Man blocks road to Yellowstone Bison Trap


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Editor’s note:  The slaughter of wild horses and burros is expanded to include bison, wolves, sandhill cranes, and any other wild animal or bird that might get in the way of fracking and drilling.  While government agencies claim they are there to protect the animals from public abuse, the fact is, they kill intentionally, anything that walks or breathes.  The decimation of numerous wildlife species is being perpetrated by federal and state agencies.  Below is the video of one man who stood between the slaughter of the bison from Yellowstone, and the government agents who were salivating at the thought of the killing field that lay on the other side.

The Answer is No. The Time is Now



by: Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2o10 ALL RIGHTS RSERVED



If I had the opportunity to sit in each living room of America, this would be the conversation I would have with each individual who believe they have no power.

America – why are we making this so difficult? The endless discussion, the banter back and forth, the reconciliation game being played in Washington, D.C., Republican, Democrats, Constitutionality?

The answer, though simple, is quite clear once the muck is removed from the discussion. No. Polite, firm and insistent. “No Thank you Mr. Republicrat. The answer to Health Care Reform is No. The answer to an increase in Taxes? No.”  Not a qualified maybe, not a “wait and see”, the answer is No.

Can one not see the return of the Republican’s to the discussion is no more than their attempt to grab what little power and money not already jingling in the pockets of the Democrats? The call sweeping the Nation now  is – “The Vote in 2010 is going to wipe out the corruption in Washington, by replacing the Democrats with Republicans.” Do you really believe that?

I say the answer is No.   No incumbents.   Each and every one of them has contributed to the conflagration that currently abides in this Nation. If you truly believe that through the election process a single one is going to carry through for your wants or needs, take the blinders off and open your eyes.

The only path to the return to simple Government of the People By the People is the People.

Not promises, additional Regulatory Practices, endless debate or bargaining. More

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