S.510: Your government welcomes you to the new “nationalized agriculture” system!


Marti Oakley w/ Paul Griepentrog  (c)copyright 2010

A glimpse into the near future!_______________________________________________________

Welcome to nationalized, government owned and operated farming and ranching!

This is the new government run farming and ranching. Everything will have to be done to meet criteria yet to be determined. The new dictatorial agency headed by the “secretary”, will now be able to designate high risk foods,(based solely on a reasonable belief, even if unfounded) and the subsequent products of these yet to be written (or admitted) criteria,  as grounds to require registration of your farm or ranch as a facility.  More

Ken Salazar’s “candy shop”

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By Janet Carabello

“The BLM itself admits that there are now probably more mustangs in captivity then there are left in the wild. But the roundups are still going on and BLM pledges to keep reducing the herd numbers, while continuing to hand out more livestock grazing permits.”


Live link:  The Cloud Foundation

Adding further to Dan Haley’s editorial on Ken Salazar: The energy interests are not the only ones receiving handouts from the “candy shop” that our public lands have become under the Department of Interior (DOI), currently headed by Ken Salazar.

Mr. Salazar, himself a rancher, has perpetuated the handouts of millions of acres to the recipients of “welfare ranching”, i.e. government subsidized grazing rights.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which reports ultimately to Mr. Salazar, issues grazing rights at the current cost of $1.35 per month per “animal unit,” that is, one cow and calf (really two mouths eating grass). A rancher leasing private land to graze would probably pay upwards of $16.00 per month for the same livestock count. More

Disappointment Valley exposes mismanagement and corruption within the Bureau of Land Management.


The Bureau of Land Management…..another for-profit federal corporation.  Personally, I think we should round them up and hunt them down on horseback, drive them into holding pens and leave them exposed to the elements, starve them, make them thirst for water or just eliminate them altogether.  All of this is being done to our wild horses to benefit corporate ranchers and the Ruby Pipeline.  Any thing for the almighty dollar and corporate profits. … Marti



America’s wild horses are in jeopardy! Disappointment Valley exposes mismanagement and corruption within the Bureau of Land Management.

Here’s how you can help:

1) Call President Obama (202-456-1111) and Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar (202-208-3100). Demand a Congressional investigation into the Bureau of Land Management. Ask for independent studies on statistics of the wild horses and do NOT rely on the BLM statistics. They are flawed and misrepresent the truth.

To contact your congressman, visit: http://www.house.gov

2) The R.O.A.M. Act is currently siting in the Senate Committee of Energy & Natural Resources as S. 1579.

Please contact the Senators on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee and ask that they support the R.O.A.M Act (S. 1579).


3) Share this video and information with friends and family. Most people don’t know wild horses still roam the west, let alone they are being rounded up and slaughtered. The public has fought to support these horses in the past. We can do it again! The more people who become aware of the issue, the better chance they have for survival.

Controversy Grows Over Gov’t Acceleration of Removing Wild Horses From Western Public Lands

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Media Contacts:               

Makendra Silverman, The Cloud Foundation, 719-351-8187, makendra@thecloudfoundation.org
Carla Bowers, Wild Horse Advocate and The Cloud Foundation, carla84bowers@yahoo.com
Suzanne Roy, In Defense of Animals, 919-697-9389, sroy@idausa.org
Elliot M. Katz, DVM, In Defense of Animals, 415-448-0075, emk@idausa.org 
“The BLM mismanages our public lands for one reason: to benefit commercial interests, such as cattle ranchers and other industries that exploit our lands and profit from the removal of the horses,” Katz continued.

Sacramento Horse Advocates Hold Rally Against Wild Horse Roundups

Sacramento, Calif (January 19)— Wild horse advocates from In Defense of Animals (IDA), The Cloud Foundation, and other members of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Coalition, will hold a rally Thursday, January 21, at 11 a.m. in front of the State Capitol Building, to call attention to the Obama Administration’s massive roundup and removal of wild horses from public lands in the West.  The largest of such roundups is currently underway in the Calico Mountains Complex, known as the National System of Public Lands, in northwestern Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is removing over 2,500 horses, or 80 to 90 percent of the horses living in the Calico Complex.  To date, four horses have died in the Calico roundup, which began on December 28 and continues through February.

What:   Rally for America’s Wild Horses                                                              
Where: State Capitol, 10th Street between L and N
When:  Thursday, January 21, 2010, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Press Conference at 12 noon 

“The environmental assessment, which led the BLM to conclude that the horses should be removed, was wholly inadequate,” explains Ginger Kathrens, executive director of the Cloud Foundation. “BLM did not analyze the impacts of cattle grazing in the Calico Complex. When asked why, the agency said ‘this issue is outside of the scope of this environmental analysis.’ How convenient then, that wild horses can be blamed for range damage, and then removed at a cost of millions to the American taxpayer.” More

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