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This is very explicit and as one commentor put it, painfully succinct. I asked Mark if I could re-print this article on the PPJ, and this was his response: 


It seems Ok. I would assume, Barbara that you understand that I published the article as a ‘point of honest discussion’. In sorts, that is why I used my ‘another self’. In anyone of us there are those two and the real truth is somewhere in between, I suppose.




Here is the article: 


From the author:


I don’t like him. Sometimes I don’t like him at all. We argue all the time. But he never quits. He comes to me during my insomnia and he says that stuff again and again. When I tell him to shut up he whispers. I can’t get rid of him. So I share him. Here he is.

When I was a teenager in Russia I had a dream. That dream was to switch on the radio in the morning and not to hear about the Jews. I had a dream to pass the newspaper stand where the people would discuss the news and not to hear the Jewish issue. I had a dream to come to school and not to hear from our political gurus anything about Israel or the Jews. It was a dream of a tired old man in a body of a teenager. Teenagers should not have such dreams. They should have dreams about girls or boys, about bikes, about music, about movie heroes. They should be happy. That dream was a dream of an unhappy man. I am unhappy since. Unhappy people are frequently very angry. They keep their angst under control, especially if the society does not care and there is a limited freedom of expression. But God works in mysterious ways and when a person immigrates to the USA, here freedom of expression is paramount. I came here to rest but then I turned on the TV and I heard the same tune. Oh, yes, this time it was just a discussion. Everything can be discussed in America; there is nothing sacred, so why would the Jews be an exception? Of course, not. But here I can add my voice to the discussion. And my angst too.

So, you, my dear folks do not like the Jewish influence? You seem to even make lists of all those people with the Jewish names who are rich, influential and help their kind while not giving a damn about the country? You complain about them bastards? How touchy. If we look deeper though you complain about some people who belong to a specific ethnicity, happen to be successful, bastards as they are, and they also promote their interests at whatever costs. What? That seems like an America to me. Isn’t it what is trumpeted on every corner, promoted by every show? Be ruthless, work hard, become successful, don’t give a damn, enjoy being a bastard? Isn’t that what our women desire- a man has to be handsome, ruthless and stupid? Ok, many of those men are not handsome but as for two other qualities- they are good at that. And they happen to be Jewish? So what? They do what ANY American dreams to do and if it hurts the country-tell it to your representatives when they go on the take. They don’t have to sell their souls. If they do that they do that because they want to sell themselves. But if it is so, then it does not matter who buys them.

You, folks think like losers. Here are the bastards with the Jewish noses and you envy them. You would prefer to be deceived or handled by someone else. You are lazy racists. You cannot handle yourself; you let the idiots run the show and then you complain, ’Oh, boy, those Jews are bad.’ You can’t handle the competition, you, lazy bums. You know who said the same things you are saying now? The Nazis. Yes, they appealed to those German bums who could not handle a competition from those smart, adaptable, cosmopolitan, shrewd Jews who also happened to make better products and, God forbid, play politics too. So the Nazis complained about the ‘sacred traditions of the German craftsmanship’, about the Jews undermining the country for the cause of the International capital, about the Jews exploiting the good German workers. Of course, when they destroyed that competition they surely made the German workers happy by turning them into permanent slaves. It was a crock then and it is a crock now and you know that. You do not want the Jewish bastards to do it their way? Make it your way, try it on the open field. You do not like the bastards at the helm? No problem, help the honest people, Jews or not to take that helm. How nice would that be if you write that, ‘there is a lot of honest, hardworking Jewish people at the helm and our country benefits a lot.’ BTW, do you want that? Or maybe there is something else?

Oh, but there is something else. You don’t want to admit it but it is there, all right. You complain because those Jews, they don’t know their place. Or rather they do not want to know the place you defined for them. That media of yours, it pampers you big time: everyone should know his place and your place is on top of all. You have a place for the Jews but not in power. Jews must not tell you what to do; they must not use your tax money, they must not buy delegates, they must not screw the Treasury. All those activities you reserve for your whitie brethren of whatever North- European descent. As for Jews you want them to be entertainers and qualified servants. Jewish doctor, lawyer, movie producer, composer, engineer are OK. Jewish pundit, financier, tycoon, goon, politico, lobbyist- they are not cool. They exhibit too much power. What’s too much? Where the Hell is the limit? Who defined it? You want the Jews to be ‘strange people in big cities with goofy religion?’ Let them appear when convenient, have their Holy Holidays and die in the Holocaust? Oh, yes, I know where the limit comes from. It comes from the Holocaust- a US movie which hijacked the whole tragedy, gave it its own name and established a standard for the Jews adopted by the Americans and Europeans for the years to come.

