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“Just as the UK slew the giant with one stone, isn’t it time for the U.S. to do the same? “

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Now, if this isn’t a wake up call for the EU and the world then what will it take to understand that the “warming trend” and “climate change” has been a carefully orchestrated international scheme of fabricated fear brought to us by those elite few who manufactured the “man-made” greenhouse effect as a major platform to implement their purposeful, yet unconstitutional and tyrannical worldwide system of control which would then include highly expensive alternative forms of energy but would also add to the elimination of the middle class who continually stands to be a threat to that sinister kingdom of rogue globalist bankers and the mainstream leaders of the nations who have conspired with them through multi-million dollar bribes and hidden fortunes in personal offshore banking accounts.  The Vatican Bank was one such money laundering player which was exposed in 2012 as a huge
offshore tax haven.

With that said, the people of the UK have spoken and showed the world that they had enough of the Brussels bunch and their Climate Gate madness which included sustainable energy mandates along with fines for noncompliance.

From Robert Wexler

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This is the moment.
We hold in our hands the power to change the course of our nation and our world.
This is the moment we vanquish the legacy of wrongheaded, special-interest driven politics in Washington DC that has tarnished our Constitution, given hand-outs to those who don’t need it, and divided America for partisan gain.
For my entire congressional career, I have seen so many critical needs squashed – first by the Gingrich/Delay GOP Congress, and then through Bush’s stubborn vetoes:
Healthcare for children. 
Mental health funding.
Alternative energy initiatives. 
True Medicare and Social Security protection. 
All blocked.
Bush’s foreign policy led to an unnecessary war, a stronger Iran, and our global credibility – among even our allies – at an all time low.  (Not to mention our failure to keep the fight focused on those who actually attacked us on 9/11.)
We abandoned global efforts on climate change and walked away from our human rights obligations under US and International law.
During it all, this Administration effectively sat idle as hundreds of thousands were killed in Northern Africa, and millions more displaced.
This is the moment when we finally change course.
This is the moment we build a stronger America –  that lives up to our greatest ideals.
The America that we all believe in.
A country that can offer security without undue government intrusion.
A country that can combat terrorism and yet hold true to our principles and our humanity.
A country that holds our leaders accountable when they break the law and abuse the Constitution.
A country that takes care of its sick and elderly, and provides an education for our children that rivals any in the modern world.
With your vote, we move closer to that America with Barack Obama as President.
We don’t need to imagine what a McCain or Palin Presidency would be like.  We’ve already lived it for the last 8 years.
I am also up for re-election this year and I look forward to returning to Washington under President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden in order to initiate genuine positive change in the lives of all Americans.
Please vote for change.  Let’s not let this moment pass us by.
– Robert Wexler


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