A Message for American Bar Association Members


A Nation Beguiled

By Anna Von Reitz

Since 1868 this country has been criminally mismanaged and misrepresented in gross breach of trust, and in violation of solemn treaties and commercial service contracts.  This has resulted, among other things, in the practice of personage and barratry in American courts and on a worldwide basis.

Personage is essentially a crime of identity theft.  A living man or woman is deliberately presumed to be some form of incorporated entity instead and their lawful Trade Name is trespassed upon and mischaracterized to secure this end.

An example would be a living man named “James Clarence Penny” being deliberately mistaken as a C-Corporation doing business as “JC PENNY”, or a public transmitting utility doing business as “JAMES C. PENNY” or a public estate trust doing business as “JAMES CLARENCE PENNY” or a co-operative doing business as “JAS C. PENNY” and so on and on.

Barratry is the associated crime of bringing charges against living people under the false presumption that they are in fact legal fiction entities.

The American Bar Association has practiced both personage and barratry against the American people since at least 1933.  The Prima Facie evidence for this stands upon the court records of every maritime and admiralty court allowed to dry-dock in this country.


Its not The Law: A history of non-existent gun laws


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The Courts and the IRS: Jeff Maehr returns

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“They’re Picking Us Off, One-By-One!”



By Ron Ewart, President
National Association of Rural Landowners
and nationally recognized author on freedom and property rights issues.
We are helping to spread freedom and liberty around the globe.
“Every country we conquer feeds us.  And these are just a few of the good things we’ll have when this war is over.  Slaves working for us everywhere while we sit back with a fork in our hands and a whip on our knees.                                                                                                                           Curt Siodmak, novelist and screenwriter
Hage, Hiatt, Webb, Kelo, Strouss, Miller, Amos, Sackett, Lakin and Kilpatrick are just a few of the names of the tens of thousands of Americans who have had to fight alone against government abuse, arrogance and irrational and draconian laws, passed by out-of-touch lawmakers that don’t read the bills they pass, or take the time to determine whether those new laws, or even all the old ones, are constitutional.  Or, they had to fight against government agents working under the color of law with no legal authority, or in some cases, actually breaking the law.  The government and special interests know that most Americans won’t or can’t fight back.  They just go on their merry way as if the general population doesn’t exist and for the most part, it doesn’t. More

TS Radio: Guardianship Abuse with Mary Ellen & Michael Taylor

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Civil servants are personally liable for their actions: “I was just following orders” is no excuse


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved


He violates the statute not merely because he has a bad purpose but because he acts in defiance of announced rules of law. He who defies a decision interpreting the Constitution knows precisely what he is doing. If sane, he hardly may be heard to say that he knew not what he did. Of course, willful conduct cannot make definite that which is undefined. Willful violators of constitutional requirements, which have been defined, certainly are in no position to say that they had no adequate advance notice that they would be visited with punishment. When they act willfully in the sense in which we use the word, they act in open defiance or in reckless disregard of a constitutional requirement which has been made specific and definiteScrews v. United States , 325 U.S. 91 



The typical constitutional tort action involves an individual who has been injured by the action or inaction of a government official. The individual plaintiff will argue that the government should be liable for the injury because its conduct violates some constitutional provision. There is also tortious interference as a remedy.


The situation in Wisconsin today is rife with mountains of evidence of the acts of state personnel knowingly violating not only state but federally protected rights to property and commerce.  These actions have caused a loss of trade, ended family businesses, harassed and terrorized families and individuals and have been perpetrated under fictions of law and the color of law by individuals who believe they can violate anyone’s rights as long as they claim they work for the state and that they can do so with immunity for their actions.  We believe otherwise. 


The evidence of tortious interference ending or restricting the Constitutional right to trade freely with the intent to benefit:


  • Including trespass to land and,
  • To engage in a lawful business free of government interference,
  • By erecting administrative codes and statutes, meant to disrupt or end your right to engage in business and trade, and creating,
  • Autonomous corporate agencies empowered to unlawfully create laws injurious to the sovereign citizens to benefit corporate contractors and donors,
  • To construct barriers to the rights to engage in a lawful business and the use of agency personnel to harass, terrorize and prosecute private individuals to force compliance to statutes, codes and regulations intended to erect barriers to trade and the free flow of commerce by anyone other than approved corporate special interests.  
  • Violating the 4th Amendment against warrantless searches or seizures,
  • Ending the right to due process and judicial review
  • Claiming they need no proof or evidence of wrongdoing or disease; only a belief

Incorporated state agencies, and that includes every agency you can think of, More

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