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UPDATE:  This EO dated September 9, 2021 mysteriously appeared, but please note it applies only to federal employees.

In my opinion….

Think about that. What if those elected officials had stood up in our defense instead of knuckling under to the latest attack on the public and our disappearing rights and protections?

I am a political atheist. I don’t care how you label yourself whether right vs. left or maybe Republican vs Democrat or Conservative vs Liberal. Once you box yourself in with a self assigned label, and align yourself with some prefabricated notion of political ideology and refuse to continue to re-evaluate your position, your ability to think critically is compromised. We saw this boxed in thinking in the recent explosion on the net stating that Biden had issued a mandatory vaccine Executive order.

About that vaccine mandate issued by Biden: There isn’t one.

While rumors abound that congress and the judiciary were intentionally exempted by Biden from being poisoned with what I believe is this bio-weapon, the truth is he had no authority to mandate they do anything. Due to the separation of powers, the president does not have authority to pass mandates that would affect the judicial or legislative branches. To do so would violate the separation of powers. Actually, he doesn’t have authority to mandate anything affecting the public at large. His mandate, if he had actually written one, could only be applied to federal agencies, employee’s and contractors that are directly under the control of the executive branch. Did you hear even one politician call him or any previous president out on this and point out that they had no authority to mandate anything on the public? No? Gosh that’s strange.

But even so, how could the president or anyone else for that matter, coerce individuals into submitting to a vaccine that has been shown to not actually be a vaccine but rather, experimental gene therapy in order to remain employed? And no one stood up and said, “wait a minute you don’t have the lawful authority to do that”? Of course the internet now abounds with articles countering this assertion and pointing out that gene therapy has been in use for years and that this Covid jab doesn’t alter your dna.

Personally, I believe the jab is altering something and whatever it is, is not good.

IF you are wondering why so many universities and colleges are requiring vaccination to attend, could those school mandates be directly tied to federal funding and is being used as leverage? This includes school loans for students. But you are supposed to think that the concern is for the students health. Personally I think this is about cash flow, nothing else. Either require the vaccine that is killing and making seriously ill hundreds of thousands of people, including young children, or, lose your access to federal funding?

About that virus they have been unable to identify or isolate, please think about that rationally. If you can’t isolate and identify something as common as a virus, how can you claim it is at pandemic levels and killing people if not making them critically ill? I agree, something is infecting people but I believe the Covid narrative is exactly that: the carefully crafted cover story for something far more sinister. And to date, no virus has been identified or isolated in the tissue of individuals they claimed died of this phantom virus. How is that possible?

I have noted many, many times that this supposedly highly transmissible virus they cant isolate, appears to cause death only at hospitals and nursing homes for the most part. Have any of you out there found it odd that with the growing and massive homeless populations in this country (59 thousand just in Los Angeles) that this virus hasn’t invaded these nomadic communities and virtually wiped them out? How is that even a remote possibility?

To question any of this means…

Why you are a conspiracy theorist! You are an anti-vaxxer! You need to be tracked and surveilled and possibly detained in one of these handy dandy internment camps that have been installed across the country. It means that social media will censor, remove and otherwise dispose of anything countering the narrative, especially if it contains facts that dispute the approved story. It also means you most likely have been listed on one of more than 50 terrorist watch lists, issued by Homeland security and the FBI as possible domestic terrorists. Millions of people have landed on a list for no other reason than voicing a different opinion than the one they are told they must have.

As a last thought…

I am not worried about some foreign terrorists who might do us harm. The terrorists we need to fear and to watch reside in DC. The enemy is inside the gates! We are being terrorized by our own government and its agencies.

Think what you like, these are just my thoughts and opinions on this whole situation.