Animal Advocates Radio
“Voices Carry For Animals #349” on
March 31st @7:00 PM est

Hosted by Debbie Dahmer 

Guest will be: Christian Shane Dougherty– Founder at Greater Good Magazine, Wild Society, and Society Media Magazine

Topic will be: High school kids, or younger…when is it good to plant based?” 

Greater Good Magazine is all about animals, vegan, positivity, etc…Vegan mag to bring about super-awareness for animal rights, a cleaner environment and a healthier lifestyle. 

Wild Society –This is a foundation to assist in animal rights and welfare. Promoting global awareness and humanitarian efforts. Join us!

Society Media– Goal is to move towards tailoring all magazine content to what our readers want to EXPERIENCE and make a difference in the world! 10 PERCENT OF OUR AD REVENUE GOES TO YOUR CAUSE, ANIMAL WELFARE, EDUCATION AND GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY