TS Radio: TnT Tanya TalkS: Stephen Thomspson Pt.2 & Mary Roma Gage

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Join Tanya live tonight June 17th, 2018 at 6:00 pm CST!

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Hosted by Tanya Hathaway


TONIGHT’S SHOW  TS Radio with Tanya Hathaway’s “TNT Tanya Talks, Where your voice is heard, and your story is told” contains compelling follow ups with two victims who have been on our show. Their podcast links are below.


We continue a conversation with Stephen Thompson; abuse by Special Judge J. Anthony Miller, at Tulsa District Courthouse, and on FATHER’S DAY, still being denied upholding the order for visitation with his children. . . . and more.
Stephen’s earlier podcast link:


MARY ROMA GAGE START HER OUTRAGEOUS AIL SENTENCE given the initial abuse by Tulsa District Court and the reprehensible set ups. Recently Mary’s (we call her Roma) matter was transferred to a remote court outside of Tulsa County. This is one of countless actions that one would seem to believe is to cover up Tulsa’s courtroom abuse by the Judge and attorney’s that seem to continue to make themselves quite a living by heisting trusts of unsuspecting victims who have lost their loved ones. So what did Roma do? She filed for what rightfully belongs to her family.

This is an earlier podcast with Mary prior to being sentenced to jail and they last minute presented another charge and 20k in fines on a contempt charge she had no prior notice of. This is all CONJURED TO STEAL MONEY THAT HER PARENTS LEFT FOR HER FAMILY NOT CORRUPT ATTORNEYS ………et al.

Roma’s podcast below.


The Judicial Oversight Committee and to the Oklahoma Trust Company and Bar Association on the show tonight.

These good people are two of MANY lives being torn apart by denial of due process, obstruction of justice, and absolutely grave judicial abuses in Tulsa District Court and throughout the state of Oklahoma. Specifics continued tonight.

If you believe based on what you here and is being provided, please,take action. We need to do this for each other. This is how we wll make the strides it takes to reform judicial and government corruption in Oklahoma.

Contact me at injusticeinoklahoma@gmail.com if you have or are experiencing legit abuse in Oklahoma and can provide compelling evidence to validate it.


TS Radio: Whistleblowers! w/Carolyn Douglas on Judicial Discretion

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Join us June 14, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!


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Hosted by Marti Oakley



TS Radio: Abolishing Probate and also The Natalia Dalton Story

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Join us this evening June 11, 2018 at 7:00 CST!

5:00 PST6:00 MST7:00 CST8:00 EST

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Hosted by Marti Oakley


From 7:00 CST until 7:30 we will be discussing the the nature of probate tribunals and how they are prohibited from receiving judicial powers.  We will also talk about any attempt to act as though they are an actual judge of law, and what their actual capacity is comprised of.

From 7:30 – 8:30  Natalia Dalton is our guest.

Natalia Dalton is fighting for her son.  Her son is living with his father, a man who has pulled him out of two schools and now claims to be home-schooling him.  The court has been notified that her son’s behavioral and health needs are not being attended to.  The boy reports little schooling and says he and the father play violent video games most of the day.

On numerous occasions Natalia has attempted to report the abuse and neglect to the court.   So what do you do when the judge refuses to hear evidence or to acknowledge the whole issue and all of the facts in a custody dispute?  And what could possibly be the reason for failing to act to protect his young boy?

How about later when the plaintiff realizes that her ex-attorney and the judge are buddies, and that the Guardian Ad Litem is friends with both the ex-attorney and the judge?  Its a recipe for disaster.  And the person paying the highest price is the child.

Also: Listen to Natalia in her interview with LuLu and Robin on HIDDEN TRUTH REVEALED

Over 1,200 Minnesota Parents Are Suing to Shut Down Child Protective Services


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(CW) — A group of parents in Minnesota called Stop CPS From Legally Kidnapping Children has filed a request in federal court to “shut down the state’s child protection services, stop serial abuse of families and overturn the unconstitutional laws by which the agency operates,” according to a press release published Tuesday.

