TS Radio Network: Oklahoma man faces prison for defending his family PT2

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TS Radio Network


Tonight! July 31, 2022 at 7:00 pm CST!

Call in number is 917-388-4520 Hit #1 to speak to the host.

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An Oklahoma man faces life in prison for defending his family. Dean Black-his wife, and pregnant daughter were terrorized by a man who was shooting up their home and stalking them for many hours due to a domestic dispute with the daughter’s ex- boyfriend. Dean Black is being charged with Assault & Battery for shooting a police officer who was allegedly trying to help them. But what’s the real truth will have you reeling and wondering if calling the police for help in Broken Arrow Oklahoma only caused more chaos and is now a set up to protect themselves. When victims are treated like criminals- where do you turn?

Tune in for Part 2 of this series tonight where Dean and Kymberli Black are fighting for their lives and refuse a plea to set this aside and move on with their lives. “I’m innocent” Dean Black

Listen to Part 1 here:

For questions or comments call (917) 388-4520 #1.

“The fight against justice against corruption is never easy. It never has been and it never will be. It exacts a toll on our self, our families, our friends, and especially our children. In the end, I believe, as in my case, the price we pay is well worth holding on to our dignity. “ Frank Serpico Contact host, Tanya Hathaway at injusticeinoklahoma@gmail.com or journeystojustice@outlook.com

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After more than a month away, we are ready to resume our postings.  The PPJ is also looking for citizen journalists, or maybe just some op-ed pieces from concerned people.  We will pay you exactly what we make…$0.00.  You don’t have to agree with us on anything but you must document and resource your work.  Even if it is an opinion piece please provide supporting information that brought you to that opinion.

Thanks for all the support we have received over these twelve years or so. 


Animal Advocates Radio “Voices Carry For Animals #362″ – Oregon Wild Horse Organization – Val Cecama-Hogsett

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #362 ” on
July 21st @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Val Cecama-Hogsett – President of Oregon Wild Horse Organization (OWHO)

Topic will be: BLM Relabeling Land Masses: BLM, in order to manage wild horses in a way that it did not take grazing area away from livestock producers, relabeled areas to avoid mandates in the law.

    Our Mission is unique, teaching the public the basics of 
    surrounding the conditions of our native, wild equines & their habitats. 
    Our Activities will include:
    -To provide valid, up-to-date information on all new government plans concerning our wild equines.
    -To encourage effective advocacy that is more effective by facilitating people who will be truly informed.
    -To lay to rest the misinformation and myths surrounding our wild equine and burros.
    -To work to save our majestic icons from being only a historical memory of the wild west.

                            Advocating for our wild equines and their habitats.


Animal Advocates Radio -“Voices Carry For Animals #361”- All About Animals Radio – Gary Bowden

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Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #361 ” on
July 14th @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

Guest will be: Gary Bowden – Radio Producer for “All About Animals Radio”  & Editor of Animal Advocate Alliance

TOPIC WILL BE:  Animal Advocate Alliance and “All About Animals Radio”

The Animal Advocate Alliance is a community driven global network of volunteer animal advocates dedicated to speaking up for all animals worldwide.

OUR VISION: To improve animal welfare globally.

OUR GOALS: To unite people for the purpose of supporting each other in a common goal.To be a hub of information and resources that advocates can use to promote awareness of animal welfare issues.To provide a platform for people to share skills and knowledge.

Hear us on All About Animals Radio  http://aaaradio.online

Dedicated to all animals and those who protect and advocate for them.  Passion to create a better world for animals.


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