All States Can Now Take Action to Prohibit the Use of Vaccine Passports

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Urge Your Legislators
to Ban Vaccine Passports
in Your State!

Note: This eblast is being resent with an updated link to allow citizens in every state to write to their personal legislators and Governor. States are going forward to prohibit vaccine and immunity passports. Take Action to support legislation that protects the fundamental right of privacy and prohibits government and businesses from issuing or using vaccine passports. The idea of vaccine or immunity passport has hit a deep nerve among Americans.  The concept of such a passport solicits massive push back because of its opportunistic infringement on fundamental rights of privacy and the right of all people to make their own health and medical decisions, including the right to accept or decline a vaccine. The concept of vaccine passports endorses outright coercion.  It blatantly promotes discrimination and segregation. It encourages businesses and individuals to become arms of the police power of the government to force compliance of government policies. People are rightfully asking: “Can they really do that?”  “Isn’t there a law prohibiting the government or businesses from requesting my personal medical information before I am allowed to have access to public life or transact business?”  “Can a business really block me from entering a bus or a train, a store, a theater, or a restaurant, if I don’t prove with proper data that I have obtained a government recommended vaccine?” Every individual has an inalienable and fundamental right to make decisions about their own bodies and their own health care, even during an emergency. The Constitutions of many states acknowledge the rights of their citizens. For example, Minnesota’s Constitution begins with: “Government is instituted for the security, benefit and protection of the people, in whom all political power is inherent, together with the right to alter, modify or reform government whenever required by the public good.” [MN Constitution Section 1.] And Minnesota spells out the right to refuse treatments and the rights of the people to make their own medical decisions even during an emergency with MN Statute 12.39 in part stating: “Notwithstanding laws, rules, or orders made or promulgated in response to a national security emergency or peacetime emergency, individuals have a fundamental right to refuse medical treatment, testing, physical or mental examination, vaccination, participation in experimental procedures and protocols, collection of specimens, and preventive treatment programs….” What would a vaccine passport do? Businesses would exclude individuals who have declined a vaccine or other medical treatment from receiving services even if the government does not require the vaccine or treatment. Americans coercing each other into injecting something into their bodies that they do not wish, goes against everything it means to be an American.  It must give Americans pause. It doesn’t matter whether the impetus for coercion is coming from government or businesses or both, it needs to stop. We can learn from the past and the destructive ways that coercion and discrimination have been used to control people. It is a grave mistake and time to stand for Health Freedom.
Urge Your Legislators to Support Bills Banning Vaccine Passports Now!

The battle against Smart Meters continues…but don’t count on your public officials to help you


Marti Oakley  © 2012 All Rights Reserved


News is coming in across the country regarding the fight against smart meters. If ever there was an indicator that not only does our government not work for the people, but that they have absolutely no interest in what the general population thinks or wants the smart meter issue has got to top the list. 

After being exposed personally to the smart meter scam, I began calling senators and representatives not only here in my state, Minnesota, but in other states as well just to get their response. 

Without exception this is what I was told in every instance of contact in exactly this order:

  • I never heard of smart meters….what are they?
  • We haven’t had any other complaints about smart meters.
  • Smart meters are no worse than your cell phone. (false)
  • There is no credible evidence that says these meters are dangerous. (false)
  • This is a legal issue…hire an attorney.
  • We only make the laws so we don’t get into legal issues.
  • There is nothing we can do for you. Go back to your city council.

What are the chances? More

Wisconsin DATCP: A rogue agency and its war on Wisconsins’ farmers


While Wisconsin politicians turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the police state actions being carried out by the rogue Department of Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) agents for DATCP kick the efforts to eradicate family and independent farmers into high gear. 

 In an effort to force compliance to the Premises ID program, designed to convey title of property through the use of deception and coercion, to the federal government, agents arrived this morning on the private property of Paul Griepentrog, without warrant or complaint.  The agent for DATCP handed Paul several papers most of which were not applicable under the law, and several of which were in direct violation of Supreme Court rulings.  

