Mark Dankof to Howard Phillips: A Violation of the 8th Commandment Requires a Public Apology


Mark Dankof’s America

by Mark Dankof

It appears, then, that Mr. Timmerman and his Foundation for Democracy in Iran are very well placed indeed to gain a great measure of influence and power should the US institute force regime change in Iran. Iranian members of his organization could reasonably expect high political office as appointees of any occupation authority in the same way that Ahmed Chalabi and Iyad Allawi were in Iraq. The parallels are obvious – providing shaky evidence and allegations of a WMD program to help foment a war that catapults them into political office.”


I am reminded today of the spring of 1969, when I was confirmed in a traditional German Lutheran Church in Dayton, Ohio, after two years of catechetical instruction. In those days, the class had to memorize many Bible passages, and entire sections of Luther’s Small Catechism. This rigor included the memorization of the 10 Commandments, and the brief written expositions on the meaning of each provided by the 16th century Father of the Reformation.

The 8th Commandment, and Luther’s subsequent explanation, are simply as follows:

“Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor. [8th Commandment]

What Does This Mean? [Luther’s posited question]

We should fear and love God that we may not deceitfully belie, betray, slander, nor defame our neighbor, but defend him, speak well of him, and put the best construction on everything. [Luther’s Answer]“

In the annotations provided by Edward W. A. Koehler in the version of Luther’s Small Catechism published by Concordia Theological Seminary Press in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we read the following supplementary comment on Luther’s exposition:

“False witness is making an untrue statement and making it with the intention of harming a reputation.”

With this in mind, Howard Phillips, the founder of the Constitution Party and the Chairman of Washington’s Conservative Caucus, has borne public false witness against me in an article penned by Zionist sock puppet Kenneth R. Timmerman in the ironically named Accuracy in Media (AIM). Timmerman’s piece, entitled “Tehran TV Loves Ron Paul,” is clearly directed against Press TV/Iran, and against American conservatives who have appeared on that network to publicly state their opposition to an Israeli-provoked American war with that country. Philip Giraldi, Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Sheldon Foote, Mark Glenn, and I are among those Mr. Timmerman has in his gun sites. But most interestingly of all, Timmerman has drawn Howard Phillips into participation in a hit piece designed to hurt the Presidential candidacy of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (R-TX). Why?

The public professional and political connections of Kenneth R. Timmerman may explain exactly why. The online news service, The Newshoggers, informs readers that: More

Constitution Party US Senate candidate pushes reform of Raw Milk and Premises ID

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The Examiner.com

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Taylor’s campaign has put on the web site a petition that people can fill out, so it can be presented at Max’s and the Monchilovichs’ trials. The petition can be found at: http://www.robtaylorforsenate.com/farmers_need_us.php


Attending the WICFA coalition meeting on Saturday December 12th for the Constitution Party of Wisconsin (CPoW) will be their US Senate Candidate for WI, Rob Taylor. He will be there to gain information, build support and to spread the word of what is happening to our freedoms and the family farmers. The message that he will be sending is to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, and the Wisconsin state constitution, to perserve the middle class and support small to mid-size family farms.

Letters of support from his campaign office have been going out to everyone in Wisconsin and surrounding states. So far the message is receiving tremendous support. “We have to let people know what our socialist government is doing and HAS been doing for a long time.” says Taylor

Working with Marti Oakley of the PPJ Gazette and reformers such as Max Kane (Raw Milk Movement) and Mike Krsiean (CPoW candidate for 3rd Congressional District) to overcome the restrictions that the USDA and the DATCP is placing on famers and consumers, Taylor’s message on the PPJ web site is: “This isn’t the work of just one of the parties but of both of them, It’s all about power and greed. Our so called representatives get that by helping the friends in the BIG-FARM industry. We know where the campaign funds come from and we know our leaders are puppets for the industry.” More

Mark Dankof to American Patriots: Bob Barr for President? Forget It.

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june 28, 2008

Mark Dankof to American Patriots: Bob Barr for President? Forget It. 

Julie Bosman’s front page story in the June 28th New York Times chronicles the 3rd Party Presidential campaign efforts of ex-Republican Congressman Bob Barr, who will run on the Libertarian Party ticket.

My candid advice to American Patriots.  Forget it.  And please spell that in capital letters for public distribution to people in our movement around the nation.

