In response to, “Do You Solemnly Swear To Ignore the Constitution?”

by Andrew P. Napolitano,

as posted on 11-3-08.



At a time when Americans’ desperately needs to know what is really happening in, and to, America, Mr. Napolitano contributes to the spin of lies and half truths so apparent on Fox News, and now on LRC.


If Mr. Napolitano were just another journalist puppet of the media industry monopolist, he would have the excuse of having to obey or be unemployed. However his years on the bench leave him no excuse for contributing to the myth of the constitution being the law of the land.


If Mr. Napolitano ever decides to learn or admit that America is still a British Colony and the Constitution is really a corporate agreement between the British Crown and the corporation known as “The United States” then I would be pleased to publicly retract this accusation.


As it is now, the International Bankers have a strangle hold on the truth that every American would know if the Bankers had never gained complete control of the education and media industry.


For those who really seek the truth, go here:


 James P. Harvey