DATCP, a rogue agency which has been challenged multiple times for its harassment of Wisconsin farmers and most especially dairy farmers, interfering in the lawful conduct of business, seizing and destroying personal property without cause or authority to do so, have  just met their match.  

A message from Paul Griepentrog:


It has come to my attention that DATCP has ramped up enforcement of premises registration.  I received a visit from Randy Niederkorn this morning accompanied by a sheriff’s deputy, informing me that I would have to register in ten days or face prosecution.  I also received a call from Mark Brothen of Viroqua yesterday morning that he had received summons and complaint for failing to register. 

In Mark’s case DATCP refused to grant an administrative hearing twice.  DATCP is entering private property without warrant and complaint as required in the 1967 Supreme Court decision Camara v. Municipal Court were it states “Entry onto property by Public officials unconstitutional without warrant and complaint.” 

 The harassment of the states farmers by DATCP is in clear defiance of legislative intent as exemptions were written into statute however Dr. Ehlenfeldt refused to grant them.  There are others who have been notified of prosecution however have requested I not use their names. 

I personally cannot go against the Word of my God and will endure all, even death, rather than comply. 

Paul M. Griepentrog

W2402 Shady Knoll Rd.

Park Falls, Wisc. [54552]



CCHC: What makes you sputter with disbelief about ObamaCare?

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I’m off to Washington, D.C. on Monday discussing anti-ObamaCare strategies with Members of Congress. While I’m there for the week, let me ask you to have some fun and be engaged for freedom right where you are!

What makes you sputter with disbelief about ObamaCare?

You can Vote for the WORST one below…and support CCHC at the same time!

$13 = the 13 times ObamaCare forbids judicial review of federal (Dept. of HHS) regulations.
$21 = the 21 new ObamaCare taxes.
$30 = the 30 new rosters of political appointees authorized by ObamaCare.
$40 = the 40% tax on high-cost health plans.
$53 = the 53 new HHS regulations authorized by ObamaCare.
$60 = the 60 U.S. Senators who voted for ObamaCare.
$68 = the 68 times ObamaCare authorizes the expenditure of, “such sums as may be necessary.”
$123 = the average amount deducted from your paycheck for the CLASS Act unless you opt-out.
$219 = the 219 Democrat Representatives who voted for ObamaCare .
$560 = the 560 times “health plan” is written in by ObamaCare. True insurance not allowed.
$695 = the minimum fine an individual will pay if he or she doesn’t buy health insurance.
$906 = the 906 pages of the fine-print, reduced-size version of ObamaCare.
$1501 = Section 1501 which unconstitutionally requires citizens to purchase health insurance.
$2014 = the year ObamaCare will be implemented if not repealed.
$3267 = the 3,267 times “Secretary” is mentioned (empowered) in ObamaCare.
$____ = the number of lies you think you have heard about ObamaCare. 🙂

Pick one and then Donate that amount to CCHC to help us Defeat it!


Canadians Fighting Lockheed/Martin & Loss of Confidence in Government: Part 3

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SUBJECT: Census Data


October 13, 2006



Ivan Felligi

Chief Statistician of Canada




Industry Canada

Minister Responsible for Statistics Canada Maxime Bernier minister.industry@ic.gc.ca



Cc: Jacques.Morin@a.statcan.ca; Lyne.St.John@a.statcan.ca


CC: Lockheed-Martin

President (Canadian operations)

Martin Munro


613-599-3270 ext 3498 (Martin’s exec asst, Diane Grandy)


Dear Ivan,


I am in receipt of your registered letter dated October 3, 2006.


It does not address my reason for non-compliance with the census, communicated to you consistently and beginning back in 2003.


The reason you provide for the necessity of compliance with the census is not truth. I presume that if your reason is an untruth, it is because you do not have a truthful reason to offer.


