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Lessons for the Sanders’ Revolution of 2016 From the Doomed Progressive Politics of the Post-Vietnam Era in Australia


new-logo25kohlsBy Gary G. Kohls, MD


“Fear and negativity won out in Australia after the coup. Again, that familiar tune. We learn from this that opponents of change will do anything. As we’ve seen here, they will play dirty, they will vow and pledge and undermine like there’s no tomorrow. We cannot expect them to abide by democracy or decency.” – Meaghan Delahunt


Four decades ago in Viet Nam War-era Australia, after a decade in which that nation’s progressive thinkers (especially its logically anti-imperialist, antiwar youth) were fed up with Australia’s collaboration in the stupidity and the atrocities of the American-led Vietnam War, a political movement emerged that came close to revolutionizing the ever-lasting right-wing Australian political system.

The early 1970s were exciting times for progressives, and it was happening at the exact same time that the disastrous and ill-conceived agendas of Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger were provoking chants in the streets that said “Hell No, We Won’t Go”. Australian progressives were sympathizing with returning American Viet Nam veterans who testified about the war crimes that they had committed “in country” and then, in disgust, went to Washington, DC and threw their military medals at the Pentagon.

The revolutionary Australian movement of the early 1970s was virtually indistinguishable from the politics of the 2016 Bernie Sanders-led movement that came close to upsetting America’s entrenched, conservative, perpetual war, pro-Wall Street, pro-privatization political system that has had increasingly firm control of America’s electoral politics for the last century. Back then, in Australia’s major parliamentary elections of 1972 and 1974, the Australian Labour Party’s very popular progressive politician (and democratic socialist) Gough Whitlam was elected and then re-elected as Prime Minister. Whitlam was vigorously opposed by the very conservative (right-wing, NeoLiberal) Liberal Party – the equivalent of the conservative Tory Party in England.

Below is what author Meaghan Delahunt has to say about how progressive politics in Australia was decapitated. Delahunt has uniquely experienced both the crushing Australian coup d’etat in 1975 and the equally crushing (and failed) Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014 (to gain independence from Great Britain). More

Australia: mandatory vaccines and the secret treaty

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Connecting the dots

Brave New World

By Jon Rappoport
May 10, 2015

“There is never a decay of organized religion. When one church falls, another is built. During the 20th century, the new church was Science—in particular, Medical Science. It was constructed to extract the maximum amount of compliance from the population. This is what all orthodox churches do. So in addition to the countless numbers of diagnoses and drugs, there was the element of mind control: ‘Follow our orders. We know the truth and we are giving it you for your own good; we love you and care about you, unless you rebel; then we consign you to Hell.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Globalism is the New World Order. There is no mystery about it.

The alliance between mega-corporations, banks, and governments is ever-growing, as they extend their power over populations.

In this article, I use the example of Australia to illustrate a hidden point that applies to nations all over the world:

The medical cartel is “a compliance arm” of the New World Order.

The principle is simple: expand the degree of citizen-obedience in one area, and you expand it in all areas.

You create the core habit of obedience. That habit extends down into the subconscious mind.

Globalism and the New World Order need that obedience, because its methods are often so outrageous only robots would fall into line.

For an example of outrageous lunacy, take the upcoming Globalist treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). When ratified by 12 nations (Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam), it will establish the right of corporations to bypass national courts and demand that their products be sold, without tariffs, without concern for workers who are paid slave wages, without concern for poisoning the environment with toxic chemicals.

This is a secret treaty. In Australia, it will be signed by the cabinet before any supporting legislation is considered.

Here is a brief quote from tppaustralia.org:

“It [the TPP] has over 20 chapters which include everything from labour and the environment, to intellectual property and telecommunications. The negotiations have been kept secret even from our own Parliamentarians and Senators, but from leaked drafts of the TPP text, we know that there is legitimate reason for concern.” More

In England and Australia: banning guns


  John Boering

As one man in this video says: “once they start gun registration, they now know where your guns are and what you have.”  Once they ban one kind of gun, they will follow with more bans and eventually show up at your door to take all of your guns. Brittain and Australia began banning guns with the promise of a safer public.  As was predictable, a black market boomed and criminals of all stripes armed themselves. 

For decades, our own government has sought ways and reasons to ban guns.  Only a government fearful of its own people tries to disarm them. 

This video should be a wakeup call to America. 

Americans better pay attention and listen good!

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The disaster of animal indentification in Australia……and Representative Colin Peterson wants to make it mandatory in the US?

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ABA Congratulate R-Calf on NAIS Opposition

TheCattleSite News Desk

January 07, 2009

US – The US cattle industry has moved a step further away from implementing a National Animal Identification Scheme (NAIS) thanks to the Ranchers and Cattlemens‘ Action Legal Fund (R-CALF)’, stated ABA Chairman Brad Bellinger.

USDA (The United States Department of Agriculture) issued a memorandum on 22 September 2008 to mandate premise registration under the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) for producers engaged in interstate commerce and who participate in any one of the dozen or more, federally regulated disease programmes.


“R-CALF told the USDA that the memo constitutes an unlawful action implemented without public notice or opportunity for comment, as required by the Administrative Procedure Act. As a result, the memorandum has now been cancelled,” continued Mr. Bellinger.


“This premises registration equivalent to our PIC (Property Identification Code) is the first step for the USDA to build their NAIS ambitions. R-CALF has recognized this and is now encouraging cattle producers not to register their premises, or if they already registered, to remove their premise names and property off the NAIS database.

“Australia’s NLIS has now cost our cattle producers over $350 million dollars in tags and reading charges alone and continues to be a disaster. Inaccuracies in producers database accounts, consistently run at between 20 and 30 per cent, with tag loss rates reported as high as 80 per cent,” stated Mr. Bellinger. (emphasis mine)

“What is worse, no vote was conducted in Australia to determine if cattle producers wanted this scheme to become mandatory. ABA knows most producers are fed up with the system, once they discovered it was not just a matter of putting a tag in an animal’s ear. They are also fed up with bearing most of the costs of implementation.

“The State Governments, which are implementing mandatory NLIS, are now in the embarrassing situation, says an ABA press release, adding that the reasons for implementing NLIS are proving to be incorrect.

“There is no ‘paddock to plate’ traceability, – despite the promises;  there has been no increase to market access and the claim that other countries will be soon be following Australia’s lead in implementing NLIS, especially by the US, is a fallacy.

“R-CALF is to be congratulated by helping save the American cattle producer from being inflicted with one of the most costly white elephants that could be imposed upon the cattle industry, which has proved to be of no benefit to anyone, other than to tag companies,” Mr. Bellinger claimed.



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