Wisconsin: Price County zoning committee tries to slip through conditional zoning permits

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A note from Paul Griepentrog:  PPJ Reporter for Wisconsin 

In an attempt to circumvent statutory requirements the town and country officials are seeking to empower Fifield’s comp plan and establish comprehensive planning county wide.  Appellate court decision has rendered Town plans to be advisory, and the statutory requirement SS § 60.61(2) & (3), for a county to be void of zoning in order to enable Township zoning has left the power mongers no choice but to do an end run around the law.  With the county Zoning committee, chaired by Jim Robb having held several closed meetings without announcing contents   as required in SS § 19.85 , we can only speculate as to what these individuals were discussing.  The letter to the editor attached below describes the actions taken by local zoning boards and elected country supervisors.


Letter to the Editor 


Submitted by: Jackie Severt, A lifelong Fifield resident

Price County citizens should be aware, outraged, and frightened by what is going on in local zoning. The elected county supervisors on the zoning committee are supposed to be working for the good of the people; but are they?

The zoning administrator is a county employee who is also supposed to be working for the good of the people; but is he? I bet if you attended any of the monthly public meetings of the Zoning Committee you would be answering “NO” to these questions. More

The latest USDA dog and pony show for implementing NAIS.

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Paul Griepentrog (c)coyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

         He presented the various disease trace back situations that had occurred in WI in the past conveniently omitting the pseudo rabies outbreak that involved the Emanuel Miller case.”


Out with the old and in with the New

The latest USDA dog and pony show for implementing NAIS.

On August 18th in Madison WI the USDA presented its latest attempt to herd the producer masses down the squeeze chute to submission.  Although a show of hands revealed that less than 30% of attendees were in fact producers the audience other than USDA officials was rounded out by DATCP officials, tag company representatives, private vets, UW extension personnel, livestock market, and company reps. 

State and Federal personnel gave their individual spiels, WI state veterinarian Dr. Ehlenfeldt spoke about how the testimony he had given to the state legislature regarding how Wisconsin was going to lead the train in the traceability program and now it appears there is no train.   He presented the various disease trace back situations that had occurred in WI in the past conveniently omitting the pseudo rabies outbreak that involved the Emanuel Miller case.  Not surprising from a man who testified under oath in a Marquette Co. court room that there was no such thing as stray voltage at the outset of his career; a clear case of selective memory that has endured for some time.

Gary Tauchen, a state legislator spoke regarding how the latest traceability was needed to allow Wisconsin international access; as a long term band leader for Farm Bureau policy it was no surprise to find him playing the Codex tune.   More

State of Wisconsin vs. Pat and Melissa Monchilovich


Paul Griepentrog (c)copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved

In the matter of the State of Wisconsin vs. Pat and Melissa Monchilovich a motion hearing was held on the 18th of May.  Motion was granted for a new trial and relief from judgment. 

Motion for new trial was based on new evidence, as the Wisconsin Secretary of Agriculture’s, acting as agent for the state, application for grant pursuant to the implementation of the NAIS program required the state to adhere to the rules set forth in the final issue of the Federal Register which states that the state Will comply with all applicable requirements of all other Federal laws, executive orders, regulations, and policies governing this program.” Further the Federal Register clearly defines that “It is important to note that participation in the NAIS is voluntary.”  (emphasis added)

And “This rule: Preempts all State and local laws and regulations that are in conflict with this rule”.  (emphasis added)

Furthermore the rules of statutory construction prohibit an administrative agency from going beyond the intent of the legislature.  See prior post for complete motion.

  The new trial will be on the 24th of August in Balsam Lake Wisconsin.

Notes from wisconsin: something funny happened after court the other day.

