Will Gulf coast workers suffer the same fate as those who cleaned up after the Valdez?

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My name is Merle Savage, and I worked extensively as a female general foreman in Task Force One, during the oil recovery project in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989. My name during that summer was Bailey; however, in 1994 I obtained a divorce and retained my former name of Savage. This is why any one that worked the cleanup was unable to locate me until now.

Between May 5-September 15, 1989 I worked for Veco which was the company that was contracted by Exxon to supply boats, equipment, and personnel for the oil cleanup. The first weeks I cleaned the beaches with a 5 inch hose on my shoulder spraying hot water onto oily rocks. The spray mixed with crude oil was always coming up into our faces. Respirators were not available only paper masks. We were always covered with crude oil. On the beaches there was no way to wash our hands before eating and it was impossible not to get the crude oil on our food. The work day was anywhere from 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week. We faced each day suffering from the Valdez Crud, which was like an extreme flu, with chills, fever, vomiting, headaches, and respiratory infections with chronic coughing that lingered throughout the 4 months.    READ  MORE


Giant Plumes of Oil Forming Under the Gulf

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Submitted by James P Harvey “OldDog”

OldDogs Comment:

There is a small enough group of corporations drilling deep water wells in the planets oceans so that a united research effort on disaster recovery methods should have been PERFECTED right after the first one was in operation, and BEFORE any more was drilled. The fact that it was not, totally destroys the oil industries, all National Governments’, scientist, and media industries credibility.

The assumptions that the worlds elected representatives are intelligent, honest, experienced, and responsible enough to be stewards of society’s welfare is ludicrous.

The global disaster that awaits us after a major series of deep water earth quakes will be the end of humanity.

It is certain that the world has a major problem of stupidity, or they would jointly seize all of the international banker’s assets and finance a joint effort to replace deep water oil recovery as a world energy source.

It would also be a good idea to use them as live feed on an alligator farm.*********************** More

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