Is Anyone Paying Attention To

The Constitution of the United States


Section 7. – Passage of Bills

Clause 1.  All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other Bills.[13]


Footnote 13.  In practice, “appropriation bills,” or bills granting money for government services and actions, also originate in the House.  The practice originates from the United Kingdom, where the House of Commons originates all revenue or appropriation bills, and the House of Lords does not, by tradition, even amend them.


Will someone please explain to me what happened yesterday (October 1, 2008) in the U.S. Senate?


By what devious parliamentary maneuvering was the Senate able to grab the ball, thrown completely off the court by the House of Representatives, and run with it?


How can the Senate propose or concur amendments to a bill that has gone down to defeat, pass the amended bill by a margin of 74%, and send it back to the house for “final” consideration?


Or, has the United States Senate joined ranks with the White House in openly ignoring the constitution, acting as though not just the law but also the constitution itself, which is the fundamental law from which all the statutes gain their force and legitimacy, doesn’t apply to them?


In any case, this does not bode well for the continued “rule of law” in our fair land.