Look what 1.5 million can buy you in Wisconsin

Neither DATCP or the State of Wisconsin can adopt International Standards in the form of Codex Alimentarius

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 by: Paul Griepentrog (c) copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved
Dear Senator Decker,
Just a note to remind you that neither DATCP or the State of Wisconsin can adopt International Standards in the form of Codex Alimentarius, in so far as International Standards can only be adopted by Federal authority pursuant to the Supremacy Clause which reserves the right of international treaty to the Fed.
The bill does nothing to stop adulterated honey either dilute with corn syrup or contaminated by antibiotics.  In fact if Codex standards were effective why wasn’t contaminated Chinese honey kept from entering the country in the first place.  Where were  the FDA and USDA when this occurred.  Instead of dealing with the failed agencies which would include DATCP for allowing it into the state you seek to force Wisconsin producers to bear the burden for the failure of the aforementioned administrative agencies.   Why hasn’t DATCP ordered the removal of contaminated products?  Is it that it’s easier to burden the state’s producers than to deal with Walmart and the big chain stores?
I await your reply.
Paul Griepentrog

Letter from Sen. Decker: More

Wisconsin Senate Bill 419 “who’s your honey now” bill

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by: Paul Griepentrog (c)copyright 2010 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Link:   Wisconsin Senate Bill 419 

In my discussion with a legislative staffer regarding the intent of this legislation I was informed of the following;

  1.  Complaints regarding adulteration would be generated at the consumer level.
  2. DATCP would then take the remaining material for testing regarding possible additions of high fructose corn syrup.
  3. If adulterations were detected DATCP would then forward complaint against distributers of the adulterated honey.
  4. The program would be voluntary for participation of Wisconsin honey producers. READ MORE

“The Lost People Exploited. What those who actually live in Wisconsin really think

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by: Paul Griepentrog    ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

 Copyright (c) 2009                Tell a Friend 

Foreword:  An announcement was posted yesterday by Judith McGeary of Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF) saying that FTCLDF had filed an Amicus brief in the Emmanuel Miller Case.  Below is the actual and original AMICUS filed by Paul Griepentrog in December of 2008 on behalf of Emmanuel Miller.  Mr. Griepentrog can supply copies of original documents showing notary, certification, court time/date stamp and fees paid.  Why would FTCLDF file, or claim to have filed, an AMICUS brief when they have steadfastly refused to enter into, appear on behalf of, or show any interest in these prosecutions prior to this?   Contact: Paul Griepentrog at skfarms@centurytel.net  to request copies of the original documents showing certification and acceptance.

This post includes these documents:


Where did these people come from?

There are 22 groups listed below that have signed on an amicus brief that alleges to support Emanuel Miller.  This brief advocates a voluntary premises registration program in Wisconsin.  In as much as it was the intent of the legislature that participation be voluntary when the existing legislation was passed we can only assume these groups wish to further the suffering we now endure.  This brief is of no benefit to those of us here.  The religious convictions of Mr. Miller were established at trial and have no need of reiteration.  Nor do any of us here wish to endure any form of premises registration, having faced the persecution of an overzealous Agriculture Department that refused to allow any exemptions despite the intent of the legislature.

We find the only in state group signed on to this is the Family Farm Defenders who in a quest to further their own groups funds by selling toasted cheese sandwiches at an event by Michael Pollan in Madison and completely forgot Emanuel Miller’s Trial.  This group opposed supporting our lobbying efforts for Scott Suder’s bill.

We find R-CALF USA who having been apprised of the situation for over a year in reports I gave to the Animal ID Committee on a monthly basis, now in violation of their own policy which states they are opposed to all forms of NAIS.  When I went to them wanting an alert when Pat and Melissa were charged my pleas fell on deaf ears, only a week before the trial did they finally put out an alert, despite their claims that this was not a national issue. 

Where are those claims now when these out of state national groups seek to interfere and counter the work that is being done here? 

We seek to overturn the statute and end this nightmare, but the groups listed below want this to continue.  Not one of them I contacted had read the brief or contacted the only group here actively involved in supporting those facing prosecution, the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (WICFA).

There were no representatives at either trial from any of these groups, a true reflection of their concern.  This act on their part is to derail our efforts to have the enabling legislation declared null and void and free ourselves completely from this burden.  Voluntary is not acceptable to us and would be as a snake coiled in the corner ready to strike again. 

In the words of Emanuel Miller “On this there can be no compromise.” More

WICFA: Statement of opposition to LRB3242/3

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The proposed draft is inadequate in addressing the concerns of fresh milk producers throughout the state, and does not fall within the mission statement of this organization.

