Duty to Warn

By Gary G. Kohls, MD


“The real power of the media is the power to ignore.” Big Media censors out or distorts scientific facts – especially the inconvenient kind – and then helps its partners in crime to smear and intimidate anybody who challenges its interests. Heretics are not welcome. Ask Andy Wakefield, Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden and the hundreds of other American whistle-blowers for justice that have been made radioactive.”


Definitions below have been obtained from a variety of open-source online sites – and then edited to fit

Big Pharma is the pejorative term given to the vast number of multinational (global) pharmaceutical corporations. It takes no Hippocratic Oath, does not insist that its sycophants give fully informed consent when their products are prescribed and it ignores the Precautionary Principle, thus affirming the sense that it has no concern for the health of its users or the health of the planet.

Big Pharma’s corporations make up the most profitable industry on the planet. According to US surveys, its executives are also among the most despised multimillionaires in America – just behind Big Tobacco and Big Oil. It is the industry that has the largest number of salespersons (who try to induce/bribe physicians to prescribe their increasingly unaffordable products that usually have no long-term safety studies performed prior to launch, especially when taken in combination with other of its drugs).

Big Pharma spends the most money of any other industry advertising their products on TV and print media outlets (trying to make prospective patients demand getting the prescribed from their physicians). This industry hires the most highly paid lobbyists in Washington, DC (many of whom actually help write legislation that favors itself at the expense of patients – who are at the mercy of the medical establishment that prescribes its products).

Critics of Big Pharma often use the Big Pharma nickname when addressing this partial list of its well-documented abuses: More