Multiculturalism At The Crossroads

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Chuck Frank


Brussels, the worlds agent for tyrannical change now bristles at the thought of losing any more ground while attempting to convince European states that multiculturalism and open borders is the answer to the worlds ills.  Actually it is just the opposite and the Czech Republic has now joined Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia in defying Brussels mandates and quotas by refusing entry to those potentially violent immigrants coming from places within the middle east.

Though the Brussels grand plan is crumbling for it has brought much chaos and cost to Europe, all along, it was still a Trojan Horse to be made up of an EU army partially supported by the UN to “keep the peace” and usher in more centralized control because of the chaos they created.

The Brussels banking elite and their Bilderberg group plan for world domination, for now, has seriously been dealt a blow, not only by the Brexit, but by the defiance of other EU member states who may also be ready to make their own exit.  For the record, it is not hard to see that the Brussels multicultural endgame, all along, has been meant to destroy the sovereignty of the EU nation states in order to set up their own tyrannical rule of the New World Order.  And where might one ask, does America fit into this equation with all of its regulations, mandates and the rising police state?    More


Occupy Bilderberg 2012 – We Need Your Support!



Note: Please share this on every social network possible – email, text, and tweet. We encourage members of the alternative media to post this as well, as we will need all the support we can get.)

As you may well be aware, The Intel Hub has been progressively stepping up and expanding our operations to bring you (the readers) amazing exclusive content including coverage of this years Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia, all provided as a service free to the public.

Some of the things you can expect at Bilderberg 2012 from the intelhub.com will be;
■Live Streaming Footage (at both scheduled and on-the-fly intervals)
■Live Video Interviews with members of the alternative media, demonstrators, and more
■Real Time Updates & Articles on the intelhub.com
■Frequent Release of YouTube Content before, during, and after the event
■Exclusive in Your Face Action

We will also be conducting film, TV, and radio interviews while releasing captured YouTube video’s uploaded from location.

We will be on the ground with reporters Shepard Ambellas, Alex Thomas and Jason Bermas as we seek to capture some exclusive footage of ibe the most gripping meetings of the elites on the planet, Bilderberg 2012.

We are requesting contributions to offset our out-of pocket expense that we already have incurred. Please understand this is not cheap to do, we need your support.

Please visit our Official Bilderberg 2012 Page and, if at all possible, donate through the Occupy Bilderberg 2012 chip in within this article.

You can also visit our Chip In Page here. http://widget.chipin.com/widget/id/757c44cbb8ab0a9b*

Note: Those that donate over $200 dollars will have the opportunity to be in contact with us the entire time we are on the ground!

Conspirators Heirarchy:The Story of the Committee of 300…..online book

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by Dr. John Coleman

Excerpted from: “Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300″ 

“Testifying to the truth of this statement is the fact that the Committee of 300 set up the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) under the auspices of the Round Table. This institute is the vehicle for M16-Tavistock black propaganda and wet jobs (an intelligence cover name denoting an operation where bloodshed is required), nuclear and terrorist, which goes to the world’s press for dissemination, as well as to government and military establishments.

Membership of IISS includes representatives of 87 major wire services and press associations as well as 138 senior editors and columnists drawn from international newspapers and magazines. Now you know where your favorite columnist gets all of his information and opinions from. Remember Jack Anderson, Tom Wicker, Sam Donaldson, John Chancellor, Mary McGrory, Seymour Hersh, Flora Lewis and Anthony Lewis, et al? The information provided by IISS, especially scenarios like those prepared to blacken President Hussein and to justify the coming attack on Libya and condemn the PLO are all specially tailor-made for the occasion. The Mai Lai massacre story published by Seymour Hersh came straight out of IISS, just in case we wrongly suppose that men like Hersh do their own research work.”


Keep in mind that Conspiracies are [theories] only if you have no evidence. 

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