You see, according to the Holocaust and other unfortunate movies the Jews who died in that tragedy were nice. They were victims because they were all nice, all religious, rather poor or not much in the money, no greed, no malice, no adultery, no communism, no atheism, no agnostics, no Jewish homosexuals, no embezzlers- a perfect mosaic of ideal people somehow wiped out by the mad, evil Nazis. Hey, why didn’t you ever describe American Indians that way? Or how about Roma people? They perished in that fire too. But they were not clean, not cool and did not go to Heaven apparently, so your Holocaust industry considers them gone. No Roma in the history books for our impressionable children. Let them weep for the Jews and read the diary of Ann Frank between sexual intercourses and marijuana. Works good on the psyche.

Yes, you want us nice. But in reality those who died and those who killed were not that different. In fact they were very much alike. The victims of the Holocaust were not perfect; they did not have to be. And reality states as truth be told that in that genocide one group of ladies and gents killed another group of ladies and gents for one and one reason only: because they could. And they could because the third group of ladies and gents, the biggest one, the Good Christians with money and power, the ones which now weep the crocodile tears did not give a damn to stop that and even helped as much as they could. Oh yes, no matter what and who warned that group from heroic Stephan Lux who killed himself on the floor of League of Nations to the whole bunch of German (!) judiciary who emigrated in the 1930s and trumpeted the warning all over the world-no one cared and no one listened. That’s the lesson some people learned from that time and that’s why instead of the stupid name of Holocaust honest people in the world call it as a whole ‘The Extermination of the European Jews and Roma people by the Nazi Germans and their collaborators in the period from 1933 till 1945’. Eat your checkers. That’s how it has to be defined. Here is wisdom though. Those were not Roma and Jews who were killed. People killed their own.

Ok, so now you understand that we are not nice. And you do not like that. State of Israel is not nice. It has a standing army, it attacks its neighbors, it oppresses the Arabic population. How dare they? Not cool. I agree. It is not right. Israel has a lot of issues to solve. But hey, do you remember how it started? In 1948 after the war who cared for all those surviving Jews and Roma ( Roma are not even mentioned)? Any special commissions, special decisions, any justice mechanism on the level of property, any citizenship? There was a Marshall’s plan in effect coming; was there anything specific about help to resettle and compensate the Jewish people of Europe? Hardly. On the contrary, Jews were an embarrassment. They could sue anyone, even Vatican. They asked too many unfortunate questions. They were bad witnesses. They were too loud, too noisy too demanding, too uncool. No one cared about Roma but the Jews could not be ignored. And when Zionists came out and proposed to take care of ALL the Jews, it was a blessing for those SOBs who ran the show. Now you do not like Zionists. But at that time they were the only people in the West who took responsibility to provide a safe haven for the nation which was nearly wiped out by Genocide. No one else did that. Oh, yes, in the East there was Stalin. The triumphant dictator just said that he ‘did not have a Jewish issue’. For him they were as all other subjects and he was the Father of all. End of the story. But in the West the Zionists not only wanted to resettle the Jews- they wanted to make them a new nation ( under their ruling, of course), give them a new purpose, create a permanent Jewish state, the one and only place on Earth where a Jew could decide his destiny without looking at the goym, without fear, among his own kind. Such endeavor needed a FIGHT for it and they commissioned a fight for the Holy Land. For that they promised the SOBs not to ask difficult questions and not to sue Vatican. They promised to OWN all the Jews and make them a nation which only works for Israel. The SOBs were happy to oblige and sold the Arabic population of the Holy Land fair and square. Otherwise they would have to give every Jew the Passport of the World Citizen which would allow him/her to live and work anywhere through Europe, I suppose. No matter what you and me think about Zionists they fulfilled their promise: the Nation of Israel stands. It is not a good nation and it is not a bad nation. Nobody promised that. It is a nation though and before there wasn’t one. It did not come out the way it was proclaimed and it seems to have some insurmountable problems but it is there. And that is a good thing.

You do not like them? Did you help them to become better? You did not care for those Arabs killed in 1948 even when Einstein signed a letter of concern. You did not care for them in 1950s. When Israel started to squeeze the Jews from the former Soviet Union you were happy. You never checked if people from the Soviet Union ever wanted to be ‘let go’. You did not care that in 1956 during the Hungarian uprising thousands of Hungarian Jews were killed. Better for Israel, right? Israel needed people, young people to fight its wars and it took them from even Ethiopia. You did not care if those people might prefer something else. You did not ask them. Israel took care of them, of all those unfortunate, smelly, poor, uneducated, miserable Jews ( in case of the Soviet Jews those were educated all right but not the way you wanted, right?) and Israel reeducated them so that they forgot their language and studied Hebrew and took guns (provided by you) and killed Arabs whom they had never heard of before. And you were happy and Zionists were happy and even Saudis were happy because the stench was not felt. The wind was blowing in a different direction and it was a smell of oil in the air.

