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Nanotechnology: Tracking food from farm to fork…and you right along with it


Marti Oakley (c)copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved ______________________________________________ Noting “certain food-related ailments” this committee failed to ask the most obvious and relevant question:  If these ailments are a result of the food we are eating…..what is the underlying problem with the food?  And why would finding a remedy for this increase in possibly deadly ailments […]

Nanotechnology in food: What’s the big idea?


Live Link:  The Dairy Reporter By Caroline Scott-Thomas, 26-Jul-2010  “At IFT’s nanoscience conference last week, major industry players discussed how to avoid a rerun of the GMO debacle with consumers – with some saying that one solution could be to say nothing about introducing nanotechnology in foods and to do it anyway.” Nanotechnology in food: […]