The proposed draft states no author, and is applicable to Grade A dairies only, a license that requires a contract with a milk processor as a predetermining factor, this forced contract is a violation of Federal Uniform Commercial Code as it manifests as coercion. 

Furthermore some milk processing companies require exclusive contracts from their producers in direct violation of the Sherman Anti Trust Act. 

The hundreds of small herd owners concerns are not addressed in any fashion in this proposal.  

This proposal forwarded by an inclusive group known to advocate to the members not speaking to the press, not contacting anyone beyond their legislative area, not sharing information outside the group, in an effort to deny First Amendment freedoms. 

These freedoms were bought with blood, and we will not dishonor those who have given their all to procure and defend them. 

Further directives were issued to not have out of state individuals involved, and yet an out of state organization’s officials have been contacting legislators and DATCP officials  without having registered as lobbyists in this state as required for anyone reimbursed by an organization in an amount of $500 or more.  Those officials contacted have a burden as well to report these contacts and are complicit in this act.

Such is the murk and quagmire of politics in Madison.

Therefore the Wisconsin Independent Consumers and Farmers Assn. in an

effort to hold to a higher standard will be opposing the raw milk proposed

draft in its present form.

Happy Thanksgiving: The farce in the food safety bills.


  by:  Paul Griepentrog  All rights reserved  Tell a Friend 

While we head into this Thanksgiving holiday we can all rest assured that the FDA and USDA have done their best to insure no one will get sick from the feast.  Of course we can be even more thankful that the US Senate is going to further the powers of these agencies to make our meal times even more secured.   These agencies are paid to insure our safety across a wide range of products.  They have done a fine job of that, with recalls going back several years and across a number of products.  Can we not, from the use of  failed self determining HACCP plans written by the companies themselves, along with the lack of authority of inspectors to close plants conclude that these agencies are then a failure in and of themselves and at the very root of the problem.

  Is it not possible that the situation now is worse than it was at the inception of these organizations?  In the writing of Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” we are shown a world run for the benefit of large companies, by exploiting labor, bribing officials, and more.  Today we are not appreciably different, only now multinational corporations buy their way through government with lobbyists, international trade agreements and the government agencies which utilize the scare tactics of contaminated food to further their empire building. More

Wisconsin: For sale to the highest corporate bidder


  by: Paul Griepentrog        Tell a Friend                    

Below is a letter received  from Senator Kohl of Wisconsin to queries about the unconstitutional provisions of HR 2749 and the infringements on the rights of the people.  Senator Kohls letter follows this response from Paul Griepentrog.  Please note how Senator Kohl proudly proclaims all the federal funding that will be supplied to the FDA to prosecute, persecute and drive private property owners off the land for corporate interests.

It must suck to be a family farmer or herder in Wisconsin! With guys like Kohl…..Monsanto looks….almost marginal.  Marti

Dear Senator Kohl.

Your response to my concerns of the onerous regulation that will be implemented in the present food safety bills, clearly shows your lack of concerns of the impact of this legislation on small and medium producers.  It also indicates your indifference to the proposed food safety legislation as far as its inconsistencies with existing federal code and the enumerated powers of the US Constitution which was the concern I contacted you to address. 

Your intent indicates that you operate under the illusion that these bills will have any effect other than to advantage the corporate agenda by displacing direct market producers. 

Your indifference to the actual implications of these proposed programs is appalling. 

Therefore after 30 years of direct market production we have decided to discontinue fruit and vegetable production.  The revenue lost will not be available to aid the local economy. 

Thank you for thinking so little of us.  Senator Feingold never replied, as you both sit the Senate Judiciary committee, can we expect further complacency of this nature?