Now the stench feels big time. Now there are millions of people at stake. Now there are casualties, terrorists, 1972 tragedy and 9/11 abomination. Now there is a wave of hate in the Middle East. And now you lament that ‘those people fight for 2000 years?’ What a crock of dung! Children do not fight for 2000 years. It was you; it was your leadership who poked and poked into that wound until it became a gangrene and now you dare to accuse the very people who have to deal with it on a daily basis of intolerance? Shame on you! How many of your crooks had benefited, how many young CIA operatives had founded their careers, how many movies were made, how many books written and HOW MANY PEOPLE DIED there for your entertainment, I wonder? Leave Israel alone. If you are honest about Peace, tell your leadership from the US and Europe to back off. Tell them to take their sticky fingers out and only send humanitarian help. Tell them to push Saudis to help the poor and disenfranchised and pay money, lots of money to all in the region to make peace. Tell them to stop chewing on the Jews and Arabs and GO F&%K themselves. That is a message for all , including GW.

Honesty is the best policy and it benefits all. Jews do not have to prove anything to anyone. They play the game exactly as everyone else. They are also capable of anything other people are capable of. Nobody has a right to state that he/she knows what the goodness is and what is badness. History judges only by the level of the honest effort and in the eyes of History Hitler, for instance would not be judged for his monstrosity; he would be judged because he was a LIAR. He did not have any real plan,only an illusion; he lied to his people and made them monsters.

This experience tells us all that none of us ever should start evaluating people, groups or nations from the pedestal of being better. None of us is better. Those of us who did not participate in the atrocities are JUST LUCKY. Please, stop chewing on the words, definitions, stop making lists and sniffing out the people from another tribe. There is no eternal goodness; there is just an eternal opportunity. We must create a society, work on it, the one which has alternatives, lots of them, choices, so that the bastards have to compete, fight for the positions, money, power with the good people and we have to help those good people while acknowledging that the bastards are paramount and they have no origin, no nationality, no roots. The bastards are eternal. So are we.

And from the author once again:


So now you know that second me, the doppelganger, the one who comes to me in my sleepless nights. Not that I agree with what he says. But sometimes he has a point. I also want to wake up one day and do not hear about the Jews. Just for one day. Is that too much to ask?


Copyright 2008, Mark Sashine


Reprinted with permission from Mark Sashine. Original posting at LINK.

Glenn Beck…Limbaugh’s “mini-me”


I started watching Glenn Beck when he accidentally produced an intelligent program once, on CNN.  I thought then, “I don’t agree with his take on this, but at least he seems to have done some real thinking of his own.”   I can appreciate a difference of opinion when it is rational and reasonable and I’m always looking for views different than my own that may shed new light on an issue, maybe something I hadn’t considered or known about.

I couldn’t tell you now what that broadcast was about as I have had to relegate Beck to the same bottom of the barrel category that is populated by the likes of Coulter, O’Reilly and other noxious gasbags like Limbaugh.

It would appear that Beck has now been designated as Limbaugh’s “mini-me”.  Taking a play from Limbaugh’s misogynistic handbook, Beck made the assertion that only “ugly” women are progressives.  This is a take-off on Limbaugh’s comparable assertions some years ago.

What I find hysterical here, is that both Limbaugh and Beck are extraordinarily un-attractive men.  Apparently, using their rational, only “ugly” men are right-wing, Republican Christians. 

His comments, which I believe occurred on his radio show about the 6th of March, 2008 (you couldn’t actually say those things on TV with a camera pointing at your doughy, pudgy face without hearing the laughter from coast to coast) were followed by comments that these “ugly” women would get a another chance once they were in heaven.  Hmmmm.

Beck’s comments are nothing new for the right wing extremists who believe that God loves a bigot.  This faction of the “moral” right wing has no problem in stooping to new lows in bigotry, discrimination and vulgarity.  This same faction holds as its icons the foul mouthed and stupendously unattractive Anne (Andy) Coulter; the compulsive sexual harasser of women and purveyor of misinformation, Bill O’Reilly, and the pill popping junkie, woman hating, Limbaugh.

All three men (four if you include Coulter) have realized they are becoming irrelevant.  American’s, for the most part have realized that what these people have to offer is….nothing. 

Beck’s reliance on promoting himself as a Christian while making such spectacularly un-godly and unfounded remarks is wearing thin.  Having had little credibility to begin with, Beck’s remarks take him to new lows.  But, I would imagine that he has plenty of company down there…..the bottom of the barrel is populated by others like him who say the most unbelievably crass and vulgar things and those who feel that unless they are hating someone, somewhere……their life just has no value. 

Far from being the rational and educated reporter/journalist/broadcaster or whatever I thought he was, it turns out that Beck is just a smaller version of Limbaugh: nothing of value to contribute, nothing of importance to say, and nothing worth listening to.  Unfortunately for all of us….someone gave him a mike.  Talk about ugly…….maybe you’ll get your chance when you get to heaven Glenn.

Marti Oakley

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