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Hosted by Marti Oakley with guest Jon Stremel


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Since 2018, Petty Officer 1st Class Jon Stremel has been fighting to protect his son from an alleged abusive parent.  Strongly objecting to any allegation of abuse by that parent, the case was turned over to the FAP (family advocacy program).   They ruled the incident did not meet the criteria for child abuse.  Stremel then went to the . IDC  (incident determination committee) which only sees the evidence FAP chooses to give them and whether incidences get recorded at all.  Much of the evidence Stremel had compiled was never turned over which prevented the IDC from making a fully informed decision.

As all of this transpired, Stremel sought protective shelter for his son and himself only to be told that because he was a man, there was nothing available for him.  The shelters only providing services to women and their children.

Stremel has filed an EO (equal opportunity) case alleging the FAP staff clearly discriminated against him solely because he was a man and intentionally withheld evidence supporting his claims.