Using numbers provided in this article


we have calculated the annual cost of providing support staff for the current gang in the White House.  The article and the numbers are from 2006.


The list of 433 positions analyzed excludes White House residence employees, Office of Management and Budget personnel, and the staff members working in the Office of the Vice President who are on the payroll of the U.S. Senate by virtue of the vice president’s role as Senate president.


The calculated gross payroll includes only President Bush’s “aides”.


To the Gross Payroll of $28,558,977.00, we have added the annual costs of medical insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and employer’s share of payroll taxes.


Using the medical insurance premiums paid by the United States Postal Service

for Letter Carriers, and presuming half of the employees would opt for High Option Self Only coverage, and the other half would opt for High Option Self and Family

coverage, the annual cost to the employer for coverage for these 427

White House employees would be

$  3,228,446.52







Employer’s share











$  1,611,902.54






$     414,105.17




$    7,000.00


$       23,912.00




$    7,000.00


$     206,241.00









Total Payroll Taxes & Medical Insurance

$  5,484,607.22









Gross Pay











Total Total Payroll









Presume Per Diem people work 130 days per year as subcontractors

$     365,040.00








Total “W-2″ employees plus subcontractors








Employer’s cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance calculated at the 2005 rate of $1.51 per $100 of


covered wages (average of all states except California)







$     431,240.55







Total “W-2″ employees plus subcontractors (including Workers’ Comp Ins)









Average cost per employee


$       81,022.94


The total cost for a year of all of this “help” is $34,839,864.78


It looks as if a serious effort to start cutting government costs could begin by eliminating some of the excesses in the White House.