It was reported this evening that the original three page demand from the Bush administration laying out what Bush believed was another slam dunk, has now ballooned to more than 100 pages.  Voting is expected to take possibly Monday, September 29, 2008.


Voting to take place with no public hearings, no publication on the net of the actual text of the bill, and no chance for the American people whose money is being stolen to shore up corrupted corporations and companies to voice their opinion or make any demands.


The theory put forth by those writing this odious piece of legislation is that if they threaten us enough with not being able to get a home loan, a car loan or credit for small businesses (those worth 5 million minimally) somehow we are all going to suffer.  I think not.


If we can’t buy homes, cars and some of this other cheap foreign made crap that fills the shelves in all of our stores, so what?  That might make us unhappy, but it won’t hurt us.  But think about this….If we can’t buy homes, cars or get credit we will still survive.  On the other hand, if THEY can’t sell homes, cars or extend credit, they’ll go broke.  It all goes back to the guys at the top. 


We are tough and can survive a depression.  It won’t last long.  The greed is too engrained, the corruption to great to pass up the greatest consumer market in the world.  After all this is supposed to be what this is about, isn’t it?  Those great, wonderful economy boosting free markets that were going to grow the economy at such a rate it would be nearly impossible to keep track of it?


I find myself still asking why those in the upper 3% who enjoy those special tax cuts and who more than likely profited from this corruption of the markets, and those who raped and plundered these companies driving them into the ground, and those who knowingly acted unethically and illegally…..why aren’t they being tapped for this bailout?


Those who became wealthy or increased their wealth won’t be losing anything.  They’ll still be wealthy.  And we’ll still be struggling to pay for their retention of their wealth.


We are being blackmailed plain and simple.  If this bailout isn’t enough to vote the bums out of office…what is?