The first “company” on the list is:“Government of the United States (US Government) HQ

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Somethin’ Funny’s Goin’ On

The Manta.com website includes a database of over 63 million US and foreign companies.  That database info is provided by Dunn & Bradstreet (D&B).   Manta.com will provide preliminary information on each of these millions of companies for free.  If you want more “in-depth” info, there’s a fee.

But since this article is about “funny” stuff, and paying fees isn’t fun, let’s run a few free searches and see what we can find.  You might be surprised.

For example, if you type “Government of the United States” into the Manta.com search engine, you’ll be whisked to a list of “7,666 matching US companies”.

The first “company” on the list is:

“Government of the United States (US Government) HQ

“the u.s. Capitol Washington DC”

The “HQ” stands for “headquarters”.

If you scroll down the list of other companies below the “Government of the United States,” you’ll find “branches” like “Executive Office of the United States Government” (6 entries), “United States Department of the Air Force (US Government),” “The Navy United States Department of (US Government Naval Reserves),” and “United States Court of Appeals For The 11th Circuit United States Courthouse”.

Apparently, the Navy, Air Force and Courts are “companies”.

That’s kinda “funny,” doncha think?

If you click on the “Government of the United States HQ” link, you’ll see another website page with some fairly detailed—and possibly bewildering—information.

For example, you’ll see that this “Government of the United States” has its address at:

“the u.s. capitol

“Washington, DC 20515-0001”

Its phone number is “(202) 224-3121             (202) 224-3121  ”.  Business Hours are “24/7”.

You can click the “map” link and see a graphic indicating that this “Government” is located on “Capitol Hill” (same place as Congress) in Washington DC.

None of that seems particularly surprising (other than the idea that our “Government” might be a “company” and/or a conglomerate of “companies”).  But the Manta.com report does begin to seem a little strange under the heading “About Government Of The United States” where we read:

“government, owner archbishop deric r. mccloud of basilica shrine michigan and 4th ne street washington,dc”. READ MORE

USC Title 8……who is charged with defending our borders?


Marti Oakley (C)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


“The AG can at any time, and now with the help and cooperation of HSD and Ms. Napolitano, according to this code, send the military to defend our southern border.  So what’s the problem?  Americans getting kidnapped out of their states, murdered on their land and terrorized daily…..and you don’t see any reason to send our military down there to protect these people? “

USC Title 8……who is charged with defending our borders?

As of about five years ago this code actually read “in the event of an influx of illegal aliens”. Well excuse me, you royal jackass’s….we’ve had an “event”. About 20 million of them by most estimates with more “events” occurring each day; do you think maybe you should do something?    

It is the duty and responsibility of these two agencies and officers to defend and secure the borders and coastlines of the United States even against the influx of illegal aliens. Someone isn’t doing their job. Here is an excerpt from USC Title 8 you all might find interesting:

Title 8 Chapter 12: Subchapter 1103

1103. Powers and duties of the Secretary, the Under Secretary, and the Attorney General

 5) He shall have the power and duty to control and guard the boundaries and borders of the United States against the illegal entry of aliens and shall, in his discretion, appoint for that purpose such number of employees of the Service as to him shall appear necessary and proper.

(10) In the event the Attorney General determines that an actual or imminent mass influx of aliens arriving off the coast of the United States, or near a land border, presents urgent circumstances requiring an immediate Federal response, the Attorney General may authorize any State or local law enforcement officer, with the consent of the head of the department, agency, or establishment under whose jurisdiction the individual is serving, to perform or exercise any of the powers, privileges, or duties conferred or imposed by this chapter or regulations issued there under upon officers or employees of the Service.

We have suffered successive United States Attorney’s General who failed to perform the duties of their office as prescribed in US Code & Title 8.  Although the language has changed significantly, especially during the Bush/Cheney cabal, the US Attorney General is still charged with defending our borders.  These may be either coastal or land boundaries. More

Obey’s “Share our Sacrifice Act”: “Let those who worship the god of war, tithe to that god out of their own pockets”.

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By: Marti Oakley  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (c) copyright 2009

“Maybe congress and most especially Rep. Obey should submit a “get a conscience; honor your oath of office; honor the Constitution and serve the people who elected your sorry behind ” bill.”


I would start here by asking who the “our” is in this bill’s title?  Is he referring to the corporate US government?  I want to know what it is those included in the word “our”, are sacrificing? 

I would suggest that Rep. Obey and every other elected official who voted for funding, continued funding, continuing the misuse of our military for corporate benefit, do the right thing:  SHARE OUR SACRIFICE…….please, refuse any further congressional pay and, return all increases in wages and wages paid from the start of these wars you condoned in direct violation of the Constitution, with the full knowledge you were sending our troops to conduct a war on behalf of multi-national oil cartels.

Please forgo any perks associated with your position: limo services, private staff, golden fleece insurance and most especially the “retirement” payments you have supplied yourself even if you are convicted of a felony.  These few “sacrifices” on your part could save the country hundreds of millions of dollars each year and could be used to help offset the borrowing done using the land assets of everyday Americans.  After all, this seems a minor sacrifice compared to our military families having to bury their dead as they come home.  Its not as if any one of you actually represents the sovereign states or their citizens.  I see no reason to continue to pay you for “no services rendered”.     More

The corporate UNITED STATES

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Should we have bailed out the few who don’t deserve it which will only help those same people?  Or, should we have bailed out the many; the people who drive the economy helping everyone from one end to the other?  Neither scenario is realistic, which may be why so many of us find ourselves stunned by the unconscionable lack of judgment in congress. 


Do you wonder what might have happened if our congress had acted in our best interest rather than that of Wall Street?  What if that 850 billion they are borrowing, which is likely to balloon to trillions was instead equally distributed among all legal households in the US?


  • Most mortgages could have been paid off even those which are fraudulently inflated.
  • Every credit card in the country could have been paid off except those held by the upper 3% which have no limits.
  • Every car loan could have been paid and new vehicles purchased.
  • Every school loan could have been paid and education paid for in cash.
  • Nearly every medical bill could have been paid.
  • Social programs based on income would be virtually non-existent.
  • New businesses hiring new employees could be started.
  • Existing small businesses could have been expanded and a new manufacturing base could have been started here at home.


If congress and this president were so eager to stabilize the economy and believed they could borrow us out of debt…..why didn’t they spend it where it would have mattered?  Why didn’t they spend that money in a way that would have caused an immediate expansion of our economic base and benefited millions instead of just a few?


Here’s why:  In every situation listed above, it would have meant smaller government, less taxes, less unemployment, and expansion of the business base and less government intervention and intrusion into our lives. 


We have been duped into thinking that for some reason we should be using credit and that this artificial number used to define us by credit reporting agencies is in some way significant.  It isn’t.  And the reason I know it isn’t is that our government is in the process of delivering a few trillion dollars to agencies and institutions whose credit ratings have to be in the toilet.  Your credit rating is simply a number generated by the same people who ran their businesses into the ground.  Do as our government did and just disregard it. 


What we have witnessed in the last two weeks is the greatest redistribution of wealth…redistributed to those already obscenely wealthy… ever witnessed at one time in our history.  The corporation operating as the UNITED STATES government just came out of the closet and established itself not as a constitutional government of the people, but rather, as the corporate entity as it has been since 1871. 


It is only going to go downhill from here. 


© Marti Oakley

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