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It appears that Senator Winters has decided to assist in arbitration between Kentucky and this Amish Group.

Sen. Winters trying to help find safety compromise

First District Sen. Ken Winters is hoping to help in a Graves County dispute over requiring Amish residents to display a florescent triangle on buggies contrary to their religious beliefs.

He said Amish residents have provided a photo sample to him of reflective tape that could be placed on buggies that would alert drivers to a slow-moving vehicle ahead that would not be objectionable.

“They show the kind of reflective tape they are using all around the exterior of the vehicle,” Winters said. “After dark, and I would be reluctant to be out after dark but, the reflective tape probably would be a better alternative. It is going to reflect headlights. We’re going to be taking a look at it to see if there is anything we could do.” More

Memo on NAIS~~ One day closer to the regulatory grave!!!

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National Association of Farm Animal Welfare


This is a printable version of the fact sheet.
There are 7 pages of government prepared repetitive gobbledygooking. Within the code verbiage are signs of things to come, and thankfully things to end.
It says nothing about dealing with the only disease that USDA says is costing the US dairy industry a $200,000,000 loss annually — Johne’s. No acknowledgement for a valid test method and a valid vaccination is on the horizon for Johne’s, the only costly cattle disease in the nation. More

While the churches fiddled …….humanity burned

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By: Marti Oakley  (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

“So, I’m asking this……why the silence?  Cat got your bank account?  ..I mean, tongue?”

In 2000 when the Bush & Co. Crime organization was unconstitutionally selected by the Supreme Court as the new president of the corporation we know as THE UNITED STATES, unlawfully taking possession of that office, the religious fanatics of all stripes fell to their knees and cried “hallelujah”.  It was not uncommon to hear those who subscribe to radical religious beliefs claim that “god” had selected Bush; it was “god” who wanted Bush in the White House; some even going so far as to proclaim that god was living in the White house via Bush.   I could only conclude that “god” must have been really pissed at us, or, he was actually holding a seat on the Supreme Court and no one told us, or, he was possibly staying over at the big house maybe sleeping in the Lincoln bedroom. 

Realizing the willing gullibility of those who believed the torturous twisting of scripture, the misinterpretations of and intentional misrepresenting of biblical quotes, the neo-conservative wing (formerly known as “the crazies in the basement” by Bush Sr.) kicked into high gear.  The crazies from the basement publicly embraced those driven insane by religious zealotry and the game was on although the zealots seemed not to be aware they were even playing.  More

“The Lost People Exploited. What those who actually live in Wisconsin really think

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by: Paul Griepentrog    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

 Copyright (c) 2009                Tell a Friend 

Foreword:  An announcement was posted yesterday by Judith McGeary of Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) saying that FTCLDF had filed an Amicus brief in the Emmanuel Miller Case.  Below is the actual and original AMICUS filed by Paul Griepentrog in December of 2008 on behalf of Emmanuel Miller.  Mr. Griepentrog can supply copies of original documents showing notary, certification, court time/date stamp and fees paid.  Why would FTCLDF file, or claim to have filed, an AMICUS brief when they have steadfastly refused to enter into, appear on behalf of, or show any interest in these prosecutions prior to this?   Contact: Paul Griepentrog at skfarms@centurytel.net  to request copies of the original documents showing certification and acceptance.

This post includes these documents:


Where did these people come from?

There are 22 groups listed below that have signed on an amicus brief that alleges to support Emanuel Miller.  This brief advocates a voluntary premises registration program in Wisconsin.  In as much as it was the intent of the legislature that participation be voluntary when the existing legislation was passed we can only assume these groups wish to further the suffering we now endure.  This brief is of no benefit to those of us here.  The religious convictions of Mr. Miller were established at trial and have no need of reiteration.  Nor do any of us here wish to endure any form of premises registration, having faced the persecution of an overzealous Agriculture Department that refused to allow any exemptions despite the intent of the legislature.

We find the only in state group signed on to this is the Family Farm Defenders who in a quest to further their own groups funds by selling toasted cheese sandwiches at an event by Michael Pollan in Madison and completely forgot Emanuel Miller’s Trial.  This group opposed supporting our lobbying efforts for Scott Suder’s bill.

We find R-CALF USA who having been apprised of the situation for over a year in reports I gave to the Animal ID Committee on a monthly basis, now in violation of their own policy which states they are opposed to all forms of NAIS.  When I went to them wanting an alert when Pat and Melissa were charged my pleas fell on deaf ears, only a week before the trial did they finally put out an alert, despite their claims that this was not a national issue. 

Where are those claims now when these out of state national groups seek to interfere and counter the work that is being done here? 

We seek to overturn the statute and end this nightmare, but the groups listed below want this to continue.  Not one of them I contacted had read the brief or contacted the only group here actively involved in supporting those facing prosecution, the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (WICFA).

