TS Radio Network: In Loving Memory of Marti Oakley


Tribute to Marti Oakley*We Remember You!*
TS Radio Network
“Memorial Show for Marti Oakley”

April 5th @ 8:00 PM est

LISTEN to the archived show  >>HERE<<

Hosts will be Coz Skaife, Marsha Joiner, Debbie Dahmer and Reverand Ralph who will pay tribute to the memory of Marti who has been exposing the truth about guardianship, elder and disabled abuse, hospice murders, animal abuse and corruption that surrounds us every day.  

TS Radio Network: In Loving Memory of Marti Oakley who passed on April 1, 2023

Rest in Peace Marti! Your Voice Will Carry On!

Marti was a pioneer warrior and was not afraid of speaking out and up for others who could not speak for themselves.  Her voice reached far and wide in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. As a speaker at the Whistle Blower Summit in raising awareness, she would draw crowds who wanted to hear her speak.  

Marti had the gift of gab and an incredible wit that entertained her audience.  She had a mind like a steel trap and could remember information and share with anyone who would listen.  As Australia stated “As a person dies, a library is burned to the ground” – how true this is for Marti.  She worked tirelessly for the sum of zero dollars as she volunteered her research and time hosting as well producing other hosts programs. 

Marti was a warrior and a friend who loved her family and friends.  She always spoke about her sons, granddaughters and her great grandchildren.  Marti will never be forgotten and her legacy will continue with people speaking out and telling their truth and spreading light. 

Join us and call in and share your love of Marti.  

LISTEN to the archived show  >>HERE<<

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