Paul M. Griepentrog

Carol A. Griepentrog

Shady Knoll Farms

Park Falls,  Wisconsin


Mr. Paul Griepentrog

W2402 Shady Knoll Road Park Falls, Wisconsin 54552


Notes from Wisconsin: Something funny happened after court the other day!


ppjg-48By: Paul Griepentrog

Copyright (c) 2009 All rights reserved without exception
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surrender_forever_sHaving attended the trial of Pat and Melissa Monchilovich at Balsam Lake, I found it more like viewing a site being cleared by a bulldozer.  Judge Molly GaleWyrick cleared the path for Wisconsin’s Department of Agriculture to further its agenda of an alleged disease control program.   The Media in their true slanted fashion picked away at the obstructions around the edges, avoiding the hard facts like stones.

I had arrived at Pat’s house before the trial to find a young family supported by the community via phone calls and a helpful sister in law waiting to baby sit.  Pat was understandably nervous, as a way of life he had come to know for generations was being threatened. 

During the proceedings the Judge indicated that Pat and Melissa should have made their arguments in an administrative hearing not in her courtroom.  Interesting thought, as the original motion to dismiss voided by the Judge was based on the failure of DATCP to provide just such a hearing. 

When Pat raised the point of not having a premises on title, the Judge turned to the assistant district attorney Moria Ludvigson for an explanation of what Pat was saying, “he must mean that there isn’t a 911 address where the cattle are kept” Moria replied.  More

Look what 1.5 million can buy you in Wisconsin


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    getimageBy: Paul Griepentrog

    Today, October 21, 2009 in Wisconsin Circuit Court, Polk County, Judge Molly E Galewyrick found the Monchilovich couple guilty of failure to register premises. 

    The only organization present supporting Pat and Melissa was the Wisconsin Independent Consumer and Farmers Association n/a. (WICFA n/a)

    No other groups or associations sent representatives to support Monchilovich or provided pre-trial support or resources.

    More to follow, soon.

    The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS Part II


    PPJG Original Article (See attached copyright notice. All rights reserved.)

    Posted September 26, 2009 6:20 pm CST

     by Paul Griepentrog                                                                 amish

     The Lost People: Part II

    A way of life was put on trial in Neillsville, Wisconsin on September 23, 2oo9, in the case against Emanuel Miller Jr., having been charged under complaint for civil forfeiture because he refused to register his property under the state’s premise registration program.  The morning session was devoted to the evidentiary hearing in which the state, represented by Clark Co. district attorney Darwin Zwieg and Bonnie Walksmuth, a court appointed attorney representing Emanuel Miller, presented evidence on behalf of the parties.

    The afternoon session was devoted to the trial phase and concluded around 4 o’clock, at which time Judge Jon Counsell gave instructions that upon the completion of the trial transcript, there would be thirty days to file motions, fifteen days after to file rebuttals, oral arguments would occur seven days later, and then he would make his final decision.  More

    The Lost People: Amish vs NAIS Part I


    PPJG Original Article (See attached copyright notice. All rights reserved.)

    Posted September 26, 2009 3:25 pm CST                  amish


    By Paul Griepentrog

     The Lost People: Part I

    Earlier this year my father gave me a book outlining the heritage of my ancestors, on his mother’s side of the family, a beautifully done collection of photos and history. They even had detailed information of their Pomeranian origins and the reason for their exodus, religious persecution. Not an uncommon occurrence in those times, as this country was, for many, the destination of the oppressed. In an ironic twist of fate we now have come full circle, with our government becoming the oppressors of religious freedom.

    In an incident stemming from the outbreak of pseudo rabies in Clark Co. where 47 Amish farms that had their hogs killed, because of two positive tests in Russian boar pigs, none of the farmers involved had their property registered as a “premises”. The Wisconsin DATCP took it upon themselves to prosecute only one of the 44 farmers remaining. Emmanuel Miller Jr. was chosen for prosecution, having written a letter to the D.A. Darwin Zwieg, stating that collectively the group had decided to leave it up to Zwieg and Judge Jon Counsell to find an attorney to represent them. In an act of faith reminiscent of Daniel, the letter indicated that the Amish would trust that God’s guidance would direct them.

    Duane Brander, Compliance Officer, acting under orders from Dr. Paul McGraw DVM head of the animal health division of the Dept of Ag. determined that forced compliance was necessary. In an effort to make a landmark case against the religious objections of the Amish and others, Zweig stated that “the case was filed as a complex forfeiture.” More

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