Barr and I have met personally on only one occasion–the Conservative Caucus symposium on Y2K issues held before the turn of the century in Washington, D. C.’s swank University Club.  He was one of the illustrious speakers scheduled for that event by Caucus Chairman Howard Phillips.  I recall the Congressman as an interesting speaker and an apparent gentleman. 

That having been said, Ms. Bosman’s well positioned piece on the Barr candidacy in today’s Times should prove fatal to the Georgian’s chances for meaningful impact on the November election–if the Patriot movement glances at the record, effectively chronicled for the world in New York this June 28th.  Furthermore, his nomination by the Libertarian Party could seal the latter’s permanent fate as well.

Why?  As page A 10 in today’s Times underscores, Bob Barr voted in the United States Congress for 1)  the USA Patriot Act; and 2)  the “authorization” for Mr. Bush’s war in Iraq in 2002.

It is difficult to imagine a more ludicrous scenario than this–a Libertarian Presidential candidate running as an “alternative” to the impending McCain-Obama/AIPAC tragicomedy unfolding before the American people, who has put his own imprimatur on the drive of the New World Order’s elite to recast the United States as a domestic police state, and a nation at perpetual war on behalf of transnational corporations and the Israeli Lobby.

As I have already said–forget it.  In capital letters.

Ms. Bosman also notes that Barr is attempting to co-opt Congressman Ron Paul’s constituency.  Reassuringly, the Times columnist notes the resentment of ex-Paul staffers and supporters, aimed at such a transparently fraudulent scheme being launched by the Libertarian Party and its dubious Presidential nominee.  That The New York Times honestly reports this development, suggests that Barr’s sleight-of-hand with the American Right specifically, and the voting public generally, will mercifully crash land well before becoming airborne this fall. 

American Patriots, Constitutionalists, and Paleo-Conservatives are then left with one of three (3) choices going into November of 2008.

The first option is not to vote.  There is a compelling rationale behind this argument, namely to delegitimize a corrupt process firmly in the control of a well-financed, evil cabal, right down to the Diebold electronic voting machines and a sockpuppet news media parroting the line of the Masters of the Masses.  The libertarian web site LewRockwell.com has occasionally run well honed essays promoting this viable choice.

The second option materializes only if Congressman Ron Paul decides to launch his own 3rd party effort after the Republican National Convention is over.  Paul’s assets are his ideological principles, a loyal grassroots constituency, and a higher degree of name recognition than would have been the case a year ago.  His liabilities include a less than effective communication style and bearing than one would like in a Presidential candidate in this media driven age, and the age-old problems confronting any 3rd party effort–money, ballot access, and media coverage.

There is a third option.  This involves casting a vote for Pastor Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution PartyI have endorsed Baldwin, on the basis of his ideological consistency and personal integrity, and also out of loyalty to my old friends in the Constitution Party.  Baldwin has already served the American Republic well by keeping Zionist shill Alan Keyes from taking over the 16 year old party founded by Howard Phillips in 1992.    If the Pensacola-based Baptist clergyman is to move his Party into better electoral results and the subsequent credibility such results would bring, he must prove to be a much better guerrilla political strategist and campaigner than his well meaning predecessors have been.  My advice to 2004 Constitution Party candidate Michael Peroutka, still available at Dave Black On-Line, holds true today for Chuck Baldwin.  He must pursue my Trinity Strategy with a vengeance, while targeting key swing states in a close election between the major party candidates.  If he manages this, his candidacy and the fate of his party might become exhiliratingly airborne like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.  If he fails, the Constitution Party will be consigned to the trash heap of history in the final days of the American Republic.

Finally, perhaps my friend Peter Phillips of Sonoma State University and Project Censored might have some thoughts on why The New York Times is willing to give Bob Barr and the Libertarians front page coverage, while ignoring Chuck Baldwin and his Constitution Party.  It may be more than a coincidence that the Georgia-based Congressman is an ex-operative of the Central Intelligence Agency, or that he is now associated with Dallas-based and H. Ross Perot-linked political consultant Russell Verney.  American Patriots may be interested in searching out these links and money trails in the days ahead–to see where they lead and what they mean.

Mark Dankof’s Republic Broadcasting Network radio show is heard around the world on Sunday mornings, 7-9 am Central time.  He is a contributor to the Washington-based American Free Press and serves as pastor of Immanuel Lutheran Church in San Antonio.


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