At last, the truth about vast damage the COVID vaccines have done

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“Sold” with fraud and coercion

The vicious cover up

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It took a while, but we finally have a film that tells the whole story of the Magic V.

The fraud and coercion that brought it into being, the vast damage it’s done to so many, and the vicious cover up.

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Smart Consumers vs. Conspiracy theorists

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May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'When people do their own research before buying a car or house, they're considered a SMART CONSUMER When you do your own research before putting something in your body, you're called a 'Conspiracy Theorist''



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The unwarranted claims and assumptions that transhumanism will result in improved human existence and physical immortality through technology that transfers the “mind” from the biological body to a computer operated electro-mechanical body are based upon mistakes and misunderstandings.

The most profound mistake is that consciousness (mind) is contained in the central nervous system or “brain.” This is, in part, due to confusion between awareness and consciousness. Awareness is a product of self-referencing computer programs or self-referencing biological programs constructed by the central nervous system in the form of neural structures. Awareness functions within the properties of existence length, width, height, and duration. (I use “property of existence” here instead of “dimension,” because the term “dimension” has been so misused that most people think it represents a complete universe and not a single property.) More

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