October 15, 2008

Michele Bachmann, Member of Congress

P O  Box 25950

Woodbury, MN  55125-5950

Dear Ms. Bachmann:

Thank you for your vote against the bailout proposal, and for sharing my concerns about the effectiveness of that approach.  The bill should have been defeated, if for no other reason, when it ballooned from three pages of an Administration effort to forestall collapse to 451 pages of fear mongering and earmarks.

And, thank you for responding to my communications with your letter of October 6, 2008.

Unfortunately, since the events of 9/11, postal mail sent to Congressional offices undergoes a lengthy screening process which results in delayed delivery.  The most efficient method of communicating with a Member of Congress is via Email, and I will be Emailing a copy of this letter to you for timely delivery.


Your letter includes the following statement:


            “… every American household is already saddled with a $455,000 debt.”


This would presume our National Debt to be $43.1 trillion.  Our National Debt, at this writing, is $10.307 trillion, give or take a billion dollars.  Every American household shares $108,809 of this burden, less than 25% of the figure you used.  Your number is more than four times higher than it should be.


How does the old saying go?  “A billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you’re talking real money.”


My point is that politicians, newscasters, and political pundits – if they are going to use numbers to reinforce their points – should use the real ones.


Again, thanks for your NO vote, and for being in touch.




Dan Martin