Ignore The Roller Coaster

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Whoa! Hold everything! Stop the music!

Take a break from frenetic stock trading and hear an alternative diagnosis of the numbers.


Today’s volume 180,200,207
Average daily volume (3 months) 203,982,552


A trade of 1000 shares of a stock with a bid of 19.90 and an ask of 20 will incur a typical commission fee of $14.95 at your discount broker and cost 20,014.95 to execute. More

In the world of stock trading, not all are losers.

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An important descriptor of the action on Wall Street is the Volume of Shares Traded.  Today that number was 335,678,907.


For traders with household balances less than $1,000,000, Charles Schwab charges $12.95 for the first 1,000 shares of each executed online equity trade.


If Charles Schwab had handled every trade today (In your dreams, Chuck), the total transaction fees would have totaled somewhere in the neighborhood of $4,347,042.


Obviously, not everyone involved in the Wall Street meltdown is on the road to the poorhouse.




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