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Is Someone Kidding Me?


I can’t stand it!

Stop, before I die laughing!

“MinnPost’s Don Shelby has a fascinating scoop about how the parent company of Polymet, which is proposing new nonferrous mining on the Iron Range, has hired Tony Hayward. You might remember Hayward as the CEO of BP during the massive underwater Gulf Coast oil spill last year.



The War That Never Ended

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by W. R. McAfee, Sr.

July 22, 2010

Copyright © by W. R. McAfee, Sr. All rights reserved.

Joan Veon recently pointed a light at where the globe’s money is concentrated today.

Controlling currency is key to the financial “elite’s” end game. They’ve done this through their central banks, fiat money, usury, etc. as a means to control nations through their currencies.

The British, seeing a U.S. colony plum, couldn’t defeat America militarily during the revolution, so they tried again in the War of 1812. They succeeded in burning the White House and Capitol before being defeated again a couple years later; agreeing to a treaty in 1814.

Everyone went home.

But the London bankers, undeterred it seems, set out on a course to do financially what they could not do militarily. Not content to think small, they began to plan and establish banks around the world; their intent being to control these countries’ through their currencies. More

BP Was Asleep At the Wheel – But Politicians Gave Them the Keys.


by: Lynn Swearingen (c) copyright 2o10 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Gulf Coast Walrus?

Alrighty folks. We can bash BP all we want, but lets face facts. As clearly pointed out today in this clever little piece, BP  had the gonads to toss together a “response plan” (including saving the non-exsistant Gulf Walrus population) dealing with oil spill issues.

However the current Administration approved the plan.

So before we go looking to “kick some gluteus maximus” overseas and tame the British Empire to our demands, we better start with our own internal issues.

Three Presidential Administrations share the blame for the current spill. In a quick little synopsis we can see:

A regional shallow hazards survey and study was carried out at the project area by KC Offshore in 1998 (Clinton). High resolution, 2D seismic data along with 3D exploration seismic data of the MC 252 was collected by Fugro Geoservices in 2003 (Bush). The prospect was initially acquired by BP at MMS Lease Sale #206 in March 2008 (Bush).

Mapping of the block was carried out by BP America in 2008 and 2009 (Bush % Obama). BP secured approval to drill the Prospect from MMS in March 2009 (Obama) without MMS requiring use of an acoustic blowout preventer actuation alternative. An exploration well was scheduled to be spudded in 2009.

On 7 October 2009 the Transocean Marianas semi-submersible rig commenced drilling, but operations were halted at 4,023 feet (1,226 m) below the sea floor on 29 November 2009, when the rig was damaged by Hurricane Ida. The Transocean’s Deepwater Horizon rig resumed drilling operations in February 2010.

In September 2009, the rig drilled the deepest oil well in history at a vertical depth of 35,050 feet (10,683 m) and measured depth of 35,055 feet (10,685 m).

At the time of the accident, Deepwater Horizon was working on BP’s Mississippi Canyon Block 252, referred to as the Macondo Prospect. The rig was last located 50 miles (80 km) off the southeast coast of Louisiana. In October 2009, BP extended the contract for Deepwater Horizon by three years, to begin in September 2010. The lease contract was worth US$544 million, a rate of $496,800 per day.

Ultimately we know the “Buck stops here” means the current Energy Secretary could have, and should have, reviewed this process before awarding BP the opportunity to continue the drilling process.

The BP incident is indicative of what we all know. The corruption, arrogance and “business as usual” attitude in our Government is unchecked.

We the people have an opportunity to fix this. The adage “there is no use crying over spilt milk” (or in this case Oil) is applicable.

All incumbents out in November and in 2012.

I’m sure they could easily find employment in the Gulf Region and maybe even the Eastern Seaboard for the next decade or so.

Neither BP nor the ‘government’ are going to fix this. Remember the Superfund sites?

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  • If you care about the environment
  • If you care about wild life
  • If you like to eat seafood
  • If you care about small businesses
  • If you like to visit the beach
  • If you care about your children/grandchildren’s future

Please review and share this information.

We all need to get involved. Neither BP nor the ‘government’ are going to fix this. Remember the Superfund sites?

There are folks already lining up to move in to help mitigate the damage (carnage) in the Gulf area.
Dr Castle’s amazing product AmeriHaz needs to play a significant role in the Gulf cleanup campaign.

Here’s a short video demonstration of the AmeriHaz (formerly Aerohaz) capabilities:

Please share this information with all you know. This oil spill is an absolutely terrifying catastrophe – especially if you understand plankton. We the People cannot count on our corrupt federal government and their corporate partners (especially the banksters) to ‘do the right thing’. We are going to have to do our best to fix this mess ourselves.

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