I would be failing my responsibilities as a citizen were I to bow in cowardice to anyone, civil servant or otherwise, who attempts to intimidate me with the threat of the judicial system – jail time and fines – when there is no reasonable basis.


Lockheed-Martin is a large part of the American war machine. I will not, through complicity, add to their financial profits. I communicated this to you more than two years before the census, as did many other Canadians.


If I am to be treated equally before the Law, then you must equally refer the thousands of other Canadians who have not complied with the census to the Judicial system. I presume you are doing this.


The reason you have provided for the necessity of my compliance, quoting from your letter of October 3, 2006 is: “A compulsory response is required of all respondents because the census is essential for providing the information needed by governments, businesses, researchers and individual Canadians to shed light on issues that are critical to virtually every sector of society. If respondents were to arbitrarily choose whether or not they would answer the census questions, the result would not accurately reflect the characteristics of the population and would therefore not be considered useful or reliable.”


I am sorry to say, but that is a load of bull. Most people off the street know it’s not the way statistics work. I find it offensive that citizens are treated as though they are ignorant. In my particular case, I am a graduate of the College of Commerce, University of Saskatchewan. I majored in Quantitative Analysis (Statistics) and graduated with Honours. Every day we are provided with reliable statistical information not based on 100% sampling.


I repeat my point: if you must resort to blatant untruths I presume it is because you don’t have a valid argument to offer.


Another point I would like to make: you chose to define the Canadian census in a way that necessitated the out-sourcing.


On your website you record that the first census in Canada was conducted in 1666, the first national census in 1871. For centuries and decades the Government has defined the census in a way that civil servants had the capability of doing the work. To me, quite frankly, it is prudent to keep one’s work within the limits you are capable of managing.


If the Government is not capable of doing that which has been successfully managed by civil servants for decades and centuries, then the answer is to fire those responsible for the mismanagement. The answer is not to knowingly create some over-sized census monster which weakens one’s capabilities and then dictates an attitude of “I am so weakened I must rely on Big Daddy LM to help me out.”


Statistics Canada and its employees are to serve the interests of the citizens of Canada. Previous administrations have done that very well. If not, there would have been problems in the past. I am not aware of any. So I suggest that you need to re-think what you are doing.


Third and final point: in the last paragraph of your letter you say, “I would like to assure you that the information you provide on your census questionnaire will be kept strictly confidential, …”.


I reassure children so they may feel safe and secure. I think you mis-read the situation: I am secure, I am an adult. I do not need to be reassured by you. I will arrive at my own conclusions by observing your actions and by reading what you write.


Furthermore, not once in my communications with the Government have I mentioned concerns about the confidentiality of information. I have been clear and explicit in the reason for my non-compliance. You repeat this mantra about confidentiality. Not once have you addressed or attempted to address my explicitly-stated reason for non-compliance: the Statistics Canada contract with Lockheed-Martin enriches a corporation that plays a very large role in the American killing machine.


I am not being snooty. I am not “radical”. I come from rural Saskatchewan which is small “c” conservative country. I am “mature”, a Mother of 2 children. I do not believe in increasing the hatred in the world through killing other people and their children. Lockheed-Martin profits from the killing.


I don’t know into which pigeon hole you have slotted me. I am able to think.

I can connect the dots between my actions and wider outcomes. I was a member of and benefited from the Girl Guides of Canada for many years. I learned service to community. That community and sisterhood extends to women in all countries of the world. I had the privilege of attending an international camp. I slept in the same tent, cooked, laughed and danced with these women when they and I were young. I really don’t like seeing them killed, as in Iraq. That’s killed, as in dead. Why would I participate in, or be a collaborator with Lockheed-Martin? Perhaps you have not read the Washington Post, October 11? 655,000 more people have died in Iraq since coalition forces arrived in March 2003 than would have died if the invasion had not occurred (research overseen by epidemiologists at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health). The killing, once started, does not stop.


