My opinion of Barak Obama

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My Opinion of Barack Obama

by Alan Adaschik

Excerpted from the full article at www.constitutionforum.us

“Barack Obama is intelligent, articulate, handsome, and dedicated to his beautiful family.  He also wants to be a President for all Americans and not just those with six figure incomes.  On the other side of the coin, the President Elect is a Democrat and his party shares responsibility with the Republicans for the mess this country is in.  Therefore, being a loyal Democrat, Barack Obama is handicapped in regard to the options available to him to help this Nation.  Also, as an accepted member of this Nation’s ruling establishment, he is committed to keeping Americans in the dark about how we are really governed.  Therefore, his most grievous character flaw is his willingness to participate in deception.  Proof of this is use of the word democracy to describe America, his wrongfully calling Bill Clinton a great president, and the fact that he has taken his oath of office with his fingers crossed behind his back.  In conclusion, appearances are that Barrack Obama is the answer to this Nation’s prayers, but the truth is that instead of being our salvation, we are in for politics as usual and politics as usual means the American experiment in Republican Democracy is over.”  (end excerpt)

Constitution Forum Updates

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November 2008 – What’s New


Home Page:  Three new selections have been added to the blue menu on the left side of the home page.  These are:

GOD & GOVERNMENT – There is a serious movement afoot in this Nation to breech the wall of separation between church and state.  This series exposes who’s behind this movement, what’s at stake, and why the people involved are anything but Christian.

THE NEW WORLD ORDER – The New World Order lays claim to the right to rule the world.  This series of articles tells you what these sick people are all about, why they are the worst people to have ruling anything, and why their rule is a curse upon us all.    

OUR ENVIRONMENT – The New World Order is hard at work doing everything it can to destroy our environment and make life as we know it impossible on this planet.  This series of articles tell us how they are going about doing this and why they will succeed.

Articles & Essays:  Two new articles have been added to this area of the site entitled “Gay Marriage” and “What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President”  “Gay Marriage” demonstrates why the movement to keep gays from calling their union a marriage boils down to nothing more than the majority tyrannizing the minority.  “What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President” demonstrates that when it comes to real change, Barack Obama is just more of the same because being a Democrat, he pays homage to the international criminals of the New World Order. 

Click here to go to:  Gay Marriage

Click here to go to:  What Barack Obama Will Not Do as President

Blast From the Past:  This site contains many articles and essays most of which go unread because they are old.  However, some of them are really good, well worth reading, and say a lot about what is happening to us today.  Each month What’s New will bring one of these articles to your attention.  This month’s article is “We Were Warned” which is a compilation of quotes by famous people warning us to look for to avoid was has happened to us.

Click here to go to:  We Were Warned


Constitution Forum contains some of the best essays and articles on government and other topics, on the web. 


Total Information Awareness …..They want me to justify my search terms.

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I just got online……..pulled up my browser and clicked my link for my own blog….the PPJ Gazette……and this is what showed up on my screen.


To Whom It May Concern:

No.  I do not want to fill out a personal history, and neither do I want to clear my IP address as I have done nothing to warrant this.  In any event, I am not required to justify to you or anyone else why I opened my own blog up or why I looked up anything else for that matter, on my own computer from my own home. 

I noticed that “clippy” as he is called….jumped up on the screen with this same prompt when I accessed opencongress.org, Constitution Forum, and my own name. Another time he appeared when I was playing online solitaire. 

I have no doubt my blog, my name, and the articles I have been writing for several years have earned me a spot on at least a few of your notorius blacklists.  You know the ones.  Where everyone who speaks out against the illegal policies and actions of this government are added to lists such as “suspected terrorist”.  Terrorist “watchlist”……”You breathe so you could be a terrorist” list.  Or Bachmann’s “Everybody but me could be a terrorist” list! 

Just so I make myself plain here, the justification for my search terms is this:

I WANTED TO!  That’s all the justification I need.  And you need to stop invading my privacy.  Find something worthwhile to do……like looking for those real terrorists …….that’s what you are getting paid for.  After all, we have been told for eight years how they are lurking under every rock, around every corner and are supposedly just lying in wait here on the net with big plans on how to brainwash us all into anti-American radicalism.

It is you who are the terrorists.  You who are consumed with radical ideology, and you who have been one of the greatest causes of loss of trust in our government.  What kind of person takes on this kind of job?  Was it lack of character?  Lack of integrity?  What flaw in your personality, or combination of flaws qualified you for this position? 

The fact is, the TIA isn’t trying to catch terrorists……they are simply spying on us, gathering useless information to add to piles of other useless information.  I guess when you are part of a government that has done so much to harm its own people and to betray them……you come to fear them.

(C)2008  Marti Oakley

The Economics of Disaster: from Constitution Forum



The government of the United States of America is not what it is today because it evolved from the government bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers. To be sure, instead of being a logical result of their efforts, instead, it is a realization of their worst fears. This deplorable state of affairs came about when our Republic was overthrown from within in 1913 as a result of the creation of the Federal Reserve; a private corporation given authority and control over our economy. This state of affairs allowed the conspirators who control the Federal Reserve to grow wealthy beyond anyone’s comprehension and they used this wealth to corrupt our government and the institutions of our society. The following two articles, “The Economics of Disaster – Parts I & II”, looks into these issues and expands upon the consequences associated with a fractional reserve banking system. Reading these articles will change your perceptions about how our government functions and allow you to discern what is behind the deplorable path our government is on today.

Click here to go to: The Economics of Disaster – Part I

Click here to go to: The Economics of Disaster – Part II


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New to PPJ is the Constitution Forum, a website dedicated to constitutional government put together by a gentleman named Alan Adaschik.  Alan has waged a one man war against the illegal and nefarious GATT treaty and has gone so far as to file suit against the federal government regarding GATT.  His site includes Essay’s and Articles, causes of action and some really astute constitutional observations. 

Check out http://www.constitutionforum.us/  here, or click on the links in our blogroll. 

Some of what you’ll find on http://www.constitutionforum.us/ 

PPJ will be crossposting articles from Constitution Forum regularly.  We’ll be looking forward to your input, your observations and opinions.


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