendages grown and polished with old western USA craftsmanship. The store is located in Belmont county Ohio. For information check www.head2tail.com.


High Res Photo: http://www.head2tail.com/Images/U_1730.jpg


Busting the Anthrax Myth…….(Another USDA tall tale bites the dust)

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I was back on the www.naisStinks.com  website again!   The article below is important to the continued threat from the USDA about bio-terrorism.  This one really puts perspective on the use of fear-mongering and crisis creation where little or no crisis exists.  Marti


Busting the Anthrax Myth
July 30, 2008


By Fred Burton and Scott Stewart

Dr. Jeffrey W. Runge, chief medical officer at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, told a congressional subcommittee on July 22 that the risk of a large-scale biological attack on the nation is significant and that the U.S. government knows its terrorist enemies have sought to use biological agents as instruments of warfare. Runge also said that the United States believes that capability is within the terrorists’ reach.

Runge gave his testimony before a subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity, and Science and Technology that was holding a field hearing in Providence, R.I., to discuss the topic of “Emerging Biological Threats and Public Health Preparedness.”

During his testimony, Runge specifically pointed to al Qaeda as the most significant threat and testified that the United States had determined that the terrorist organization is seeking to develop and use a biological weapon to cause mass casualties in an attack. According to Runge, U.S. analysis indicates that anthrax is the most likely choice, and a successful single-city attack on an unprepared population could kill hundreds of thousands of citizens.

Later in his testimony, Runge remarked that many do not perceive the threat of bioterrorism to be as significant as that of a nuclear or conventional strike, even though such an attack could kill as many people as a nuclear detonation and have its own long-term environmental effects.

We must admit to being among those who do not perceive the threat of bioterrorism to be as significant as that posed by a nuclear strike. To be fair, it must be noted that we also do not see strikes using chemical <http://www.stratfor.com/chemical_threat_subways_dispelling_clouds> or radiological <http://www.stratfor.com/dirty_bombs_weapons_mass_disruption> weapons rising to the threshold of a true weapon of mass destruction either. The successful detonation of a nuclear weapon in an American city would be far more devastating that any of these other forms of attack.

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Note from Darol Dickinson:

In the last 5 years USDA has alleged that an Anthrax or Hoof and Mouth outbreak, staged by terrorist, could devastate the US livestock industry “over night.” USDA proposed the largest numbering and surveillance system in world history of all US livestock, as the protective method—- called NAIS.

At first blush, livestock producers have largely believed government projections of worst case pandemic scenarios. As facts on world terrorism are more understandable, Anthrax is economically controlled with available vaccines, and Hoof & Mouth disease was eradicated in 1929, the whole NAIS costly concept is clearly of no profit in relation to costs. The crying wolf pandemics are, in fact, only one old snaggled-toothed dog barking below the USDA window.

For scientific information on Anthrax, read below. For more info on NAIS go to http://www.naisSTINKS.com <http://www.naisSTINKS.com>


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For the last month I have become sick and tired of TV news that hourly comes up with a new super criminal, either elected, or a private thief.  Jessie James, Al Capone, Bonny and Clyde, are all small change compared to the contemporary shysters the likes of Bernie Madoff and the Wall Street gangsters who don’t just rob the train, but haul all the nation’s money away in a fleet of armored trucks.  Not just looting the other bad guys, but stealing their own mother’s savings! 
So, I watch old Westerns where the good guy always wins.
Livestock publications like Beef, Drovers, and National Cattleman know people like clean and nice stuff so they print the weekly NAIS promotion releases. The NAIS program claims it can stop all disease and save the world.  USDA offers a positive pablum message, but  void of all cost considerations. 
USDA has billions to work with.  They hold court on Independence Avenue in what was the largest office compound in the world.  There is something about the authority of making enforcements from the power of a narcissistic filled over two million square foot stone carved building that makes them —- feel — faultless.  Then out in the corral dealing with cattle, horses and managing a farm—-what could these humble people possibly know about livestock and disease?
The experience of stepping in real bull dust every day will provide valid lessons totally clashing with the marble halls of USDA.  There is an opinion of the regulators, and an opinion of the regulated—totally different.
Check this link putting NAIS in perspective so even (well meaning) people in DC can understand it.  This short video narrated by Henry Lamb represents the view of the regulated.  This is produced by Sovereignty International, Bx 191, Hollow Rock, TN 38342.
For a second opinion on NAIS this film is produced by Liberty Ark Coalition. 
For additional videos and You Tube testimonies about NAIS go to www.naisSTINKS.com.  Over 80 of the best documented NAIS articles reprinted from leading publications all over the world.  Those fighting to preserve the freedom of the family farm are welcome to make reprints and forward.  Join this important freedom fight for all the right reasons.  Darol Dickinson