The group, led by Dwight Mitchell, a father who says his son was illegally taken from him for 22 months, first filed a civil rights complaint in April, and this week they vocally publicized their call to shut down the child services agency, which they claim engages in systemic lying, withholding information, and fabricating evidence. They are asking the federal court to suspend the state’s agency from enforcing child protection laws, and according to a petition signed by almost 5,000 people, are also demanding changes to the laws themselves.

Back in April, Mitchell said“Someone reported I spanked my child on his bottom. I was put in jail. My three children were taken away from me,”citing other states that have enacted laws to protect a parent’s “ordinary corporal punishment” rights. Though the practice of spanking is increasingly recognized as harmful to children’s well-being, it is highly questionable as to whether confiscating kids and placing them in foster homes is any better for their mental and emotional health.

According to the petition, which Mitchell started:

“I am fully aware there are children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection, but their protection must be balanced with the constitutional rights of the mothers and fathers.

“Child Protection Services (CPS) chooses to ignore those laws the legislature, made. Even when notified of those laws, they fabricated evidence, lie and go about their illegal activities with a brazen arrogance totally without fear of reprimand, reprisal or the consequences of their illegal actions.”

Among the changes to the law Mitchell and the group are calling for are making lying, fabricating evidence, and withholding information a felony, requiring more publicly available information so parents know their rights, eliminating total immunity for state agents, and requiring all parental termination cases to be jury trials.


New Documentary: The Guardians

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“The Guardians,” a 1:44 minute documentary by Billie Mintz about Las Vegas’ best kept secret, will soon be released in Canada. The last one-third of the film focuses on private guardian Jared Shafer and his band of crooked Clark County Family Court Judges including William Voy, Charles Hoskin, and Jon Norheim. This riveting film, when aired by a US TV network, should trigger the FBI and DOJ into prosecuting those who, up until now, have been protected by a corrupt local political system including a police department that has ignored dozens of complaints of elder abuse and exploitation by the above named protected individuals.
Steve Miller writes internationally syndicated columns on organized crime and political corruption for AmericanMafia.com, The Vegas Voice, and the the Canada Free Press.
Steve is a former Las Vegas City Councilman; former Clark County Regional Transportation Commissioner; Chairman Emeritus of Goodwill Industries of Southern Nevada, and President Emeritus of Opportunity Village.
In 1998, Steve was inducted into the Nevada Broadcasters Hall of Fame.
In 1998, the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s special edition THE FIRST 100 listed Steve in a historical record of the people who contributed most to the shaping of Southern Nevada.
Steve believes some things that happen in Vegas, should not stay in Vegas.

TS Radio: Whistleblower’s! Judicial Accountability w/ Brian Kinter

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Join us June 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm CST!


5:00 pm PST…6:00 pm MST…7:00 pm CST…8:00 pm EST

Listen live (HERE)

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Hosted by Marti Oakley



Whistleblower’s is presented in coordination with Marcel Reid and the Annual Whistleblower’s Summit  in Washington D.C.  July 30 & 31, 2018  The public is cordially invited to attend!




Guest:  Brian Kinter who heads up Judicial Accountability Movement (JAM) will join us to talk about the upcoming DC  Whistleblower’s Summit  and what we intend to cover on our panel.

Family court corruption, the weaponizing of children caught in the middle of divorce, and parental alienation orchestrated by the courts and their associates, just to name a few things.  Brian will also be talking about the statutes, laws and regulations that were constructed to facilitate this system of child trafficking by the courts and the accompanying profiteering from trafficking children perpetrated by the courts.

Tune in  for this one!  Brian is one of the most vocal protestors of this system and has first hand experience in it!


TS Radio: TNT Tanya TalkS with Stephen Thompson

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TUNE IN and join host, Tanya Hathaway this Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 6 -8 pm Central More

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