Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #361 ” on
July 14th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Gary Bowden – Radio Producer for “All About Animals Radio”  & Editor of Animal Advocate Alliance

TOPIC WILL BE:  Animal Advocate Alliance and “All About Animals Radio”

The Animal Advocate Alliance is a community driven global network of volunteer animal advocates dedicated to speaking up for all animals worldwide.

OUR VISION: To improve animal welfare globally.

OUR GOALS: To unite people for the purpose of supporting each other in a common goal.To be a hub of information and resources that advocates can use to promote awareness of animal welfare issues.To provide a platform for people to share skills and knowledge.

Hear us on All About Animals Radio  http://aaaradio.online

Dedicated to all animals and those who protect and advocate for them.  Passion to create a better world for animals.