The CTLR Position Statement on NAIS.

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The CTLR Position Statement on NAIS.

The Cattlemen’s Texas Longhorn Registry does not support any form of a mandatory National Animal Identification System (NAIS), including mandatory premises registration, animal identification, and/or government-mandated animal tracking. We are deeply concerned how such legislation would affect the wellbeing of our irreplaceable genetic base of this heritage breed.-

NAIS invades our privacy and violates the 1st, 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. NAIS, and any program like it, would adversely affect availability of locally produced, healthy food. The safety and security of our food supply is best protected when producers are responsible for sustaining a healthy herd and ecosystem. Government databases, in contrast, do not improve the health of the animals and are technologically vulnerable.

We advocate cattle be kept in their natural environment where instincts influence their behavior. We discourage confined feeding and unnecessary handling that are responsible for most bovine injuries and illnesses. Producers should remain free to move animals, while complying with current animal health requirements, without the added burden of reporting such movement to the custodian of a surveillance archive. Any government requirements limiting the free movement, sale, or use of animals should be clearly supported by scientific evidence showing that the animal health benefits to be obtained outweigh the costs in time, money, and the loss of freedom.

We support marketing of locally produced foods grown on sustainable farms. If an animal identification system benefits the export market, then it should be market driven with voluntary participation of those who will benefit from export. Independent producers and taxpayers should not be forced to subsidize the system. NAIS will not improve animal health or prevent the spread of disease, but it would cost producers, consumers and taxpayers higher fees to maintain databases that benefit only a few corporations. Tracking should be left to private enterprise utilizing Process Verified Programs that assure product quality and compassionate and humane standards of production.

We believe the NAIS is a leap away from democracy and our Bill of Rights. It is the first of many steps to follow that strip away citizens’ freedoms in favor of corporate dominance that will ultimately trap this country into dependence on foreign commodities. We support the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance in their position of opposition to a NAIS. We encourage our members to contact their legislators and request legislation that bars a mandatory program, stops government funding, and protects individuals from coercion or pressure to participate in any voluntary program.

Links for more information about NAIS

http://www.farmandranchfreedom.org/ Farm & Ranch Freedom Alliance

http://libertyark.net/ Liberty Ark Coalition

http://www.tofga.org/index.php?page=26&pp=1&lang=51 Texas Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

http://www.westonaprice.org/federalupdate/aa2006/infoalert_041006.html Weston A. Price Foundation

http://www.ruralheritage.com/search_zone.cgi?searchZone=content&search=nais Rural Heritage

http://albc-usa.org/news.html American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hYssebw3_FRuof2bdR1YdCo8OgXA Latest news linking cancer to implanted microchips

http://www.alternet.org/rights/62858/  NAIS Truths

Read the full statement here:


NAIS: Not About Disease !! from NAFAW

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January 20,2009 for public release from NAFAW.

The National Animal Identification System (NAIS) has stirred up a hornet’s nest of problems for the USDA. Dislike for the program is multiplying daily by klans of all flavors.


Citing the abject failure of a similar program in Australia, the total costs dumped on livestock producers, and voicing concerns about individual property rights, opponents have demanded the program be totally abolished.


On the other hand, the USDA claims it needs to be able to move fast in case of an outbreak of disease. At first blush it sure sounds fine and good, until you consider that people are in the middle of a major epidemic on US dairy farms, and the USDA hasn’t moved at all to stop it. Is there a tiny touch of hypocrisy showing between the lines?