You were told by thousands of Canadians that Lockheed-Martin is a large part of the American war machine. You made a bad decision to “out-source”.


Your letter of October 3 is an attempt to coerce me through the threat of jail time and fines. Were my plate not full at the moment, did I not have more important priorities, I would be researching the avenues through which to lay charges, to “turn the matter over to the Department of Justice”, as you say. So that you might be tried for your tactics vis-a-vis me.


Yours truly,

Sandra Finley

Saskatoon, SK S7N 0L1


You Still Don’t Get It…….

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I’ve come to the conclusion that we really do need to throw the bums out! It won’t be too difficult on the Republican side…..21 representatives and senators have resigned or are not seeking re-election in ’08. More are expected. If I was them, I would take off running too. All the damage done to the country is about to come crashing down on us and these participants in the destruction want to get safely away before the real state of the union is revealed.

The Democrats have simply blown off the will of the American people and have decided that there will be no fence, no immigration enforcement, no repealing of the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Acts, the NSA spying bill, power grabbing Executive Orders or Presidential Directives that give the executive dictatorial powers……..no….and impeachment is off the table too! Never mind that our Constitution and Bill of Rights has been trashed……..lets talk about national healthcare.

And God knows on both sides they are tough(er) on national security. We now have to get clearance from DHS under Secure Flight to board a plane or train just to prove we are not criminals or terrorists. A boarding pass will now only be issued after clearance from DHS. And if they deny clearance; then what? Then nothing.

DHS can deny you clearance for any number of reasons, but you’ll never know what they are…..it’s a secret. You can’t defend yourself from their reasons…….because it’s a secret. You can’t sue, defend, or in any way obtain any information that the decision to deem you a “threat” was based on. It’s all a big secret…..and the information can never be removed from your dossier that they have built on you and add to daily.

The FBI is building a data base that now includes, dossiers on about 60 million people…..and intend to continue doing so. They have no idea and do not care whether the information they collect is accurate or true.

We are fingerprinted, iris scanned, facially imprinted, data mined, filmed, tracked by our cell phones, on our computers, through GPS installed in our cars and phones so they know who and where we are, and now they want a REALID chip implanted not only in us but in all newborn babies so they can track them for life.

Under the proposed S. 1959 Anti-Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorist Act, we could no longer legally assemble, rally, protest or contact our representatives because that could be considered using “force” especially if we are advocating for social or political change.

But the real intent is to close off whole sections of the internet limiting access to information your government doesn’t want you to have and halting the communication between grassroots coalitions and stopping the hemorrhaging of information about the illegal and unconstitutional activities of our government and its agents and operatives.

S 1959 does not define what “coercion, violence or force” would consist of. In fact, the bill is so loosely worded that simply writing this article could be defined as an act of “coercion” because I am trying to “force” you (by writing) to advocate for rejection of this bill. By force I mean; write your Senators, representatives, your mayors, governors, whoever, wherever and state your objections! This is the last volley in an attempt to render null, the 1st Amendment.

Every issue addressed in this bill is already covered by multiple laws. What this bill does do, is resurrect COINTELPRO and take it to an even further extreme and its intent is to destroy the open communication on the net. That is the real intent of this bill.

While all this goes on, millions cross our Southern border. We don’t know who they are, where they have come from or intend to go. We do know that 7,000 Afghani’s, 14,000 Chinese, and about 20 million Hispanics are here illegally. But instead of getting tough on national security like they claim our government on both sides hands them free food, education, medical treatment, fuel assistance, housing and now intends to let them access our Social Security system. All this while middle class American’s lose their homes to foreclosure and their jobs to overseas markets.

The fact is we have no national security. Our country has been compromised on every level and at every opportunity. Looking back at the laws and executive orders passed over the last seven years, it would appear that the terrorists the US government and its minions fear the most are the legal citizens of this country.

Marti Oakley  

copyright 2008

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