Genetically mutated bacteria are being put into over 6,000 foods


You can’t make this stuff up…

Genetically mutated bacteria are being put into over 6,000 foods

you and I grab at the grocery store each week.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg—the full story can be found here.

This disgusting ingredient accounts for as much as 75 percent

of adverse reactions to food additives according to some reports.

Even seizures and deaths have been blamed on it.

You should never eat it… or ANY foods like it.

Corporate “scientists” have taken to genetic modification to disgusting

new levels… All in the name of greed.

The ramifications for our society—and for the human race are beyond comprehension…

And that’s why I made a documentary video series exposing the

truth about this hazard that threatens our very existence as a species.

You can register to watch it for free here—the first episode goes live on

February 26!


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Monsanto…….The rise of an inhuman global monster

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Monsanto has a long history of questionable practices and a proven lack of ethics and morality.  No where is this more apparent than the current attempts to overtake family owned farms here in the Midwest, driving small family farms out of business in order to establish corporate farms.  And where are our courts and legislators?  On the side of Monsanto, of course!


Using falsified [studies] Monsanto and other companies involved in genetic engineering and the altering of natural seed supplies, have patented not only the altered seeds themselves, but also the growth cycle of the resulting plant.  Using this as a premise, Monsanto is now suing farmers whose fields have been invaded by the genetically altered seeds which have contaminated natural crops. 


Now, you would think at this point the farmer whose fields were contaminated with the unwanted and corrupted dna altered seeds would have a case to sue Monsanto.  After all, their natural and native crops have been rendered unfit for human consumption, and their fields unfit to grow natural crops as a result of the contamination.  Not so fast!  Monsanto is suing the farmers whose fields were infested with genetically altered seeds…….and Monsanto has the court and the government squarely in its pocket.


Not only has the government and the courts allowed Monsanto to wage war on organic and natural family farms, they have even gone so far as to allow Monsanto to go after those who perform seed cleaning.  These are people who have the equipment to clean seed from the crops grown for use the next year. 



Monsanto has waged an aggressive, Draconian campaign against seed-saving farmers in North America. The company has hired Pinkerton investigators to root-out seed-saving farmers and it is using radio ads and telephone “tiplines” in farming communities to identify and intimidate farmers who might save or re-use the company’s patented seed. Under Monsanto’s gene licensing agreement, the company reserves the right to come onto the farmer’s land and take seed samples to insure that the farmer is not violating patent law.

“It appears that Monsanto’s newest strategy is to shift the expense and burden of policing rural communities to the seed cleaners and state governments. If the bill becomes law, Monsanto’s “gene police” will ultimately become state regulators who are working on behalf of Monsanto,” explains Pat Mooney, Executive Director of RAFI.



If Monsanto gene altered seeds migrate into the fields of farmers, Monsanto can storm their property, take samples and then sue them.  Instrumental in preventing farmers from cleaning seeds even from their own natural fields is the attack on and prosecution of [seed cleaners]. 


It seems those in our government are unaware of the many studies showing that genetically altered seed does not produce bigger crops, and in fact reduces production.  They also seem unaware that genetically altered seed produces food that is unfit for human consumption and in fact is causing things such as Morgellan’s disease which causes vegetable like fibers to grow out of lesions on the skin.  Also absent from any debate is the damage to internal organs caused by ingesting genetically altered grains and other foods. 


Potential Health Hazards of Genetically Engineered Foods



The above link is to an article by Stephan Lendman,  posted December 18, 2008 on Global Research.

Excerpted from the full article:

FDA policy opened the floodgates, and Smith put it this way: It “set the stage for the rapid deployment of the new technology,” allowed the seed industry to become “consolidated, millions of acres (to be) planted, hundreds of millions to be fed (these foods in spite of nations and consumers objecting, and) laws to be passed (to assure it).” The toll today is contaminated crops, billions of dollars lost, human health harmed, and it turns out the FDA lied.

The agency knew GM crops are “meaningfully different” because their technical experts told them so. As a result, they recommended long-term studies, including on humans, to test for possible allergies, toxins, new diseases and nutritional problems. Instead, politics trumped science, the White House ordered the FDA to promote GM crops, and a former Monsanto vice-president went to FDA to assure it.

Today, the industry is unregulated, and when companies say their foods are safe, their views are unquestioned. Further, Smith noted that policy makers in other countries trust FDA and wrongly assume their assessments are valid. They’re disproved when independent studies are matched against industry-run ones. The differences are startling. The former report adverse affects while the latter claim the opposite. It’s no secret why. Agribusiness giants allow nothing to interfere with profits, safety is off the table, and all negative information is quashed.” (end excerpt) Read the full article here:


Here on the PPJ we have promoted “Seeds of Destruction: The hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation” by F. William Engdahl for some time.  If you haven’t yet read his book, you need to.  You can order it directly from the link provided in the right hand bar. 

Also noteworthy is Jeffery Smith’s book “Seeds of Deception”. 

As my friend Barb Peterson noted when researching Morgellans and genetically altered foods…….

They don’t have to do anything to us directly…….They just have to wait for us to sit down and eat.”

© 2008 Marti Oakley

Side note:

There is a concerted attack on a seed cleaner named Steve Hixon from Illinois.  Monsanto is attempting to stop any seed cleaning, saving and replanting by eradicating people who do seed cleaning. 

To help Hixon’s legal battles, FarmOn is organizing to support the legal teams needed to defend Hixon.  Go here to request to sign on supporting this effort: Send an email to:


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