Syria missile strikes: based on what evidence?


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Based on what constitutional authority?

“Let’s see, US Deep State actors from intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, and the Department of State, along with US allies, played a MAJOR role in creating, funding, supplying, and sustaining ISIS, while purportedly doing everything possible to destroy ISIS. No problem. Why should there be a problem?” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Trump and the Pentagon claim the strikes were based on clear evidence President Assad’s forces used chemical weapons on their own civilian citizens.

The Russians point out that international inspectors were due to investigate the chemical-weapons claims on Saturday—and their findings would have denied Assad chemical attacks took place—therefore, to prevent this embarrassment, the US-led missile attacks were launched one day earlier.

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FROM: Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
SUBJECT: Evidence Required for Military Decision on Syria

Mr. President,



Sample Letter to Senators regarding S.510

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Dan Martin


This is the text of a letter to my Senators regarding S.510:

Senate S. 510 has nothing to do with keeping food safe:

· passage of this onerous legislation, which began at 50 pages and now exceeds 200 pages, will burden farmers and small food producers with FDA inspections and hefty fees and fines – even though food contamination scares have originated from large industrial processors,

· several requirements duplicate and override what is already done at the state level, More

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