How you can HELP>>Please Call your STATE REPS (202) 224-3121 (Give them your Zip Code) and Ask for your State Rep to Please Support and say “YES” and Co-Sponsor this bill H.B. 6035 Punitive Damages AMENDMENT CHANGES . Also please call your State Senators and ask them to Sponsor or Co_sponsor this HB from the Senate Side. We Want to see a VICTORY! Want to see TOTAL JUSTICE for ALL!

VIA Debbie Dahmer : I am the Creator for the Florida 2022 -HB 6035- Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund AMENDMENT CHANGES for : Removes provisions requiring portion of punitive damages awarded for certain claims relating to nursing homes & assisted living facilities to be deposited into Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund.

Nursing home plaintiffs could pocket all punitive damages under Amber Mariano’s proposal

Current Article on Florida Politics . com on Sept 27th -Rep Amber Mariano

The AMENDMENT changes to the HB 6035 (2022) would eliminate the Plaintiffs being MANDATED to pay 50% of the Punitive Damages awarded by the Jury for Wrongful Death Cases in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities to Help Improve The Quality of Care in them.

Rep Amber Mariano’s former Punitive Damages AMENDMENT house bills introduced that have died in legislation past years:

Ref: HB 6065 Quality of Long-Term Care Facility Improvement Trust Fund-4/30/2021 House – Died in Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee HB 6065 >>

HB 6029– Punitive Damages- 3/14/2020 House – Died in Judiciary Committee HB 6029 >>

HB 6019 – Punitive Damages 5/3/2019 House – Died in Civil Justice Subcommittee HB 6019 >>

HB 1369 – Long-Term Care Facility Responsibility 3/10/2018 House – Died in Health Care Appropriations Subcommittee HB 1369

REF: My wonderful father George Dahmer aka former Pro Wrestler Chief White Owl back in Feb-2008 had dementia. He ran away from home. He was baker acted to a hospital for meds he was on. Then he was put in a nursing home for 120 days for evaluation for meds. He could walk, talk, and feed himself when he entered the nursing home. After 63 days he was transferred to another nursing home- my father couldn’t walk, talk, or feed himself. It was Devastating.
George was diagnosed in 2nd nursing home: May-2008:
(1) Lost 32 lbs in 2 months
(2) Dehydration
(3) Malnutrition
(4) Both Rotary Caps turned (the staff dropped him and didn’t notify family till 4 days later)
(5) Over-medicated
(6) Lost Clothes
(7) Severely Under-Staffed
(8) The nursing home had no doctors on site 24/7
(9) Decubitus Ulcers on both heels of his feet from putting wrong size shoes on him- At later date in hospital they wanted to amputate both feet.
(10) Bed Sores Stage 4 that led to his horrific death.
The Nursing Home was found GUILTY of Wrongful Death and Falsifying Records of my father’s death- George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler Chief White Owl in Nov 2012. The nursing home appealed the Punitive Damages and lost 3 times ending in June 2015.  This has been a tough and long road but will reach its destination all in good time with your help and support. . Myself and family feel like we have been fined and punished for his death. Slapped in the face.. So Injustice what has happened We Want Total Justice for his family and other Victims out there in Florida.