Unsolved Multiplication


Sixty-eight percent of all dairy cows in America are infected with an always fatal disease called Johnes (pronounced yo knees).


In 2004 the USDA estimated the infection rate to be at 20%. Today, 68% of the nation’s dairy herds are comingled with Johne’s positive cows, a three-fold increase in only four years, but the USDA doesn’t feel the need to mandate an eradication program. Why? The USDA appears fine with this epidemic, and refuses any serious dialogue about the subject. The USDA, with their own data, estimates an annual financial loss as a result of Johne’s in dairy herds to be $200,000,000. For one year the Johne’s loss is nearly as much as USDA has invested in promoting NAIS during the past 6 years. This annual loss is more than 1000% over the eradication costs of the US Avian Influenza fiasco, a statistic USDA tosses out to tout the serious need of a NAIS mandatory system.


USDA is not totally avoiding Johne’s. A small budget is allocated for research, public awareness and informational press releases on how to manage a dairy with Johne’s. Just peanuts!


So, if the USDA is aware of the Johne’s epidemic, why aren’t they focusing their efforts in that direction? If you think it’s because Johne’s doesn’t affect humans, think again. Reliable information connects Johne’s with Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease, virtually unheard of in 1940, was on the rise by 1950, about the same time as the concept of factory farming showed up on the scene. Today, a generation later, up to two million US citizens and even more Canadians are infected. Most cases of Crohn’s Disease are diagnosed in children, who will suffer a life of physical misery because of the debilitating symptoms for which there are treatments, but no cures. The stark similarities of each disease causes knowledgeable scientist to be certain that once bovine Johne’s is eleminated, the same process can be effective to solve the human coequal.




The symptoms of Johne’s Disease in dairy cows are identical to the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease in humans:

* Persistent diarrhea

* Abdominal cramps and pain

* Fever

* Fatigue

* Rectal bleeding

* Loss of appetite

* Joints, eye, skin, and liver pain

* Obstruction of the intestine

* Development of fissures (small cuts or tears in the anal canal)

* Abscesses

There is no cure for Johne’s or Crohn’s. Fortunately for people, there are treatments. Cows aren’t so fortunate. Johne’s is always fatal, with death coming in slow, painful extended waves.


What Causes Johne’s Disease?

Johne’s is contracted by ingesting feces from infected animals. Animals who are raised on clean grass pastures seldom get infected. This is where a mix happens. Dairy herds are often mixed with beef cattle herds to provide a more diverse farm income. Many beef herds with Johne’s have traced their infected stock back to dairy raised purchases.

Today Johne’s is found in beef herds but with lower percentages than dairys.


If the USDA and corporate proponents of the NAIS were sincere in their concerns about disease, they’d at least exhibit a good faith effort about Johne’s that is rapidly consuming America’s highly productive dairy cows. The most costly disease of our day appears to have the urgency of watching paint dry. USDA’s rubber neck attack on Johne’s shows one of the most milk-toast approaches to disease eradication in the history of USDA. Only two things are needed to permanently deal with Johne’s, one fool-proof vaccination and one fool-proof negative/positive test method. At this time neither appear to be a consideration or priority to USDA. They are totally consumed in promoting NAIS premises permanent enrollment.


How to Locate Infected Herds?


Is locating infected herds a problem with Johne’s? Perhaps a test—-if it was announced that a vaccine and valid test method has been developed, cattle owners would stampede to use it. USDA will not have any problem locating herds. The owners of infected cattle are the first to be concerned and promptly notify health professionals. As long as USDA procrastinates on a good-faith attempt to deal with Johne’s disease, anything they say about their “come hell or high water” premises enrollment is totally and completely bogus! It will be impossible to convince livestock producers that premises enrollment will do a “gnats bristle” of good to

eleminate disease when Johne’s is not a priority USDA issue. Until USDA can clean up this mess, I’ll be hard to convince producers that USDA can do better with the

quackery of a costly NAIS.


More info: http://www.naisSTINKS.com, http://www.libertyark.net, http://www.FarmAndRanchFreedom.org.

Quotes and data provided by Countryside, Peggy Steward, Jerri, Darol Dickinson, and Jim Silwa. Thank you.



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