There were no representatives at either trial from any of these groups, a true reflection of their concern.  This act on their part is to derail our efforts to have the enabling legislation declared null and void and free ourselves completely from this burden.  Voluntary is not acceptable to us and would be as a snake coiled in the corner ready to strike again. 

In the words of Emanuel Miller “On this there can be no compromise.” More

Wisconsin DATCP proudly announces plans to target several more private property owners


ppjg-48Copyright (C) 2009 Marti Oakley All rights resrved without exception
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  • 27673_1thThis is a public announcement of a premeditated assault on property owners in violation of the Wisconsin Constitution and individual property rights made by Donna Gibson on behalf of Wisconsin DATCP (Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection) in an interview with AgriView.    

    Why is no one pressing charges against her and other DATCP personnel and officials for making public threats and plans of harm to sovereign property owners in the state?

    On October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E. Galewyrick found Pat & Melissa Monchilovich guilty of failure to register premises.   During that court proceeding and under oath, DATCP representatives admitted the program was not of benefit and probably never would be.  Still, DATCP seems quite proud of their targeting of this family, and their subsequent threats to target others in Wisconsin.

    In my opinion, this is nothing less than a threat of intended harm and the use of coercion and duress to force compliance to what is nothing more than an assault on private property rights perpetrated by state officials in violation of their offices and in violation of the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin.   It would appear that state officials launching these attacks on property owners are not aware that Wisconsin has such a document or that they are bound to work within its scope and limitations.  More

    The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS Part II


    PPJG Original Article (See attached copyright notice. All rights reserved.)

    Posted September 26, 2009 6:20 pm CST

     by Paul Griepentrog                                                                 amish

     The Lost People: Part II

    A way of life was put on trial in Neillsville, Wisconsin on September 23, 2oo9, in the case against Emanuel Miller Jr., having been charged under complaint for civil forfeiture because he refused to register his property under the state’s premise registration program.  The morning session was devoted to the evidentiary hearing in which the state, represented by Clark Co. district attorney Darwin Zwieg and Bonnie Walksmuth, a court appointed attorney representing Emanuel Miller, presented evidence on behalf of the parties.

    The afternoon session was devoted to the trial phase and concluded around 4 o’clock, at which time Judge Jon Counsell gave instructions that upon the completion of the trial transcript, there would be thirty days to file motions, fifteen days after to file rebuttals, oral arguments would occur seven days later, and then he would make his final decision.  More

    Exposing Wisconsin’s civil rights and criminal abuse against its farmers

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    Article Linkhttp://www.opednews.com/articles/Exposing-Wisconsin-s-civil-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090207-584.html


    I have written here before about Mr. Paul Griepentrogwww.opednews.com/articles/In-Wisconsin–The-bell-t-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090130-138.html and posted a letter www.opednews.com/articles/Pre-inauguration-reality–by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090119-205.html and an article he wrote himself.www.opednews.com/articles/A-farmer-and-NAIS-by-Paul-Martin-Griepe-090128-243.html


    Bush’s USDA promoted NAIS (Premises ID goes along with it) as voluntary though in most states, farmers are led to believe it is mandatory and many means have been used to force them on involuntarily.   Bush suddenly made it mandatory in the last few months before he left.


    NAIS is one of the Bush regulations receiving an extended (60 day) comment period) by the USDA, though comments have no force.  Monsanto helped write it, Vilsack heads the USDA and is a Monsanto crony and Vilsack has been pushing it strongly.


    Farm groups have sued the USDA to halt it entirely. www.opednews.com/articles/Legal-Defense-Fund-Files-S-by-Farm-to-Consumer-L-080715-264.html


    All that said, the DATCP in Wisconsin has itself made NAIS mandatory, making the state a darling of the corporations pushing it. Though the Amish who have very clear and fundamental religious precepts forbidding them from such identification and numbering, Mr. Emmanuel Miller has already been charged by the state for not registering, and Mr. Griepentrog who been donating his time to help him, working “pro se” (doing the legal work himself though he is not a lawyer), is being threatened now.  


    What is happening to Mr. Griepentrog reflects Wisconsin’s DATCP methods of ramming farmers as fast as possible and by any means – even terrorizing and illegal – onto Premises ID.  In mild terms, this could be called regulatory abuse.  In legal terms, there are issues here of violations of civil rights, of anti-trust issues, and of criminal conspiracy.


    Below is my letter to Rodney J. Nilsestuen, the head of the DATCP in Wisconsin.  I encourage all of you who read it to write Mr. Nilsestuen yourselves.  His address and email are included.  The last thing the corporations or their corrupted government agencies want is national attention to the harm they are doing and your contact will let them know that we across the country now have Paul Griepentrog’s back, as well as that of the Amish and all the farmers in Wisconsin.  


    You can write to Governor Nilsestuen at this address:


    Rodney J. Nilsestuen
    Secretary of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection
    P.O. Box 8911
    Madison, WI 53708-8911


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