Republicans Are Now Good for Exactly…….. Nothing!


Republicans Are Now Good for Exactly…….. Nothing!

“In less than a month, they have passed the $8.3 billion vaccine bill, the $100 billion relief and paid leave package and the $2.2 trillion Everything Bailout, and are now racing toward another $1.0 trillion interim CARES 2 funding bill to essentially double-down on all the outrageous pork and Free Stuff that was contained in CARES 1, which the House did not bother to even debate or approve by recorded vote.

And, alas, all of this is preliminary to the impending “stimulus/infrastructure” bill where the bidding starts at $2 trillion, meaning that the Imperial City is in the throes of a fiscal bacchanalia that defies imagination. It will leave America with unspeakable debts, political dysfunction and economic debilitation for years, if not decades, to come.”



Ken Salazar’s “candy shop”

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By Janet Carabello

“The BLM itself admits that there are now probably more mustangs in captivity then there are left in the wild. But the roundups are still going on and BLM pledges to keep reducing the herd numbers, while continuing to hand out more livestock grazing permits.”


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Adding further to Dan Haley’s editorial on Ken Salazar: The energy interests are not the only ones receiving handouts from the “candy shop” that our public lands have become under the Department of Interior (DOI), currently headed by Ken Salazar.

Mr. Salazar, himself a rancher, has perpetuated the handouts of millions of acres to the recipients of “welfare ranching”, i.e. government subsidized grazing rights.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which reports ultimately to Mr. Salazar, issues grazing rights at the current cost of $1.35 per month per “animal unit,” that is, one cow and calf (really two mouths eating grass). A rancher leasing private land to graze would probably pay upwards of $16.00 per month for the same livestock count. More

Bailout Scare Tactics….lies and more lies

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The Big Lie is promoting the Big Scare.


There is not going to be any Depression. What there will be if this trillion dollar bailout is massive inflation caused by the government paying this bailout by printing money.


These obligations are owned by private companies, they should stay there, the companies can go bankrupt or not, but they can be liquidated at whatever the market value is.  The loss will fall on the private companies, their shareholders and their bond holders, not on the American people.


If you have the number of your Congressman or Senator, give him or her a call. This is welfare for the rich.


Paul Streitz




Market meltdown? An early plea for investment banker welfare…BRASSCHECK TV/video

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Posted in August 2007
One year ago

Jim Cramer, a popular financial program TV host in the US, had a bit of a breakdown on camera last year (August 2007)Because he made his reputation by histrionics and grandstanding, it didn’t hurt him among his audience.

Cramer claimed to be concerned for the fate of millions of Americans who were saddled with predatory real estate loans in recent years.

Maybe he actually cares about the thousands of home owners who will be hurt by this insanity. Maybe.

But clearly, the folks that Cramer demonstrated real concern for in this tirade were his friends who work for hedge funds and investment banks: “People are losing their jobs!” he cried.

Pardon me if I don’t shed a tear for the crooks who’ve collected seven figure bonuses each year for turning our financial system into a casino.

Here’s what I have to say to the bankers who are crying now:

“You put it all on red and it came up black. Tough shit. Stop sniveling from the back of your limousines and houses in the hedge funds, KramerHamptons and get a life.

Why should the people who actually work for a living and add real value to the economy reduce their already-reduced standard of living further to bail you out?”



It’s enlightening to go back and see what various analysts had to

say when the sub prime mess first started unraveling. 


Here’s a clip from more than a full year ago.


It features a popular TV stock picker flipping out on live TV as he describes the mayhem going on behind the scenes on Wall Street.




His solution – because he’s from the investment banking world – was a bailout for his friends at the big banks. 


And that’s what this is all about.


As Jim Rogers pointed out in yesterday’s video, the US financial system has already been trashed. That horse is out of the barn.

There’s no “fixing” it.  Either nature will be allowed to take its course (painful as that may be)




The US Treasury will dump trillions of dollars into the economy to ease the transition for Wall Street billionaires at taxpayer expense – and at the expense of the long term prospects of the US economy. 


Anyway, here’s a former investment banker and current stock market cheerleader wailing and gnashing his teeth on behalf of his Wall Street buddies a year ago when it became clear that the jig was up:




– Brasscheck


Corporate Welfare….why no objections from the free market capitalists?

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Of all the no-account reasons why we, the American public, are supposed to finance the bailout of privately owned, mismanaged, unethical, corrupted corporations and businesses, the list given on CNN this morning has to be one of the most ludicrous.


Supposedly, if we don’t bail them out the entire economy will suffer and the trickle down theory of greed and corruption , otherwise known as free market capitalism, will affect us all…..in some terrible and unimaginable way.  But since no one was able to come up with anything relevant a list of non-relevant items was displayed.


Supposedly, now small businesses couldn’t get loans. Small business to you and me is the mom & pop operation we know locally, operating on a budget.  Small business to them is a few million here and there with no accountability.


Property taxes were said to be possibly affected.  Now wait a minute.  Why would our property taxes go up because some crooked bank or insurance company got caught cooking the books?


Our schools could be affected.   And why would this be?  What do our schools, already struggling under the unfunded mandates of the miserable No Child Left Behind program, have to do with crooked corporations?



I wish I could remember the rest of the list, but quite frankly, I got so mad looking at it my head nearly exploded.


Small businesses will not be able to get loans because there is no money to loan and there will be even less than no money if this bailout goes through. 


Saying that our property taxes and schools will suffer is almost true.  But not as a result of letting these businesses fail.  They will be affected as a result of the massive tax burden that will be assumed by taxpayers if this bailout goes through.  Every program funded by the federal government will be short changed, again leaving taxpayers to pick up the check for federal mandates on a local level. 


The way this works out is this: 


We will fund the bailout with tax revenues if we know what’s good for us, or those on top will make life miserable for those of us not on top.


We will oppose the bailout and take our chances.


I say we go for option two.  What’s the worst that could happen?


Some self aggrandizing CEO might have to cough up some of the millions he stole?


These businesses would fall by the wayside and maybe a new reorganized system would be put into place?


I say we take our chances.  No matter how this fiasco turns out, it is the taxpayers, the middle and lower classes that are going to foot the bill and endure the hardships…..not the big guys at the top who caused all of this.  


Let’s get through this on our own terms, not terms envisioned for us by people and politicians who could care less.


By the way……where are all those neo-cons who love to rage about pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps?  Why aren’t any of them screaming about this government handout, this epitome of corporate welfare? 


We’re getting pulled up by our bootstraps alright, but no one thought to bring the Vaseline.


© 2008 Marti Oakley


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